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ULTRA FINE Micro Borescope
Company: Fiberscope.net
Contact: Terry Peristerakis
Phone: 877.613.2210
Need to inspect micro openings or parts inside an engine?
The ULTRA FINE Micro Borescopes are able to inspect holes
as small as .45mm(0.0177") in diameter. These borescopes have many applications in different fields, helping locksmiths, safety inspection officers, engineers, and mechanics to assess situations correctly and save time. Manufactured using high-quality Japanese quartz, the probes come in 0.37mm(0.0146"), 0.5mm(0.0197"), 0.75mm(0.0295") diameters and range
from 305mm(12") to 1500mm(60") in length. Covered by a waterproof black polyimide sheath to protect the light-guiding fiber cables and optics, these tiny fiberscopes have a minimum bend radius of 20mm. The eyepiece of the fiberscope has a focusable coupler integrated into it to make inspections easier. Our micro borescopes come with STORZ, WOLF, and ACMI adaptor threads to universally fit all available light sources. Overall, the Ultra Fine Micro Borescope is the best micro fiberscope for tiny applications.
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