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Last month, Salt Lake Community College (SLCC) was named champion of the college-division at the 2015 Aerospace Maintenance Competition. Along with the glory that comes with that victory, SLCC was also given a VJ- Advance video borescope, compliments of RF System Lab. RF System Lab, a strong believer in hands-on education, is grateful for the opportunity to donate a VJ-Advance articulating video borescope to a deserving school. RF System Lab spoke with Jaime Horning, Assistant Professor & AMT ...Read More.
TECNATOM AND ÁLAVA INGENIEROS JOIN CAPACITIES FOR THE DISTRIBUTION OF NON‐DESTRUCTIVE TESTING INSTRUMENTS IN SPAIN, PORTUGAL, LATIN AMERICA AND MAGHREB COUNTRIES Tecnatom, a leading company in the design and manufacture of equipment and systems based on non‐destructive testing systems, entrusts Álava Ingenieros, specialized in providing high technology, for the distribution of its new ultrasonic inspection systems and Eddy currents. Álava Ingenieros thus becomes technology partne ...Read More.
Westinghouse Electric Co. and its subsidiary WesDyne International today announced that, after an extensive public tender process, it has been awarded a long-term contract for reactor pressure vessel nozzle inspection at Leibstadt Nuclear Power Plant (KKL) in Switzerland. The six-year contract includes an option for four additional years. WesDyne is the nondestructive inspection branch of Westinghouse Electric Co. The contract’s scope includes qualification of the KKL mechanized ultrasonic in ...Read More.
The global survey specialist is part of a consortium undertaking seminal research into high-speed surveys after successfully bidding under the CEDR Transnational Road Research Programme: Call 2013. Fugro experts are working on the ground penetrating radar (GPR) component of the TRL-led project HiSPEQ (High-speed survey specifications, explanation and quality). This was among three research proposals selected under ‘Ageing Infrastructure Management’, one of five themes forming the CEDR Call 20 ...Read More.
Infolytica Corporation announces today the release of their latest MagNet for SOLIDWORKS update, the company’s electromagnetic field simulation add- in to the 3D CAD package. This update includes improvements made to the interface, post-processing and speed of the software. MagNet for SOLIDWORKS is an embedded 3D electromagnetic field solver developed by Infolytica Corporation which is based on their standalone MagNet 2D/3D software. The simulation and analysis of any electromagnetic device ca ...Read More.
AcousticEye, an innovator of non-traversing tube and pipe inspection technology for the global NDT (non-destructive testing) market, today announced that Mr. John T. Iman, a prominent NDT industry executive has joined the company as General Manager of its North American business. Most recently a senior business manager of Inspection Technologies at GE Oil and Gas – Measurement & Control, Mr. Iman is a highly experienced commercial sales and marketing professional with a strong background in t ...Read More.

Product Spotlight

BondMaster 1000e

The BondMaster is a versatile, full-multimode instrument offering pitch-catch, MIA (mechanical impedance analysis), and resonance modes. Allows users to select the best method for a particular application and to test bonds and inspect a wide variety of composite materials. The BondMaster 1000e+ allows users to select the best method for a particular application and to inspect a wide variety of composite materials. Its high performance, light weight, and rugged durability make it the ideal choic
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UltraWave LRT

The UltraWave LRT uses guided wave technology and excites low-frequency ultrasonic waves that travel lengthwise over tens of meters along a pipe, detecting wall thickness variations. The system is ideal to screen in-service pipes and pipelines, and to inspect limited access pipes from a single inspection position. It includes advanced software, acquisition unit, touch screen laptop, and compact probes with bands and bladders. Offering the capacity to screen in-service pipes and pipeline over lo
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Cygnus DIVE Underwater Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
Cygnus Instruments Ltd

The Cygnus DIVE Mk2 underwater thickness gauge now has a new bright colour AMOLED display for easy viewing from all angles, by the diver and his camera, even in poor visibility. This wrist-mountable ultrasonic thickness gauge has been designed for the professional diver and can be worn on the forearm which gives an invaluable free hand whilst performing thickness surveys underwater.
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