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Level 2 NDE Inspector Available for Employment
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State: TX Texas
Country: United States
I am willing to Travel.
I need a job as soon as possible.
I am willing to work overseas.
I prefer permanent jobs.
Key Qualifications
SNT-TC-1A Level 2 PT Method, Visible and Fluorescent, 2000+ hours NAS-410 Level 2 PT Fluorescent, Post Emulsification, 300+ hours SNT-TC-1A Level 2 MT Visible method and Fluorescent, 2000+ hours SNT-TC-1A Level 2 UT Method, 2000+ hours SNT-TC-1A Level 2 Advanced UT Methods, 288 Hours of Training 300 hours of Automated Ultrasonic Testing, zero degree only 300 hours of on the job training in UT Shearwave 320 hours of on the job training in surface Eddy Current Method, and 200 hours of tube inspection. Extensive knowledge of ASME, API, and CWI codes. Experience with P&ID’s and with drawing and reading isometric drawings Extensive knowledge of the inspection processes of plant equipment and piping. Performed 300 hours of assistance with Acoustic Emissions testing. 100 hours of experience in assisting with Time of Flight Diffraction testing. NACE level 2 Corrosion Methods Training, 96 hours Knowledge of metallurgical science, 192 hours training
San Jacinto College – Associate of Applied Science in NDT, Associate of Art. Blinn College – met requirements for Associates of Art degree. Lamesa High School – Diploma
Iris NDT Matrix, 2012 - 2013
During my employment with Iris NDT Matrix I have obtained further experience in reading and drawing of isometric drawings. I have assisted with tube Eddy Current testing, UT shearwave testing, Time of Flight Diffraction, Automated Ultrasonic Testing, and Acoustic Emissions Testing. I have performed penetrant testing, magnetic testing, ultrasonic thickness testing, and Brinell hardness testing at various facilities and have gained an acute understanding of the unique challenges of performing these tests on piping systems, and all types of equipment in the refinery environment. I intend on obtaining further experience and certifications in the advanced NDT methods, including rope access and have gained approval for the training when it becomes available.
Reference: Joe Bazzi
Nathaniel Pendley
15019 Berkshire Green Dr.
Houston, TX 77083
Applus RTD, 2012 -
During my last semester at San Jacinto College, and the following Summer I obtained employment as an NDT specialist with Applus RTD Inspection group as a contractor with the title of Inspection Specialist. During my employment I worked at Linde Gas, La Porte Texas and served as a project manager of class 1 piping drawing project meant to be used for a corrosion monitoring program by means of ultrasonic thickness testing which I also participated in. In addition I also performed shearwave in information only situations at fabrication shops. I also at times performed RT, including CR when it was needed at Linde Gas and various fabrication shops, and Praxair, Texas City. Left due to lack of available work.
Reference: Chris Roy
San Jacinto College, 2010 – 2012
Enrolled in the Non Destructive Testing Technology program and was awarded an internship based upon scholastic merits and financial status. Work in the internship program consisted of performing department audits, student tutoring in NDT methods such as advanced UT methods, PT, MT, ET, assisting in metallurgical science classes, and general department administration tasks. During the internship British Petroleum NDT level 3 selected me and one other student to perform a surface eddy current project on stainless steel process piping to search for ferric chloride corrosion, as well as performing Digital Radiography on selected areas. Employment contract was terminated upon graduation.
Reference: Stephen Rowland, John Nyholt.
Q-Pro Industrial Services, 2009 –
Worked onsite at a Marathon Oil refinery in Texas City. Cleaned flanges for phased array crews. Gained valuable experience with ultrasonic phased array equipment and knowledge surrounding plant operations and safety in a very hazardous environment. Worked in Alkaline unit in which quantities large quantities of hydrofluoric acid were present. Once the Marathon project ended, I was laid off due to business slow down and lacked certifications for the few available jobs. Enrolled at San Jacinto College to acquire necessary skills.
Reference: Emett Sawyer, Supervisor - 832-646-4987
Phoenix NDT, 2009 –
Performed general radiography duties. Used cobalt 60 and iridium 192 cameras.
Reference: Garith Rodgers, Manager - 832-405-7502
Nathaniel Pendley
15019 Berkshire Green Dr.
Houston, TX 77083
GCT Inspection, 2008-09
Obtained state license for radiography within four months of employment. Performed radiographic inspection in various environments including plants and refineries for Lyondel Basel and Total and other operations. Used ultrasonic thickness testing, isotope radiographic testing, magnetic testing and penetrant testing equipment. Also performed tube x-ray, and tested a broad range of petrochemical equipment including piping, pressure vessels, storage tanks, thermal couples, and heat exchanger bundles to meet ASME code requirements. Performed Rockwell Brinell hardness testing and also know how to process and grade film. Gained deeper understanding of safety requirements, equipment, and operational procedures of most plants. Worked at fabrication shops in the Houston area. Left due to layoffs.
Reference: Terry Torgerson, Owner - 713-943-1760
Hard worker with solid NDT experience who wishes to continue his NDT career and acquire additional certifications. Recipient of an honors distinction Associate Degree in Applied Science of NDT at San Jacinto College in addition to a Associate of Art degree, and continuing to study Mechanical Engineering at the University of Houston. Motivated, safety conscience, and a strong independent learner who wants to take on challenging tasks to add value for his employer and enhance his career.