NDTMA Organizes Affordable Healthcare for Contractors and Small Business
The Nondestructive Management Association ("NDTMA") has reached an agreement with Makina Health Cooperative to make Healthcare affordable and accessible to all our members. Makina Health is revolutionizing the Healthcare Industry with its unique approach to medical insurance.

Available Benefits include Medical, Dental, and Vision insurance and benefits.

Answers to the three most common questions:

Q: What is a Hybrid Medical Plan?
A: Hybrid Medical combines the best of both worlds: Insurance and Non-Profit Health Cooperative working together. This unique approach gives you elite coverage at an affordable monthly cost.

Q: Who is eligible for coverage?
A: Members of NDTMA with two or more employees. Those employees can include immediate family in their coverage, dependent children up to age 26.

Q: Where can I get more information?
A: Members can request access to information by sending email to ndt@tedfordinsurance.com

For more information email:

More about the program:


1. How do I sign up?
Your employees will complete the enrollment via the registration link. This can be done via computer or phone. Your employee will then be redirected to our enrollment website where they will need to complete both their profile and application.

2. What can they expect after submitting the application?
Member Services will complete their application. They will receive an ID card and Member Welcome Packets, explaining the services included in their membership.

3. How do I pay for my membership?
Either by a payroll deduction from the employer or through a third party deduction specialist, as follows -
During enrollment process, your employee will provide banking information for an ACH deduction. Deductions are scheduled the 5th of the month prior to effective date of policy (ie. Nov 5th ACH draft for a Dec 1st effective date). The amount of their deduction is associated with their membership tier (Member Only, Member & Spouse, Member & Children, or Family). Plus any additional coverage selected.

4. Can I use my current provider?
Makina Health follows the PHCS Network, please visit www.phcs.com to review a list of providers. The Makina Cooperative allows you to choose any provider. As a result, you are not restricted by a network.
Medical Expenses

5. What do I do when I go to the doctor? We want you experience to be streamlined, just show the provider your Identification card and pay your co-pay.

6. How long does it take the cooperative to process a medical a claim?
The process begins as soon as we receive notification or billing from the facility. The turnaround time is between 14 and 60 days, depending on the receipt of all required information and when your bills go through negotiation. Certain procedures requite prior authorization.

7. Will the Cooperative process medical costs that were incurred outside of the United States?
Yes, eligible covered procedures, wherever incurred, will be handled through the cooperative. Bills from medical treatments occurring overseas must be written or translated into English and the price converted to U.S. dollars. They are then handled the same as bills from treatment in the U.S.

Claims Payment Limits

8. Is there a claims payment limit?
There are no lifetime or annual maximum amounts for eligible procedures.
Tobacco users age 50 and older, until confirmed tobacco free for 12 months, have a $25,000 claims payment limit for Cancer, Heart Attacks, COPD and Stroke ($75 monthly fee for tobacco usage).

Prior Medical Conditions

9. What if I have a pre-existing medical condition? Will the cooperative pay my medical bills? A prior medical condition is a condition for which you either have received medical treatment, taken medications for, or exhibited observable symptoms. Any prior medical condition that does not exhibit symptoms during the 36 continuous months prior to membership effective date is considered cured and will not have restrictions. Prior medical conditions will become eligible for claims payment based on the schedule below:

Year 1 -$15,000 Claims Payment Limit
Year 2 - $25,000 claims Payment Limit
Year 3 - $35,000 Claims Payment Limit
Year 4+ - Full Coverage for that condition


10. Pregnancy and Pre Natal-Coverage. There are separate deductibles for delivery and inpatient services.
Delivery and inpatient services, for normal and medically necessary C-Section are subject to a $2500 Deductible plus coinsurance. Elective C-Sections are subject to a $5000 Deductible. Pre-Existing Pregnancy is subject to a $5000 Deductible with a limitation of $15,000 in benefit for delivery and inpatient services.

ACA Compliance

11. Does Makina Health program comply with the Affordable Care Act Requirements? Yes. To deal with the requirements of the ACA, member companies use a qualifying plan which is administered by Makina Health as described above. This type of plan is referred to as Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) plan.


12. Does the plan include prescription coverage?
Yes. Makina Health has a 30 day and 90 day generic prescription program and we use 200+ different prescription discount and manufacture programs. Our plan administrator assists our members to determine the best program for their prescription needs.