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NDTMA Annual Conference to Host Digital Radiography Seminar
At the NDTMA Annual Conference a training seminar will be conducted on Tuesday February 11, 2020 by Clyde May, Virtual Media Integration titled "Transitioning from Traditional 2D Film Radiography into the Age of Digital Automation."

It is well known that traditional film radiography has been the "go to" volumetric examination method for more than 75 years. While advances in technology have drastically changed our everyday lives, the world of industrial radiography remains basically un-evolved.

Computed Radiography, Digital Detector Arrays and Computed Tomography have entered the marketplace over the past 15 years with some degree of success. That said, traditional film combined with gamma isotope sources, still handily dominates the commercial industrial radiography arena.

This seminar will examine the emerging technologies and innovations that are poised to enter the world of radiographic examination, ready to transform radiography from a legacy film industry into all-digital, automated and semi-automated applications.

Many of these new innovations will continue to allow the use of traditional radiographic isotopes, even in fully automated robotic applications. These digital examinations will also allow the introduction of tremendously improved workflow and data management processes, including the use of artificial intelligence and assisted discontinuity detection technology.

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