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SensorScan for Sensor Networks Inc
Minneapolis, MN Minnesota, United States
Airmo Inc. Pressure Technologies designs and manufactures patented systems and tools for hydrostatic testing, end forming, tube expansion, and high- pressure components and accessories with pressure capabilities up to 60,000 psi (4,137 bar) for the aerospace and defense, automotive, energy, HVAC, oil and gas, mobile equipment, tube and pipe mills. The TestMaster® line of products offers high-performance systems and tools used for pressure and leak testing of tubes, tube assemblies, and systems. Tools are designed to snap on fast and provide positive sealing for plain end tubes.
Middleburg Heights, OH Ohio, United States
"Send it into Orbit" A leader in the Non Destructive Testing (NDT) industry since 1965, Orbit Industries offers a wide range of inspection solutions on materials, from the smallest configuration through 5 tons, in the following testing methods: Ultrasonic, Liquid Penetrant, Magnetic Particle, and Chemical Processing Nondestructive testing is one of the key tools used to confirm the quality of aerospace and aircraft components. For major domestic and international firms, we test parts such as landing gears, jet engine supports, engine components, and hundreds of other critical part
Newtown, PA Pennsylvania, United States
Mr. David Nyland, founder, CEO and President of White Engineering Surfaces Corporation, was working on needs for ceramic insulator coatings for jet aircraft. He saw the utilization of advanced thermal coatings limited by problems of low coating density and limited bond strength between the coating and the substrate. During this time, Mr. Nyland engineered a sprayed surface technology to combat these major limitations. He developed and trademarked the WESCOAT® process, and therefore was awarded several large military aerospace contracts. He called the science he practiced ‘Surfa
Cartersville, GA Georgia, United States
LEVEL II AND III NONDESTRUCTIVE TESTING We perform most Nondestructive Testing methods available. We provide a full host of Level II and Level III services. Our level II services typically include PT, MT, RT, ET, and UT. We also perform Visual (VT) and Certified Weld Inspection (CWI). Our level III consultation services include the training and certification of our and your employees, complete NDT program management, personnel placement, procedure reviews and audits, recruiting, quality control, and more. Our total NDT service experience spans multiple industries such a
Shoreview, MN Minnesota, United States
As a leading supplier of robotic and automation equipment to the aerospace industry, PaR Systems has supplied mission critical systems to major aerospace OEMs, suppliers, and maintenance depots including Airbus, Boeing, Bristol Aerospace, GKN, Hill AFB, Lockheed Martin, NASA, Northrop Grumman, Rolls Royce, Spirit, Vought, and Warner Robins ALC. PaR Systems’ commitment to provide the best and most effective solutions is demonstrated by the acquisition of LaserUT®, the most advanced non-destructive inspection system available for testing composite parts in the industry. LaserUT
Marysville, WA Washington, United States
Since 1896, Zodiac Aerospace has been contributing to the development of aeronautics. Following our pioneering spirit, Zodiac continues to advance in aerospace equipment and systems. Currently employing over 26,000 people worldwide, Zodiac continues to support the needs of our clients through innovation and responsiveness to market challenges. Zodiac Cabin and Structures is the world’s leading provider of integrated cabin interiors. Our mission is to design, certify, manufacture, and support the world’s most innovative aircraft interiors and composite structures. W
Saginaw, MI Michigan, United States
The Merrill Technologies Group consists of four companies that strive for Precision, Performance & Possibilities and with the right partner anything possible! Merrill Technologies Group (MTG) is a privately-owned, world-class manufacturer serving the heavy equipment, energy, robotic, machine tool, aerospace and defense industries. Headquartered in Saginaw, MI, MTG is comprised of four subsidiaries with interlocking and diverse capabilities. Our combined operations create a single-source solution for the engineering and manufacturing of specialized weldments, machined component
Avon, OH Ohio, United States
Cutting Dynamics, Inc. is a hydroforming company based in Avon, Ohio, which manufactures a wide variety of sub- assemblies and components for the aerospace industry, along with the medical, health & fitness and truck/heavy equipment industries.
South Haven, MN Minnesota, United States
Legacy Building Solutions specializes in the innovative design, engineering and construction of fabric-covered buildings for several different industries and applications. For more information, contact Legacy Building Solutions, 19500 County Road 142, South Haven, MN 55382, call 320-259-7126 or 877-259-1528, or visit the company’s website at, aviation, military and aerospace Tension fabric structures (TFS) are suitable for military shelter systems; for general aircraft aviation hangars, vehicle maintenance, fuel cell storage, equipment st
Calgary, AB Alberta, Canada
We are a full service aircraft and component NDT facility based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada at your service 24 hours a day, everyday. We have highly experienced and professional CGSB Level II inspectors in all NDT methods.
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