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Lumafield Introduces Next-Generation CT Scanner
Lumafield emerged from stealth today, introducing a groundbreaking accessible X-ray computed tomography (CT) platform that gives any engineer the ability to look inside their products with unprecedented clarity. Every day, engineers make design and manufacturing decisions that put millions of dollars at stake. A single leaky seal, weak solder joint, or failure-prone casting can mean the difference between a successful product and a costly recall–or reputational destruction. Even as the manufa... Read More.
Mitsubishi Develops EX ROVR Explosion-Proof Plant Inspection Robot
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI), working in collaboration with ENEOS Corporation(Note1), has completed development of a second-generation "EX ROVR," a plant inspection robot with explosion-proof features(Note2), by utilizing remote maintenance technology for nuclear power plants. Realization of a practically viable model has been achieved after successful verification of the robot’s explosion-proof capability, incorporation of a manipulator, development of requisite software, and complet... Read More.
Western Instruments
Zebra Technologies Completes Acquisition of Matrox Imaging
Zebra Technologies Corporation (NASDAQ: ZBRA), an innovator at the front line of business with solutions and partners that deliver a performance edge, today announced it has completed its acquisition of Matrox Imaging (Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.), a proven developer of advanced machine vision components, software and systems. This acquisition further expands Zebra’s offerings in the fast-growing automation and vision technology solution space following the launch of its fixed industrial ... Read More.
Checkapp from Konecrane Digitizes Crane Inspection
Cranes help to transport heavy workpieces safely. However, their operation itself also requires the highest level of safety to prevent accidents, extend equipment life and optimise process quality. Konecranes now simplifies daily crane inspection with its user-friendly and powerful Checkapp. The new Checkapp from Konecranes is the smart helper in everyday life — it allows daily crane checks to be carried out and documented easily, quickly and safely. The new Checkapp from Konecranes is the s... Read More.
Applied Technical Services
MFE Inspection Solutions Canada Becomes Distributor for Thermo Scientific
Thermo Scientific’s line of Niton XRF and LIBS units will now be offered by MFE Inspection Solutions Canada. After 23 years of service, Elemental Controls is closing its doors and handing its distributorship of Thermo Scientific’s Niton XRF and LIBS analyzers to MFE Inspection Solutions Canada. As part of this transition, MFE Canada will be welcoming Puneet Kochistry, Marco Santelli, Christian Lavell, Andrew Noblett, and Mike Nicol, all formerly of Thermo Scientific, to its team. "Aft... Read More.
Industrial Microscopes Support Lithium-Ion Battery Safety for Electric Vehicles
The adoption of electric vehicles, also called EVs or battery-electric vehicles, continues to grow rapidly. While electric cars are popular for their lower emissions, higher fuel savings, and lower maintenance costs, battery safety remains a concern. Lithium-ion batteries, which are used to power EVs and many portable electronics, can overheat if they are improperly manufactured or damaged. This can cause the battery to catch fire—or even explode. To prevent these risks, various standards and... Read More.
Sensor Networks
Sensor Networks Inc. introduces WheelArray Phased-Array Transducer for Composite Material
STATE COLLEGE, PA – Sensor Networks, Inc., a leading designer and manufacturer of phased-array transducers, introduces the WheelArray, a transducer designed to inspect composite material or flat metal plate. The WheelArray is a unique ultrasonic test fixture used to increase inspection productivity of large surface areas associated with composite materials and metal plates. WheelArray is offered in five test frequencies and the wheel can be replaced or swapped out by the end-user in the field... Read More.
Inspection Challenges Solved with Pulsed Eddy Current Inspection
Pulsed Eddy Current (PEC) is well known for its ability to detect and assess corrosion in areas otherwise inaccessible without the costly stripping of protective insulation and weather jacket layers. The technology is used on an ever-increasing number of refineries and chemical plants around the world. Its versatility, good productivity, and ability to perform in-service inspections make it a technology of choice when facing challenges of real-world conditions. Similar interesting application... Read More.
Evident Ultrasonic Inspection Equipment
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7/1/2022: United States - Offshore API 510/570 Inspector - Acuren Inc.
7/1/2022: LA - Level II UT-T ISQ Technician - Team Industrial Serv
6/30/2022: TX - NDT II Multi Cert Full Time Openings - Acuren Inc.
6/30/2022: NY - RT Technician
6/30/2022: TX - Fulltime RT Assistants - Texas City, TX - MISTRAS Group
6/30/2022: TX - Fulltime Rope Access Level I & II Inspectors with 40HR Radia - MISTRAS Group
6/30/2022: GA - Business Development Manager - Remote - Throughout United St - Applied Technical Se
6/29/2022: TX - NDE Technicians - CAN USA, Inc.
6/29/2022: TX - Level II MT/PT/UTT Techs & Level II RT Techs - Fall 2022 TAR - MISTRAS Group
6/29/2022: NC - Level II or III MT/PT/UTS/PAUT Tech - Raleigh, NC - Applied Technical Se
6/28/2022: CO - Military NDI/NDT plus Entry Level and NDT Trainees Aerospace - Applied Technical Se
6/28/2022: FL - RT Level II for ASME piping projects - Applied Technical Se
6/28/2022: TN - Fulltime Level II UTT Techs - Chattanooga, TN - Applied Technical Se
6/28/2022: LA - Radiographers - Level II and Assistants - Bayou Inspection Ser
6/28/2022: TX - Business Development/Sales (oil/gas/pipeline) - NIC Inspection Servi
6/27/2022: MA - Level II's needed - Baker Testing Servic
6/27/2022: AL - Fulltime Level II RT (CR/DR) - Mobile, AL - Applied Technical Se
6/27/2022: PA - UT Immersion Technician Entry Level/ Level II - Arcadia Aerospace
6/27/2022: VA - Level III MT/VT Tech - Newport News, VA - Shipyard - Applied Technical Se
6/27/2022: FL - Level II NAS-410 Eddy Current/Ultrasonic - NIC Inspection Servi
6/24/2022: NC - NDE Assistant looking to travel - East Region - XCEL NDT LLC
6/24/2022: SC - NDE Assistant for Columbia, SC location - XCEL NDT LLC
6/24/2022: TX - State Carded RT Techs- Corpus Christi, TX- Versa Integrity G - Versa Integrity Grou
6/24/2022: TX - RT Level l - Kakivik Asset Manage
6/24/2022: OR - NDT Trainees and NDT Assistants - International Inspec
6/24/2022: FL - Resident MT/PT/UTT/RT Tech - FL Panhandle - Applied Technical Se
6/24/2022: KS - RT Assistants Needed - Relocate to McPherson KS - XCEL NDT LLC
6/24/2022: CO - API Inspectors Greeley CO - APPLY NOW - XCEL NDT LLC
6/24/2022: KY - API 510/570/653 NESTED SITE - Team Industrial Serv
6/24/2022: CA - NAS-410: Level II UTT - Composite Exp - CA & NM - Applied Technical Se
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Arcadia Aerospace
Arcadia Aerospace Industries (AAI) is a multi-faceted aerospace company serving the Nadcap Special Process needs of aerospace component manufacturers and suppliers around the world. AAI’s leading aerospace composite inspection technology team utilizes proprietary technology and extensive aerospace expertise to provide aerospace and industry leaders with cost-effective, time-efficient and superb-quality solutions to advanced metal and composite material challenges in inspection, e... Read More.
Chicago Magnesium Casting Co
Chicago Magnesium is specialized in 0-65 pound castings that have between 0 and 80 internal cores. Many casting produced by Chicago Magnesium have thin walls and require complex internal coring to satisfy design applications. Chicago Magnesium produces castings for helicopters, jet fighters, jumbo transports and regional jets, satisfying many diverse applications both military and commercial. With NADCAP (National Association for Defense Contractors Accreditation Program) accreditation of sp... Read More.
International Inspection LLC
NonDestructive Testing company with 5 offices located in Seattle, Portland, Oakland, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Houston providing RT (X-Ray & Gamma), UTT, UTSW, MT, PT, VT, GPR, PMI, HT, and LT to Fabrication, Marine, and Construction industries. Our technicians work both local and international jobs in the Marine industry. Seeking entry level and experienced Level II technicians in RT, UT, MT, PT seeking a career in NDT. ... Read More.
Inspection Associates
Inspection Associates’ experience and expertise in Inspection and Non-Destructive Testing methods, development, and applications, dates back more than 30 years. Today the company has widened its focus and provides proven, yet pioneering services to customers. With quality as the only product we sell, we assure you that all our services are provided by experienced professionals no matter now big or small, or where your project is, you can be assured our Core Values are there with us. Inspecti... Read More.
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EchoTherm Extremeâ„¢ from Echo Ultrasonics LLC
EchoTherm Extreme is a high temperature couplant with the highest and broadest operating range available. EchoTherm Extreme is a thick paste couplant with a very broad operating range of -40°F/C to 1250°F (676°C) and an auto-ignition temperature above 1300°F (704°C). EchoTherm Extreme offers stable transmission, less smoke, easier clean-up and no polymer residue to interfere with subsequent testing. EchoTherm Extreme is ideal for hot calibration standards as no residue remains on the standar... Read More.
Prodigy 8 Scanner from TesTex Inc.
The Prodigy 8C is an innovative OD scanning system that permits testing of in-service tubes and pipes for almost any boiler. It is a one-man, multi channel, NDT system that detects and quantifies ID, OD and internal material defects in ferrous materials. The system uses a dry, non-contact method and is based on our Low Frequency Electromagnetic Technique (LFET).... Read More.
Falcon Scanners from TesTex Inc.
The TesTex Falcon Mark II LFET Above Ground Storage Tank Floor Scanning System uses the Low Frequency Electromagnetic Technique (LFET) to quickly and accurately inspect ferrous, above-ground storage tank floors. The Falcon Mark II has many accessory packages available based on your inspection needs. In addition, Falcons complement other products like our Hawkeye system, which inspects welds, to provide comprehensive tank inspection solutions and UT or LFET crawlers for tank wall and roof insp... Read More.
Dye Penetrant and Mag Particle Fluids from Met-L-Chek
Met-L-Chek Company has been a leader in penetrant-inspection technology for over 60 years, manufacturing NDT materials, contributing to specification development, and sharing technical insights through it’s popular Penetrant Professor newsletter. Met-L-Chek was incorporated in 1952 by the late Loy W. Sockman, holder of the first USA visible dye penetrant patent. Loy Sockman helped develop the first version of MIL-I-25135. What We Do - Manufacture visible and fluorescent penetrants... Read More.
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6/27/2022: South Africa - MT & PT L2 Technician
6/17/2022: Malaysia - NDT
6/16/2022: LA Louisiana United States - LVL II Rope Access NDE Resume
6/3/2022: India - Apply for ndt technician 3.1 3.2 3.8 3.9 pcn level 2
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