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7/2/2015: LA - Fulltime Level II Carded Radiographer - Mistras Group, I
6/30/2015: NY - AWS CWI/NDT TECHNICIAN - Future Tech Cons
6/30/2015: NY - NDT Level II UT MT - 20/20 Inspection
6/29/2015: ME - Shipyard NDT Technicians - Aqualified

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The Phased Array bracelet crawler LPS-01 and LPS-02 are compatible with Phased Array ultrasonic flaw detector, which is used to perform circumferential weld inspection on small diameter pipes. Specification: 1.IP: IP 66 2.Encoder precision: 25 step/mm 3.Distance between probes can be adjusted from 0-55mm. 4.Covers standard pipes with outside diameters ranging from 21-115mm (0.83-4.52 inch). 5.Can be operated within 15mm clearance, perfect for hard- to-reach area inspection. Superio ...Read More.
In June 16-18, SIUI attended the 20th China International Exhibition on Quality Control & Testing Equipment in Shanghai and released the latest Phased Array bracelet crawler LPS- 01/LPS-02. Most of customers were very impressed by SIUI product range, like upgradeable Ultrasonic PA & TOFD flaw detector SyncScan, high-end Ultrasonic PA & TOFD flaw detector SUPOR and new set of NDT solution. And the CTS-900X series flaw detectors specified by the National NDT Skill Competition especially i ...Read More.
Once again, DÜRR NDT is paving the way in digital radiography. After already creating a sensation in 2006 with the world's first scanner to boast a basic spatial resolution (SRb) of 40 µm, DÜRR NDT is now set to make an impact with the first scanner certified by BAM for a maximum SRb of 30 µm.   The more delicate the work piece is and the higher the testing requirements for intricate components (especially from the aerospace sector), the higher the required resolution of the overall system. The ...Read More.
Sonomatic has signed a definitive agreement to acquire the Tube Inspection Division of Archipax. The acquisition is expected to broaden the range of capabilities and services available to Sonomatic’s current and future clients. Leading what is to be called the Sonomatic Tube Division is Ian van Bosch, former owner of Archipax. Mr. van Bosch joined Sonomatic in 2014 as a head consultant for tube inspections. After a tremendously successful year it was effortlessly determined that merging the ful ...Read More.
Teledyne DALSA, a Teledyne Technologies company and global leader in digital X-Ray image sensors, today announced its Rad-icon 2022 CMOS X- Ray detector. The Rad-icon 2022 will be showcased at the upcoming American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT) Digital Imaging Conference, July 27-29th in Warwick, Rhode Island. The Rad-icon 2022 detector features 2064 x 2236 pixel resolution, an active area of 20.4 x 22.1 cm and 99 micron pixel size. Rad-icon detectors deliver real-time imaging of u ...Read More.
Los Alomos National Labs scientists have developed imaging technology using cosmic rays to perform scattering tomography. This technique can be used to inspect difficult to access infrastructure such as irradiated spaces and buried infrastructure. View the complete report at http://scitation.aip.org/content/aip/journal/adva/5/6/10.1063/1.4922006 ABSTRACT In this report, we assess muon multiple scattering tomography as a non- destructive inspection technique in several typical areas of int ...Read More.

Product Spotlight

Dolphin 3G

AcousticEye's breakthrough, non-invasive solution for today's hard-to-inspect tubes up to 4" inner diameter enables ultra-fast, accurate inspection of boilers, Fin Fans and other heat exchangers regardless of tube shape or material. Featuring patented Acoustic Pulse Reflectometry (APR) technology, Dolphin G3 is an advanced, yet easy-to-use tool that overcomes the limitations of many conventional inspection techniques. With its simple operation, automated analysis and report generation, there is
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Python Push Camera
Medit Inc

The Python Push camera is the largest of our economical push cameras. Built to withstand the vigor’s of inspecting sewers, water pipes, duct works, wells, tanks, boilers and power plants to name a few applications. The high resolution CCD camera chip is built in a self leveling head that also includes 18 adjustable LED lights, and a flexible spring joint just behind the camera head to help maneuver corners, and is a sapphire lens to protect from scratches. The waterproof heavy duty fiber
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SuperVision - Remote Operated Camera Setting a new benchmark for performance and agility, SuperVision rapidly evaluates pipe condition and identifyies maintenance needs. Like ROVVER, SuperVision emphasizes maneuverability with a host of attributes: short wheelbase, steerable six-wheel drive, modularity for easy reconfiguration, and an array of traction options. However, it introduces new features specifically designed to boost operator productivity: Lightweight cable extends range to 1640'.
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