Cosasco Partners with Sensorlink for Real-Time Corrosion Monitoring
Cosasco, a global leader in corrosion and erosion monitoring, has signed an exclusive partnership with Sensorlink AS, which manufacturers and supplies high resolution, non-intrusive corrosion and erosion monitoring technologies for the oil and gas, chemical, power and water treatment industries. Under the agreement Cosasco will have unique access to market, sell and distribute Sensorlink’s PipeMonit® SWARM technology worldwide.

PipeMonit® SWARM is a fixed point, online, non-intrusive ultrasonic monitoring solution that provides precise, reliable and repeatable pipe wall thickness measurements, in real-time. The sensor has a repeatability of 0.1mils (2.5μm), offering unrivalled speed and accuracy for detecting corrosion and/or erosion. Crucially this enhances the safety and integrity of topside applications while reducing the operating costs and downtime associated with traditional non- destructive testing (NDT) techniques.

Through this exclusive agreement, Sensorlink aims to widen its market reach for non-intrusive monitoring solutions in the topside market through Cosasco’s global network for sales, service and support.

"Thanks to this exclusive agreement with Sensorlink, we are enabling customers to further optimize their operations by reducing the health, safety and commercial risks associated with NDT inspections. With Sensorlink’s innovative PipeMonit® SWARM technology integrating seamlessly with our new and existing Microcor® Online systems, together we can offer the highest resolution, real-time asset integrity monitoring systems on the market," said Mike D’Anzieri, President, Cosasco.

Harald Sleire, CEO, Sensorlink, added: "As a technology innovator and product developer it is fantastic to be partnering with a company like Cosasco, with its global reach and impressive track record. I believe this collaboration will offer a powerful and complete product offering to clients in the topside market. At the same time Sensorlink will continue to deliver its subsea products directly, which means together we can cover the entire value chain."

About Cosasco

Cosasco offers complete corrosion control. From consultancy, to manufacturing, to Cosasco Care in-field support and long-term maintenance. Taking in both intrusive and non-intrusive corrosion and erosion monitoring sensors – unrivalled in the market for sensitivity. This data allows bespoke chemical optimisation solutions to fine-tune the levels of anti-corrosion chemicals injected. All coupled with complete data and communications solutions. No one else can provide such a full service, full-suite approach to controlling corrosion. Cosasco is fully certified and complies with the BSI EN ISO 9001:2008 Certification.

About Sensorlink

Sensorlink hold 20 years of experience with use of non-intrusive ultrasound measurement technology. Sensorlink’s PipeMonit® Swarm® and UltraMonit® system addresses clients’ need for effective and reliable corrosion/erosion monitoring and wall thickness measurements. PipeMonit® SWARM product portfolio for topside and onshore applications the gives the customer accurate online readings on wall thickness and corrosion/erosion rates.

UltraMonit® is a, in-situ and retrofittable subsea tool containing ultrasonic transducers which allow online access to highly accurate wall thickness and corrosion/erosion data. Sensorlink’s QHSE system is certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and for manufacturing of explosion proof equipment, certified according to IEC 80079-34.