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Workpad Industrial Data Solutions IoT
Boalsburg, PA Pennsylvania, United States
Sensor Networks, Inc. is a US-based IoT technology company specializing in installed ultrasonic sensor networks used to measure and monitor metal loss due to corrosion / erosion in industrial assets. We design and manufacture integrated systems for asset-condition monitoring using ultrasonic sensor arrays and a digital control and communication system architecture that supports handheld, wired and wireless data collection. Our product is highly modular and can be configured for many different installed-sensor applications in the Oil & Gas, Power Generation and other PSM-regulated industries. S
Dhaka Bangladesh
Product of Non Destructive Soultion Bangladesh ► Remote Visual Inspection ► Dye Penetrants Testing ► Magnetic Particle Testing ► Ultrasonic Thickness Gages ► Ultrasonic Flaw Detector ► Advanced Ultrasonic Phased Arrays (Alternative Industrial X-ray and Radiography) ► Time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD) ► Bolts Studs and Pins Inspection Solution ► Radiography Testing / Industrial X-ray ► Eddy Current ► Hardness Tester ► Tube Inspection System MS5800 ► IR Thermograph ► XRF/PMI ► V
Sunnyvale, CA California, United States
Contract ServicesTeleChem International, Inc. - Microarray Technology Microarray Technology To Empower Personalized Medicine The leader in Microarray Products and Services ArrayIt® Citations & Publications Listing News & Events Read selected press releases and media coverage or click HERE for our complete news archive. 6/5/2007 Custom human microarrays 12/28/2006 SpotBot and life origin research 10/27/2006 Clinical Microarray News from GEN 09/12/2006 MAQC Study Data Published, Schena Co-Authors 09/06/2006 ArrayIt Reports 40% Increase in Sales. 06/20/2006 SpotBot Microarrayer
dhaka, IN Indiana, Bangladesh
NON DESTRUCTIVE TESTING SOLUTIONS BANGLADESH is a business flat from, from where we provide large range of Non Destructive Testing (NDT) and Plant Condition Monitoring (CM) Solution, Service and Consultancy . Industrial applications, including those for Aviation, Power Generation, Oil and Gas, Chemicals process, Pipe, Steel Structure, Pharmaceuticals, Textiles. Our reliable, advanced technology inspection solutions and support services enable industrial customers to help maximize efficiency, minimize downtime and enhance productivity with unyielding integrity.We provide follo
Les Ulis France
M2M develops, manufactures and sells phased-array systems for non-destructive testing (NDT) using ultrasounds (UT). In 10 years, M2M has developed products ranging from massively- parallel systems (256+ channels with the Multi++ range), to small portable systems ("Pocket"). M2M systems meet industrial requirements in terms of production and inline inspection services. They are used by many mechanical integrators worldwide for aerospace-, steel- , oil and gas-, power generation- and automotive industry. Modular and versatile, M2M products combine the latest advances in elect
Rockaway, NJ New Jersey, United States
Electron Tubes manufactures and distributes line of linear x-ray sensor arrays. The system uses scintillator and photodiode array to cover range of 30keV to 300keV
Sonoma, CA California, United States
Distributor of relays and through hole and surface mount electrical surge protection components. Online specifications and stock level check.World Products Inc. provides electronic solutions by offering an array of high quality electronic components including NEC Signal Relays, NEC Power Relays, Industrial Relays, Solid State, Photo Couplers, Reed Relays, Photo MOS Relays, Low Capacitance Varistors, Multi-Layer Varistors, Capactiance Varistors, Thermo-Fuse Varistor, Metal Oxide Varistors, Silicon Varistors, Resettable Fuses Low Voltage, Thyristors, Gas Tube Arrestors, TVS Diodes, Ferrite and C
Minnetonka, MN Minnesota, United States
Reseller of new and used Sun Microsystems, IBM RS6000, iSeries, HP 9000 and Compaq midrange servers.Vibrant Technologies | IT Hardware Reseller, new, used and refurbished IT equipment NETWORKING SERVERS STORAGE BLOG ABOUT CONTACT SERVICES DEALS ...You needed it yesterday, your budget is tight and quality is a must. From used Servers to Storage Solutions and Networking Equipment to buy or sell, Vibrant Technologies is the solution. view all IBM System P (pSeries) IBM System X (xSeries) IBM iSeries (AS/400) HP ProLiant (Compaq) HP Integrity (HP9000) Sun Microsystems Used Cisco EMC SAN Storage IB
Santa Clara, CA California, United States
Custom thin film circuits, spiral chip inductors, MNOS and MOS ceramic capacitors. Schottky, PIN, tunnel, SRD, varactor, and zero bias diodes. Bipolar NPN and PNP transistors. High speed LDMOS and TMOS FETs. Silicon and SiGe MMICs.US Microwaves - Manufacturer of thin film MIC technology circuits, Microwave Thin Film Integrated Circuits, MIC technology, Microwave MIC, Thin Film Circuits, chip inductors,chip capacitors, chip resistors, Microwave IC's and Discrete Semiconductors US MICROWAVES , manufacturer of high reliability microwave integrated circuits MIC technology. US Microwave offers a mu
Erie, PA Pennsylvania, United States
Manufactures aline of EMI/RFI filters, power products and EMC testing services including capacitors, discrete filters, filtered arrays, ferrite inductors, patch antenna elements and gaskets and shielding.Spectrum Control Inc. SPEC $ 16.15 (USD) Recent News : Barrier Strip EMI Filtered Terminal Blocks Now Offer 90° ...more Spectrum Signal & Power Integrity Filtered Arrays Barrier Strip Terminal Blocks Bolt-In Filter Plates Easy Mate? Filter Plates PCB Mount Terminal Blocks Shrouded Latch Filter Plates Surface Mount Filters High Frequency PCB Filters LC Type Chips Three Terminal Chips Mini
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