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Mineola, NY New York, United States
Island Pyrochemical Industries Cellulose Triacetate Film, Diacetate Film, Polarizer Film, Polarizing Film, Photographic Film Base, Release Film, Animation Cel, Pressure Sensitive Tape Base, Airbag Chemicals, Airbag Inflator Propellant, Sodium Azide, 5-Amino Tetrazole, Potassium 5-Amino Tetrazole, Low Vulnerability Ammunition, Potassium Perchlorate, Guanidine Nitrate, Ethyl Cellulose Molding Compound, Ethyl Cellulose Granules, Ethyl Cellulose Tape, End Sleeve, End Inhibitor, Stabilizing Rod, Industrial Chemicals, Pharmaceutical Raw Materials, Cesium Nitrate, Cesium Sulfate, Cesium Metal, Sodium