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2018 Szepelak Resume
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State: PA Pennsylvania
Country: United States
I am willing to Travel.
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Bachelor of Science (BS) in Mechanical Engineering West Virginia University, Graduated May 2009.
Quality Engineer, System One/WECTEC/Westinghouse Electric Company March 2015-present
Working in the Nuclear Plant Operations Division in the Quality Department.
Verifying that all procedures, inspections, quality documents and drawings are correct for spare parts that are to be installed on AP1000 nuclear power units in the US and China and correcting any issues with the documentation.
Shipped components include: ASME coded material, radiological detectors, computer cards, breakers, fuses, gaskets, shims, and bolts.
SAP software is used to confirm that what the customer wants in the order (procedures, quality documents, and/or drawings) are to the correct revision and that they are included with the shipped parts.
Lead engineer for the maintenance of calibration records for tools used in the inspection of the components that are shipped to the customers in the New Stanton facility.
Revised/revising procuedures that are being used for the calibration of the tools in the New Stanton facility.

Quality Engineer, BPMI January 2013-November 2014
Worked on supporting fleet inspections of equipment in the Naval Nuclear Program.
Developed and instructed nondestructive testing training to NDT personnel in the Program.
Modified and reviewed nondestructive testing specifications from drawings, Naval Nuclear Propulsion specifications, and commercial standards for material suppliers and shipyard inspections.
Performed nondestructive testing audits at material suppliers to confirm that the proper specifications and techniques were being used to inspect components.
Configured and modified computers to perform inspections on Program in-service components.
Used the CIVA software to model ultrasonic and radiographic techniques that are used for inspections within the Program.
Familiar with ISO 9001.
Equipment worked NDT on: feedwater and coolant pumps (primary, secondary, and emergency), coolant loop elbows and piping, valves, and heat exchangers.
While on shipyard audits and supplier audits observed nondestructive testing performed on reactor containment vessels and secondary reactor piping systems.
Worked with and on MIL-STD-2132, NSTR-99, T9074-AS-GIB-010/271 (Tech Publication-271), and NAVSEA 250-1500-1.
Worked on and wrote a procedure for alloy identity testing and setup a program on an ultrasonic testing computer to allow for easier and more accurate identifications.
Have experience using a Niton gun (X-ray fluorescence) alloy identity analyzer.

Mechanical Engineer/NDT Inspector, Aberdeen Test Center October 2009-January 2013
Worked on multiple magnetic particle and liquid penetrant jobs throughout ATC for the NDT group (cannon tubes, mortars, vehicle welds, and machined and forged weapon components).
Performed Magnetic Particle (MT) testing on (cannon tubes): M777 155mm (cannon tubes, breeches, breech rings, and muzzle brakes), M20 105mm (cannon tubes, breeches, and muzzle brakes), M68 105mm (cannon tubes and breeches), and M256 120mm (cannon tubes and breeches).
Magnetic Particle (MT) (steel), Liquid Penetrant (PT) (Inconel), and Eddy-Current (ET) (Inconel) testing on (mortars): 60mm and 81mm mortars (both steel and Inconel), and 120mm (steel only) mortars.
Magnetic Particle (MT) and Liquid Penetrant (PT) testing on (small arms): M9 9mm pistols (MT), M4 Carbines (MT and PT on the Upper Receiver), M16 Assault Rifles (MT), M249 Squad Automatic Weapon (MT), M240B Machine Gun (MT), M2 Machine Gun (MT), M82 Sniper Rifle (MT), M320 Grenade Launcher (PT), M24 Sniper Rifle (MT), M2010 Sniper Rifle (MT), AK-47 and AK-74 Rifles (MT), Dragunov Sniper Rifle (MT), RPK Machine Gun (MT), RPD Machine Gun (MT), Universal Receivers (MT), M110 Designated Marksman Rifle (MT), MK17 Carbine (MT), M134 Mini-gun (MT), and M26 Unbarrel Shotguns (MT).
Wrote and revised magnetic particle procedures for all the small arms previously mentioned. (Determined the proper amperages to achieve the best magnetic background, wrote new procedures for new small arms to be tested, and placed pictures of previously found indications into the procedures as examples of where indications could be found.)
Produced reports (pictures of indications, length of indications, recommendations for repair, etc.) of nondestructive indications on components.
Wrote and implemented procedures and procedure changes.
Maintained calibration records for all magnetic particle and eddy-current equipment.
Lead nondestructive testing inspector of small arms and small arms components.
Worked on procurement of a new laser bore gaging system.
Recommended and implemented upgrades to magnetic particle and laser bore gage test equipment to further the scope of work that can be performed.
Improved the scanning speed and flaw accuracy of the laser bore gage system on 105mm, 120mm, and 155mm cannon tubes.
Mechanically bore gaged all the cannon tubes as well as the 60mm, 81mm, and 120mm mortars.
Procured a pneumatic bore gaging system for use with the 60mm and 81mm Inconel mortars.

Assistant to the Inspector, TEAM Industrial Services June 2009-September 2009
Assisted the inspectors with the operation of ultrasonic testing, liquid penetrant, and magnetic particle tests throughout the plant.
Prepared Inspection Briefs (detailed instructions (alloy of tank so that the proper standard could be used to calibrate for ultrasonic thickness) for the inspection of pipes, storage tanks, pressure vessels, etc.) for all API-510, API-570, and API-653 equipment located on the DuPont Belle Plant Site.
Inspected steel storage tanks, pressure vessels, glass-lined storage tanks and pressure vessels, piping, valves, and welds.
Tanks, vessels, and piping were ultrasonic thickness tested to determine wall thickness. These readings were then charted and then a recommendation was made as to when the next inspection was to be made or if repair/replacement was necessary.
Used alloy identity testing to sort and determine the standards needed to perform the correct ultrasonic thickness testing.
Certifications Date Received

Ultrasonic Testing Level 2 Certification from GE Inspection Technology. December 2013

Eddy-Current Level 1 Certification from Eastern NDT. August 2013

Ultrasonic Testing Level 1 Certification from GE Inspection Technology. March 2013

NAS-410 Magnetic Particle and Liquid Penetrant Testing February 2012
Level 2 Certification from PQT Services.

Magnetic Particle and Liquid Penetrant Testing December 2010
Level 1 Certification from PQT Services.

Computer Skills
MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point, PRO E, Auto CAD, Adobe Pro, Photoshop/Corel Photo-Paint, CIVA, SAP
Sensor Networks Inc.