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Strom Engineering
Contact: Angela Schwab
10505 Wayzata Blvd Suite 300 
Minnetonka MN Minnesota
United States 55305
Phone: 952 544 8644
Fax: 952 544 2451
Strom Engineering is a leading provider of strategic planning, temporary workforces, and full service labor solutions. For 60 years our experience and proven track record have established Strom as the nationís most reputable industrial strike staffing company. Strom Engineering has become the company to turn to when you are looking for qualified staffing support.

Through our proven history and continuing successes, we demonstrate that with the proper planning and execution, maintaining prosperity is possible regardless of the labor challenges you face. When you select Strom as your solution, you are partnering with a proven industry leader.

The Strom Group Difference
We donít outsource
Strom has its own database of workers, resources, and relationships, and handles the recruitment, training, travel, security, and safety of workforces for each situation.

We understand people
By keeping our employees happy and our clients confident, Strom has established itself as the leading temporary strike labor company by focusing on the people involved.

We are experienced
With 60 years of experience in labor staffing and almost 30 years of experience providing strike staffing solutions, itís simple to see why businesses choose Strom as their strike staffing company and crisis solution.