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Olympus Provides Hands-On Nondestructive Testing Instruction to Engineering Students
Olympus recently donated OmniScan™ flaw detection equipment to LeTourneau University to support the next generation of nondestructive testing (NDT) inspectors. Olympus phased array ultrasonic testing (PAUT) specialists Curtis Dickinson and Rob Frashefski traveled to the campus in Longview, Texas to offer students in-person instruction. The class they visited, Nondestructive Evaluation and Testing, is a senior level course that teaches engineering students the theory and practice of NDT method... Read More.
Realignment in the Polygon Segment
SCANLAB integrates polygon scanner business from Belgium Puchheim, Germany, January 17, 2022 – TecInvest Holding AG, the parent company of SCANLAB GmbH and Next Scan Technology BVBA, is realigning its organization in the polygon scanner segment. Next Scan Technology (NST) will be integrated into the Puchheim-based scan system experts at the beginning of 2022. SCANLAB's experienced sales team will handle product marketing and customer service. Operating under the name SCANLAB BV, the proven t... Read More.
Jesse Garant Metrology Center
Pine Environmental is Now Selling Electromagnetic Tube Inspection Probes
Electromagnetic tube inspection has rapidly become a routine NDE method for providing reliable and rapid condition assessments of process exchanger tubing. In conjunction with our short-term and long-term instrument rentals, Pine is expanding its inventory to provide the probes required for the general purpose and routine tube inspection. Starting at the Deer Park, TX location, Pine Environmental will stock Eddy Current (ECT), Remote Field (RFT), & Near Field (NFT) probes for the tubing commo... Read More.
Los Alamos Engineer Honored by ASNT
Sarah White’s leadership is bringing more women into this important field Los Alamos National Laboratory engineer Sarah White was recently recognized by the American Society for Nondestructive Testing (NDT) for encouraging women to enter and thrive in this specialized field. Most NDT supports industrial applications — for example, ensuring bridges are structurally sound using techniques such as X-rays. But at the Laboratory, NDT is applied to nuclear weapons. For more than 22 years, Whi... Read More.
Percepto AIM Named to TIME's List of the 100 Best Inventions of 2021
Percepto, pioneering autonomous inspection with industrial robotics, is proud to announce that it has been named one of TIME's 100 Best Inventions of 2021 in the AI category. "It is truly an honor to receive this award from TIME, a great and respected media brand for nearly a hundred years," said Percepto CEO Dor Abuhasira. "Percepto created a new paradigm for industrial facility inspection by integrating AI and autonomous robot management with advanced visual data analysis. Being on this lis... Read More.
Teledyne Dalsa CLHS Cameras Engineered for High Performance
Teledyne DALSA, a Teledyne Technologies [NYSE:TDY] company and global leader in machine vision, is pleased to announce its new Falcon4-CLHS M4480 and M4400, based on the Teledyne e2v Lince 11.2M monochrome sensors. The new Falcon4-CLHS models deliver easy-to-use, CLHS interface cameras that have been specifically engineered for industrial imaging applications requiring high-speed data transfer. These models can reach multiple thousands of frames per second in partial scan mode, and when using th... Read More.
Vizaar VuScreen
White Paper - CT Scanning for Metrology Applications
Xray technology, more specifically Computed Tomography (CT), has been adapted for use as an instrument of industrial metrology. Early adopters have quickly recognized the benefits of internal and external nondestructive testing for 3D defect detection and geometric analysis, while those considering adoption may be uncertain how to implement the technology effectively. This study was conducted to demonstrate the accuracy and precision achievable using RX Solutions®, EasyTom 150kV Xray microCT (&#... Read More.
Nondestructive Testing Drone Patent Issued to Apellix for its Innovative Opus X4 NDT System
Jacksonville, Florida...January 13, 2022 - Apellix, protecting the worlds built and industrial environments through technology, is proud to announce that has been granted its sixth full patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office UNMANNED AERIAL VEHICLE HAVING AN ELEVATED SURFACE SENSOR, US 11,235,890 for its aerial robotic systems with robotic arms and end effectors that perform physical work or tasks, during flight, while in contact with an elevated surface. Bob Dahlstrom, CEO... Read More.
Olympus IMS Ultrasonic Inspection Equipment
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1/18/2022: TX - Rope Access Technicians Needed - Turner Specialty Ser
1/18/2022: LA - Rope Access Technicians needed - Turner Specialty Ser
1/17/2022: UT - Level II MT/ PT/UTT Technicians-SLC, UT - Mistras Group, Inc.
1/17/2022: VA - Level II Radiographer - Testing Technologies
1/17/2022: TX - Level II RT Techs with State Card - MISTRAS Group
1/17/2022: TX - Fulltime RT Techs - MISTRAS Group
1/17/2022: TX - Fulltime MT/PT/UTT Tech - MISTRAS Group
1/17/2022: TX - Fulltime UTT Techs - MISTRAS Group
1/17/2022: TN - QC Inspectors for TVA Outages (nuclear power plants) - NIC Inspection Servi
1/17/2022: VA - Level II MT/UTS $55/hr & Level III MT/UT $65-75/hr - Shipyar - Applied Technical Se
1/14/2022: MN - Aircraft NDT Tech - Throughout United States - Military/A&P - Aviation Technical T
1/14/2022: TX - Houston Area MT & PT Level II Technicians Wanted - Inspection Associate
1/14/2022: OR - Fulltime - API 653/Radiographers/Level II NDT Tech - Portlan - Applied Technical Se
1/14/2022: TX - Digital Radiography (RT) Technicians Needed! New Mexico, Tex - Precision NDT
1/13/2022: WA - NDT level II / API Trainee- Tacoma, WA - Mistras Group, Inc.
1/13/2022: LA - NDE Level-II “Minimum PT, UT” - Turner Specialty Ser
1/13/2022: LA - API -510 / 570 “Minimum API-510” - Turner Specialty Ser
1/13/2022: CA - Level II RT- West Coast/Mountain Positions -5k sign on bonus - Mistras Group, Inc.
1/13/2022: GA - Level II RT Techs Wanted - Throughout United States - Applied Technical Se
1/13/2022: TX - NDE Technicians - CAN USA
1/12/2022: FL - Temporary & FT NDT Trainees/Level II Techs/CWI/PAUT - Guanta - Applied Technical Se
1/12/2022: CA - Level II UTT - $$$ Per Diem - 6+ Months - Mojave, CA - Applied Technical Se
1/12/2022: OH - NDT Level II - Component Repair Tec
1/11/2022: VA - NAS-410 Level II FPI - Chesapeake, VA - Applied Technical Se
1/11/2022: WA - Aerojet Rocketdyne REDMOND, WA seeks an experienced NDT Tech - Aerojet Rocketdyne
1/11/2022: TX - Guided Wave Technician - Acuren Inspection
1/11/2022: PA - Temporary and Full Time NDT Tech Needs - Mistras Group
1/11/2022: MA - UTSW Technician Needed - Mistras
1/11/2022: SC - Remote Visual Inspection (Trainees & Experience) - Mechanica - Applied Technical Se
1/11/2022: TX - TEAM-VIBRATION ANALYST - Team Industrial
1/11/2022: TX - TEAM-UT-SHEARWAVE TECHNICIAN - Team Industrial Serv
1/11/2022: TX - TEAM-PHASED ARRAY TECHNICIAN - Team Industrial
1/11/2022: TX - TEAM-UT-Thickness - Team Industrial
1/11/2022: TX - Team-Rope Access NDT Technician - Team Industrial
1/11/2022: VA - Experienced Level II MT/UTS $55/hr - Shipyard - Newport News - Applied Technical Se
1/10/2022: PA - Temporary UTSW OR RT with MT, PT, VT Tech Needed - Mistras Group
1/10/2022: PA - Level II RT/MT/PT/VT Technician - Mistras Group
1/10/2022: CT - MT Technicians Needed for Long-term Project - Mistras Group
1/10/2022: VA - NDT Trainees & Level II NDT Techs - Richmond, VA & Albany, N - Applied Technical Se
1/9/2022: VA - Experienced Level III MT/UT $65-75/hr - Shipyard - Newport N - Applied Technical Se
1/7/2022: TX - RADIOGRAPHER / TRAINEE - Bonded Inspections
1/7/2022: DE - Technicians Needed for a Spring TAR! - Mistras Group
1/7/2022: TX - Fulltime Advanced Services Technicians - MISTRAS Group
1/7/2022: TX - Level II UTT Techs - MISTRAS Group
1/7/2022: TX - Fulltime state carded level II RT Techs and RT Assistants - MISTRAS Group
1/6/2022: RI - MT/VT Technicians for Rhode Island Navy Assignment - National Inspection
1/6/2022: TX - RT assistants needed in Beaumont Texas - Turner Specialty Ser
1/5/2022: WA - Level II Radiographers- Kent, WA - MISTRAS Group, Inc.
1/5/2022: WA - Level II MT/PT/UTT- Kent, WA - MISTRAS Group, Inc.
1/5/2022: GA - NAS-410 Level II Tech (4 NDT Methods) - Marietta, GA - Applied Technical Se
1/5/2022: CA - RT Trainee- Kent, WA - MISTRAS Group, Inc.
1/5/2022: TX - Rope Access Level I Technician - Nederland, TX - Acuren Inspection
1/5/2022: TX - Level II Eddy Current Technician - Acuren Inspection
1/5/2022: TX - Advanced NDT PAUT/Rope Access Technician - Acuren Inspection
1/5/2022: LA - Rope Access Level II NDT Technician - Baton Rouge, LA - Acuren Inspection
1/5/2022: OR - Level II MT/PT/UT/RT - Portland, OR - International Inspec
1/5/2022: PA - RT Assistant - Monaca, PA - Acuren Inspection
1/5/2022: PA - Pipefitter (Rope Access) - Monaca, PA - Acuren Inspection
1/5/2022: PA - Electrician (Rope Access) - Monaca, PA - Acuren Inspection
1/5/2022: PA - Level III Rope Access Technician - Monaca, PA - Acuren Inspection
1/5/2022: NC - NDT Assistant - Raleigh, NC - Acuren Inspection
1/5/2022: NC - API Visual Inspector - Raleigh, NC - Acuren Inspection
1/5/2022: NC - NDT Level II Technician - Raleigh, NC - Acuren Inspection
1/5/2022: NC - CWI/NDT Technician - Raleigh, NC - Acuren Inspection
1/5/2022: NC - CR RT Pipeline Technician Level II - Raleigh, NC - Acuren Inspection
1/5/2022: FL - NDT Technician - UTT/MT/PT - Tampa, FL - Acuren Inspection
1/5/2022: FL - Condition Based Monitoring Specialist - Acuren Inspection
1/5/2022: MI - NDT Level II Technician - VT, UTT - Acuren Inspection
1/5/2022: MI - NDT Assistant - Acuren Inspection
1/5/2022: MI - NDT Level II Technician - MT, PT, UTT - Rochester, MI - Acuren Inspection
1/5/2022: OH - RT Level II Technician - Cincinnati, OH - Acuren Inspection
1/5/2022: WV - NDT Level II Technician - Nuclear Experience - Ona, WV - Acuren Inspection
1/5/2022: NC - NDT Level II Technician (Nuclear Experience) - Raleigh, NC - Acuren Inspection
1/4/2022: OR - API Inspector - EMI Integrity Servic
1/4/2022: VA - NDT Assistants & Level II NDT Techs - Richmond, VA - Applied Technical Se
1/3/2022: TX - RT assistants and NDE technicians needed - Turner Specialty Ser
12/30/2021: OH - NDT Professionals Wanted! - Professional NDE Ser
12/30/2021: FL - CR-RT (Computer Radiography to API-1104) - TEAM
12/29/2021: NC - Field Test Engineer - NDT - Charlotte, NC - Applied Technical Se
12/29/2021: NC - Trainees/Level II MT PT UT VT/API 510 or 653 - Carolinas/Cha - Applied Technical Se
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QAI Field Services Inc
Non-Destructive Testing and Visual Inspection Services. Services Offered: Ultrasonic Inspection Magnetic Particle Inspection Liquid Penetrant Inspection Visual CWI/API 510/653/570 Power Generation Services: Power Boiler Tube Inspection Hydrogen Damage Surveys Critical Piping Survey Full Turbine Inspection Pre/Post Outage Planning Full Outage Support On Site Daily Inspection Computerized Reports Amusement Park Services Annual Third Party Inspection: Train Rehab Inspection ... Read More.
U.S. Inspection & NDT, LLC
U.S. Inspection & NDT, LLC provides high-quality non-destructive testing (NDT) and inspection management services to customers across various industries. Our mission is to provide reliable, integrity-based inspection services across all NDT methods. Our leadership team is comprised of seasoned veterans who have the technological expertise that enable us to provide high-quality services to customers in: Amusement, Construction and Fabrication, Manufacturing, Power Generation, Oil & Gas, Aviati... Read More.
Draken International
Donna Coleman and Associates
Donna Coleman & Associates has been placing candidates since 1976. Types of industries served include but not limited to tier one automotive manufacturers, wind tower manufacturers, aerospace manufacturers, steel companies. Types of candidates we look for are Engineers all types, Right now I am seeking a level III UT shearwave for a Dallas company with high travel 50-75% ... Read More.
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BigBeam RRES 90061 UV Inspection Light in compliance with ASTM E3022 and RRES 90061 from Labino AB
The smooth and large beam of this portable UV inspection light makes the BigBeam a useful tool for any inspection, either on the field or on a bench. BigBeam is widely used by manufacturers of stationary MPI benches. NDT professionals worldwide recognize Bigbeam qualities, making it Labinos best-selling product for many years in a row. This lamp is based on LED technology and offers you a very narrow spectra with a peak wavelength of 365 nm. Each unit consists of 9 ultraviolet LEDs. Each LED lif... Read More.
Pocket UT Mini Scanner from Mistras Group, Inc.
The fully automated MINI Scanner is designed to inspect flat plate or pipe down to 3" in diameter. Featuring powerful magnetic wheels, the MINI Scanner is at home scanning vertically or even upside down! Inspection scanning speeds are as high as 6" per second, with an indexing/crawling speed of 2" per second, or optional servo version with 15" per second speed and 3" crawling speed. The complete kit includes the MINI Scanner, 2-axis power supply, all umbilical cabling for power and wa... Read More.
Rigel 360 degree 2-way Articulating Video Borescope from Medit Inc
The Rigel Borescope puts precise visibility is in your hand, with 2-way tip articulation and full circular rotation in this versatile narrow video borescope. The CMOS Video Camera chip (60 fps@AVGA), located in the articulating tip of the scope, provides an excellent view of the inspection area. With 4 LED lights in the camera tip, illumination of dark areas is not a concern. A simple button on the monitor adjusts the light intensity for the best lighting for the inspection, ... Read More.
Online NDT Training at from
We Guarantee Your Online Success - Or Your Money Back. Each student has a personal online Instructor, qualifying exams and authorized certificates. Access is 24/7 and you can start/stop anytime, with up to one full year to complete. Accredited ONLINE Non-Destructive Testing courses to meet: SNT, AWS, NAS- 410, CP-189, AIA, CGSB, BINDT and ISO9712 Theory-Training Standards. A one-of-a-kind, innovative learning format for the NDT initiate, inspector, practitioner, welder, or indu... Read More.
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1/15/2022: LA Louisiana United States - NDT level 1 Inspector
1/10/2022: India - NDT and Metallurgy ,MT-PCN 2, UT & PT- ASNT 2
1/7/2022: TX Texas United States - Akintoba Bright Ogundolire, NDT Technician 3530 Green Crest Dr, Houston, Texas 77082 Phone:832-720-4142 Email:
1/3/2022: TX Texas United States - Kerry Hearn Senior API 510/570/653 Inspector
1/3/2022: FL Florida United States - NDT/CWI Inspector
12/21/2021: VA Virginia United States - NDT Technician
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