Vizaar Vuman E3
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Company: PRAGMA
Address1: 2925 avenue Kepler
City: Québec
State: QC
Country: Canada
Phone: +1 418 260-9088
Fax: +1 418 266-1666
PRAGMA is proud to introduce the new PragmaPro instrument platform. It boasts a 9-inch ultra-bright display with multi-touch capability, a 1 GHz quad-core processor, two hot-swap batteries for up to 12 hours of operations, four USB connectors, Gigabit Ethernet, WiFi and many other latest technologies.

The new platform is based on a machined, powder-coated aluminum frame for shock-proofness, best sealing qualities and excellent heat dissipation. Its reusing the same « Unitop » rubberized man-machine interface that made the PRAGMA products unique. But in addition, it features 8 scrollwheels that are intended for the fastest operation of the menu system and direct control over parameters (gain, zero, etc.). The combined capabilities of the multi-touch and the scrollwheels will satisfy both the younger and older generations of NDT technicians.

The PragmaPro is based on a modular cartridge technology and supports various NDT instrument modalities such as UT, PAUT, ECT and many more. The new cartridges are also based on a machined, powder-coated frame for maximum heat dissipation. This is practical to extend the outdoor temperature range and/or to extend the power injected in the transducers.

The PragmaPro is aiming at a very wide range of applications, such as weld scanning, corrosion mapping and composite testing.
Modular Design with Cartridge - 1 GHz Quad-Core Processor - Graphics Acceleration - Robust Aluminum Body - Fanless Design for IP66 - Heavy-Duty Connectors - USB, SD, HDMI, Gigabit Ethernet - Dirt-proof Silicone Membrane - Tactile Pushbuttons - Visible Alarms - QuickFlow Control - Direct Parameter Control using Scrollwheels - Capacitive Multi-Touchscreen - Scratchproof Glass - Vivid Colors and Sunlight-Readable - Hot-swap Battery Operation
Cutting Edge Technology - Intuitive User Interface - Upgradeable Design - Amazing Screen - Multi-Touch Capability - Unique Keypad - Modular - Advanced Interfacing
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