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2005 : Diploma In Engineering (Mechatronics), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
(2nd Class Honour)

2005 : CSWIP (3.0) Visual Welding Inspector

2005 : ASNT Level II

2006-2007 : Qualified PCN Level 2

-Radiography Interpreter PCN 3.4

-Ultrasonic Inspection PCN Level 2
( 3.1,3.2,3.8,3.9)

- PCN No: 301059

2007 : MSTS (Combined Safety Course Training
(Offshore Safety,Sea Survival,HUET with EBS& Fire Fighting Rescue Course)

2009 : Qualified PCN Level 2
- Welding Inspector PCN Level 2(3.1)
1997-1999:MRSM-YT Dungun,Terengganu
(Penilaian Menengah Rendah)

2000-2001:MRSM Pengkalan Chepa,Kota Bharu,Kelantan
(Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia)
-1st Grade

2002-2005:Diploma In Engineering(Mechatronics),Universiti
Teknologi Malaysia.
-2nd Class Honour

2005 :CSWIP(3.0)Visual Welding Inspection by TWI Sg.
Buloh,Kuala Lumpur.

July 2005 :In House Training Conducted by ASNT Level III
at Nusantara Technologies Sdn.Bhd:

-Ultrasonic Inspection
-Magnetic Particle Inspection
-Dye Penetrant Inspection

Jun 2006 – July 2006 : IN HOUSE TRAINING
Conducted by Yaie Holding Sdn. Bhd.

• Welding Inspection – Level 2
• Ultrasonic Inspection – Level 2
• Magnetic Particle Inspection – Level 2
• Dye Penetrant Inspection – Level 2
• Radiography Interpretation – Level 2

August 2006-Dec 2006 : NDT Training and Examination (PCN)
Ruane & TPO’Neill
Rotherham, South Yorkshire,
United Kingdom

- Ultrasonic Inspection Level 2
- Radiographic Interpreter 3.4

September 2007 : Combined Sea Survival, First Aid, Fire Fighting Including HUET Emergency Breathing System (EBS) Course.MSTS Asia Sdn.Bhd, Miri, Sarawak.

August 2008 : Attend Course For PCN Level 2
Welding Inspection
September 2008 - Present

Company : Saipem S.p.a
Position : NDT Technician Level II/ AUT Technician
Duty : Carry out UT,RT,MT and PT Inspection For
Saipem S.p.A Projects(Offshore and Onshore)
Project : Various projects carried out by Saipem i.e:
-Cameron PSVM Sub Sea Manifold System
Project-Block 31(Angola)
-Transmed Pipeline Repair(Offshore Pipeline)
-Adriatic LNG Project (Offshore Pipeline)
-Ana Vesna Irina Development Project
(Pipeline,Jacket Installation,Riser
Installation) and etc.

August 2007 – August 2008

Company : Velosi (M) Sdn Bhd
Seconded : Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd –SKO
Position : UT Inspector/Assistant Welding Inspector

Scope of Works:
- Performed inspection as follows:

-Lamination Check, UT Flaw Inspection on structures i.e.
extended platform, pedestal crane column I-Beam,
TKY,Nozzles etc.)
-Ultrasonic B-Scan on live platform flowline (piping) and
vessel in order providing data for life spent calculation
-UTTM on scrubber, vessel, flowline, seawater dearrator, etc
-Liaise with Welding Inspector/Surveyor regarding on
technical issues and location for thickness measurement
-Attend progress meeting with client / consultant and
project management team to solve a problem and achieve the
project schedule
-Involved in Pressure Vessel Re-Qualification as per API
-Involved in Pipeline Re-Qualification as per API
570(Assist Surveyor)
-Review and Re check RT Film

January 2007- July 2007

Company : Nusantara Technologies Sdn Bhd
Position : UT Technician

Project : Various projects carried out by Nusantara
Technologies Sdn.Bhd i.e
-Petronas Melaka Group III Lube Base Oil
Project, Dubai Metro,Dubai Tower and
YEMEN YLNG (Muhibbah Steel Industires)
Telok Gong,Selangor.

Client : Various companies i.e
- YEMGAS (Yemen YLNG at MSI)
-Petra Resources Sdn Bhd
-M10 Builders
-Jutasama Sdn Bhd
-NYC Engineering
-Besteel Sdn Bhd

Duty : -Perform UT lamination check on attachment
area as per requested for the project.
-Perform UT Flaw on metal fabrication
structure such jacket leg, pile, column
head, butt joint, T, K, and Y joint.
-Prepare final documentation and reports in
accordance to client reporting and
documentation systems.
-Perform MPI as parts of NDT team.

July 2005- May 2006

Company : Nusantara Technologies Sdn Bhd
Position : NDT Technician ASNT Level 2
Duty : UTFD/UTTM Inspection, MPI and DPI
Project : Various projects carried out by
Nusantara Technologies Sdn.Bhd


• Perform UT Flaw on nozzle, lamination check and
thickness gauging on Pressure Vessel
• Perform UT lamination check and UT Inspection on
butt joint Plate
• UT Inspection,UT lamination check, UT thickness
gauging on Dearrator, Vessel, and Boiler
• Carry out Magnetic Particle Inspection(MPI) and
Dye-Penetrant Inspection(DPI)


To get more work experience, skills, knowledge and to be a part of well establish and progressive company, to secure challenging position in engineering of oil and gas, fabrication and Non-Destructive Testing, to advance my own career in either Inspection or Non-Destructive Testing field.