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Acoustic Emission Testing Specialist (LII)
Magnetic Particle (LII)
Ultrasonic Thickness and Longitudinal Wave (LII)
Liquid Penetrate (LII)
Visual Inspection (LII)
High School Diploma
NDT Level I, II, III Training

Senior Acoustic Emission Specialist Acuren Group Inc. Searcy, AR 72143
œ Highly recruited out of NASA to support a new AE service division.
œ Performed AE for clients all over the US.
œ Received a letter of recommendation from Acuren Vice President.
Acoustic Emission Expert Jacobs ESSSA Group,
Huntsville, Alabama
œ Highly recruited out of Nuclear QA for expertise in Conventional AE.
œ Managed operations for an AE crack growth detection validation project at NASA MSFC for Jacobs.
œ Performed Level II Inspection (UTT, PT, MT, and VT) to support pressure systems certification.
œ Designed, Developed, and Demonstrated an examination procedure for the stimulation, detection, and location of cracks in Layered Pressure Vessels (LPVfs).
œ On a national stage, performed a head to head comparison representing Conventional Acoustic Emission versus Modal Acoustic Emission (Advanced Quantitative AE) on an LPV, out-performed a team of AE PhDfs with a 5 for 5 crack detection and precise location result.
œ Performed laboratory specimen testing for AE crack detection to guide future steps for procedure development.
œ Performed extensive attenuation and sound path studies to gain knowledge for procedure design.
œ Performed AE on a sample group of In-service LPVfs to assist in procedure development.
œ Honored to have worked closely with the late Dr. Adrian Pollock. Nuclear QA Over-site QC Seal-weld TVA Browns Ferry, Sequoyah, other
œ Nuclear Spent Fuel Dry Cask Storage Projects QA over-site, procedure compliance.
œ Performed VT and PT on Dry Cask Storage Can seal weld.
Acoustic Emission Operations TechCorr LLC, Pasadena, Texas
œ Initiated an AE Service Division. œ Wrote examination procedures, purchased equipment, trained employees.
œ Performed AE all over the world. AE Project Manager IrisNDT INC. Houston, Texas
œ Managed AE projects all over the US.
œ Performed AUT (Automated Ultrasonics) as the scanner operator. NDT Seasonal Contractor Nuclear Outages, Oil Refinery Turnarounds
œ Contracted with various NDT companies to perform NDT Level II UTT, MT, PT, and VT. Aerial Device Inspector Diversified Inspection Inc. Searcy, Arkansas
œ Performed ANSI/OSHA annual inspections on Aerial man-lift, digger derricks, cranes, material handling lifts, airplane de-icerfs, etc.
œ Performed Successful Demonstration for 22 Airlines in Milwaukee, WI in Airplane De-icer lifts.