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Mistras Group
Boulder, CO Colorado, United States
Storage Tape DrivesComputer Data Backup Tape Drives and Tape Backup Automation Solutions from Tandberg Data, formerly Exabyte // always always always make a backup copy of this file before making changes ace_state.columns = 1; ace_state.hbgcolor = '#FFFFFF'; ace_state.hftcolor = '#012C8D'; ace_state.nbgcolor = '#FFFFFF'; ace_state.nftcolor = '#012C8D'; ace_state.menuoffset = 1; ace_state.closedelay = 50; ace_state.position = 'right'; ace_state.fontFamily = 'Tahoma, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif'; ace_state.fontSize = '9pt'; // fopacity: Menu opacity in percentage (0 to 100). A lower opacity wil
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