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UE Systems Ultraprobe UP10000 Digital Ultrasound Leak Detector
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UE Systems Ultraprobe UP10,000 Digital Ultrasonic Leak Detector.

The Ultraprobe 10,000 brings ultrasound technology to a whole new level. With this one system, inspectors can perform condition analysis, record the sounds of test equipment, and store and manage data.

The UP10,000 has on-board sound recording. With the push of a button, it is now possible to record a sound sample directly into the instrument and link it to one of 400 record files stored in the Ultraprobe.

Manual Sensitivity & Frequency Adjustment or Revolutionary new "Smart Control" Set Up Modes.

New units are priced at $12995 from the manufacturer. Save several thousand dollars and purchase preowned. Asking $9495.00 or make an offer.

Kit Includes:

Ultraprobe 10,000 housing with digital LCD display and LED backlight
Tri-Sonic Scanning Module for locating airborne ultrasound
Stethoscope Module (contact type) for monitoring internally generated ultrasounds
Extension rod set to increase stethoscope contact range to 31 inch (78 cm)
Warble Tone Generator
Deluxe Noise Isolating Industrial Headset for use with hardhat
LRMLS Long Range Module (with Laser-sight) To Increase Detection Range
Spectralyzer Sound Analysis Software/Ultratrend Data Management Software*
Rubber Focusing Probe For Narrowing Reception Field & For
Shielding Ambient Ultrasounds
Battery Re-charger
RAS-MT Magnetic Sensor with BNC Connection readable with the Ram Module
RAM Adaptor enabling the UP10,000 to read RAS sensors CF Card To USB Reader (allows reading of CF cards to PC via USB port)
NEW Li-ION Battery (Purchased May 2021)
Zero Halliburton Carrying Case

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