MX Industrial
$13,000 for (4) kits - AlphaDur Mini Kit, Dakota DFX-8 Kit, and much more!
Name: Jason Davis
Phone: 801-995-1251
AlphaDur Mini Kit with 5 kg Probe (49 N) $4,000

Dakota DFX-8+ Kit $5,000
-PC Software and USB Cable
-4 oz. Couplant
-Lithium Ion Battery
-Line Power Adapter & Universal Power Cable
-Hard Carrying Case and Calibration Certificate

Additional Items for Dakota DFX-8 (included in price)
5MHz, 3/8" Fingertip Probe, MD Side
5 MHz, 1/2" Contact Probe with BNC-Side
2.25 MHz x 3/4" Probe, BNC-Side
QC Probe, 3/8", 5MHz, MD
QC Probe, 1/2", 2.25 MHz, MD
AWS Angle Beam Probe, 5/8" x 3/4" 2.25 MHz, BNC
BNC-Micro Dot; RG-174 (6 ft.) x3
BNC-BNC; RG-174 (6 ft.) x3

Koslow Scientific TE-3000 Thermal Alloy Sorter $2,000

Hawkeye Classic Flexible Borescope Kit $2,000

Please email/call and we can proceed from there!