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INVIZ® Revolver 80
Company: Vizaar
Address1: 4533 Gibsonia Road
City: Gibsonia
State: PA
Country: United States
Phone: (724) 449-3270
Fax: (724) 449-3273
The Pipe Inspection Camera for pipe inspections and weld inspections from 3.15"
to 39.37" inner pipe diameter. The Pipe Inspection Camera INVIZ® Revolver 80
provides an endless 360° rotating Dual Camera (90° side view & straight view)
camera head with high power LED illumination.

INVIZ Revolver 80 Pipe Inspection Camera for Orbital Weld Inspection, Remote
Visual Inspection (RVI)

Remote Visual Inspection in refineries
Remote Visual Inspection in tanks / vessels
Remote Visual Inspection in power generation
Remote Visual Inspection buildings / constructions
Remote Visual Inspection with:

INVIZ Revolver 80 Pipe Inspection Camera: Panoramic Scan (360°)
Controlled by the joystick or following a predefined software scan mode, the side
view camera is revolving 360° endlessly, ensuring 100% orbital weld or tube wall
panorama inspections. No detail is missed. On the tip of your finger you zoom
onto the smallest detail from the remotest areas with the impressive 10x optical
and additional electronically zoom. A high resolution forward view camera is
offering excellent sight and orientation within your application. The powerful
dual illumination technology is delivering homogenous automatic or manual
illumination, even in big dark cavities. A user defined left/right level functionality
maximizes the potential failure contrast also on shiny and reflective surfaces
such as coated or electro polished food grade tubes.

Specific camera positions can be saved and recalled. If used, the camera
automatically returns precisely to positions of interest. The auto Run & Scan
function is ensuring the systematic outright containment wall inspection. Camera
positions can be displayed and recorded. Orientation and image interpretation
are easy now. Orientation during remote visual inspection after a view twists and
turns is difficult .If there is no specific geometry or water level, up/down left or
right orientation will be lost. Manoeuvering the instrument, interpretation of the
image and securing full inspection can become a nightmare. The INVIZ®
Revolver 80 auto level function solves all. It keeps your camera in an upright 0°
position. That resets the orientation and ensures a precise inspection staring
point. Equipment handling and image interpretation is easy. It reduces inspection
time, user and equipment fatigue and therewith cost. Longitudinal weld seam
inspections are seamless.
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