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Mistras Group
Rome, NY New York, United States
Microseal, metal sealant, seal castings 1-800-411-6025 Click here to contact us now! Home Cost MSDS Brochure Contact Us Our products seal pores in all metals by dipping, spraying or brushing them on. How much does it cost you to scrap a porous casting? MICROSEAL offers an easy, economic, one-step solution for porous castings, welds, coatings and leaky joints. It also secures loose screws and nuts and prevents rust. Microseal is a plastic in thin liquid form with unusually high capillary action. It fills fine pores, micro-cracks and joints between fitting parts, then hardens into a pressure-tig
Manhasset, NY New York, United States
Calibrated Instrument for gas analysis, flow measurement, sampling and calibration needs. Gas Sampling Bags Gas Dilution Systems Gas Analyzers Gas Flow Meters Products CALI-5-BOND CALI-GUARD Gas/Air/Liquid Sampling Bags (5-layer) and Accessories. Protective Bag Covers. MIKROGAS Gas Analyzers for Continuous Emission Monitoring (CEM). Ambient Air Monitoring and Industrial Process Stream Analysis. ULTRAGAS Gas Analyzers for Laboratory, Research and Ambient Measurements; Continuous or Batch DIGAMIX DIMIKUR Precision Gas Mixing Pumps. Gas Dilution Systems and Precision Gas Forwarding Pumps. Micro-D
Sensor Networks