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Stainless Steel Pipe Supplier
As one of leading stainless steel pipe suppliers fittings flanges supplier manufacturers in china,304 304l stainless steel pipe,316l stainless steel pipe,310s stainless steel tubing,904l stainless steel pipe,duplex stainless steel pipe with amazing price... Read More.
When PoD Matters – Microbially Induced Corrosion
Quality assurance during manufacturing is being extended to online inspection and integrity management for aging plants given the increased awareness of the consequences of in-service damage mechanisms. Microbially Induced Corrosion, or MIC, is a common problem in carbon steel pipelines, often causing isolated corrosion pitting due to biological growth. The main risk of MIC is its ability to eat through a pipe or tube wall in a matter of weeks, particularly if equipment is left with stagnant, un... Read More.
Vitrek Digitizers
25th Annual International Aboveground Storage Tank Conference & Trade Show
Cygnus Instruments will be exhibiting at the 25th Annual International Aboveground Storage Tank Conference & Trade Show in the Orlando, USA. If you are attending this event, why not pop over to the Cygnus Instruments booth or if you'd prefer, you can pre-arrange a chat with a member of the Cygnus team by clicking on the link below: <a href="" target="_blank"></a> NISTM’s 25th Annual International Aboveground Storage Tank C... Read More.
The Aerial Advantage: New Confined Space Inspection Drone is Available at
Drones or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have entered many industries recently. It is not an exaggeration to say that drones have revolutionized certain areas of our life. The industrial inspection business was not left behind, and the enhanced model of the Skycopter Cobra inspection drone is tangible proof of this. The Skycopter inspection drone consists of a quadcopter encircled by an ultra-light yet durable protective cage and equipped with a camera, an intuitive remote control, first-per... Read More.
Vitrek Digitizers
Heat Exchanger Defect Detection Near Support Plates Enhanced by New RFA Technology
Critical defect detection and characterization during petrochemical plant shutdowns is non-negotiable. Remote-field testing (RFT) technology is a standard method for inspecting carbon steel heat exchanger tubing, but the technology has its limits. Critical defects like pitting, corrosion, and baffle wear can be hidden underneath or near support plates and are nearly impossible to distinguish from the support plate signal itself using RFT technology. Even a single petrochemical heat exchanger can... Read More.
New Cygnus Service Centre & Sales Representative Company in USA
Cygnus is extremely pleased to be collaborating closely with High Tech Supplies, Inc. for both product sales and service in the USA. High Tech has been an NDT manufacturer, training school and distributor for USA and Latin America for 30 years. The team at High Tech come from a background of NDT inspection across all disciplines. Their empathetic knowledge of what NDT technicians and engineers truly need underpins the quality their own manufactured products and their sales and service of NDT ... Read More.
Sensor Networks
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3/20/2023: OR - NDT Technician III - Columbia Helicopters
3/20/2023: CA - Sales Manager
3/20/2023: WA - RT Level II with IRRSP - Seattle - International Inspec
3/18/2023: CT - Civil Engineer
3/17/2023: GA - NAS-410 Level III Tech - Marietta, GA - Applied Technical Se
3/16/2023: RI - MANAGER NDE - OST Services
3/15/2023: NM - ASNT Level III - Precision NDT LLC
3/15/2023: MO - API 510,570,653 Inspector - Acuren Inspection
3/15/2023: GA - NDT Assistants/Trainees & NDT Level II Techs - Savannah, GA - Applied Technical Se
3/15/2023: GA - API 510/570 Inspector - Augusta, GA - Acuren Inspection
3/15/2023: GA - Phased Array Technician - Augusta, GA - Acuren Inspection
3/15/2023: GA - RT Level II Technician - Augusta, GA - Acuren Inspection
3/14/2023: GA - Experienced NDT Techs - Workforce Division - Throughout Unit - Applied Technical Se
3/14/2023: TX - Timekeeper - 1 Month TAR in April 2023 - El Paso, TX - MISTRAS Group
3/14/2023: ME - Project Manager I - Applus Velosi
3/14/2023: CT - Civil Engineer - Applus Velosi
3/13/2023: TX - Level II MT/PT/UTT Techs - 1 month TAR in April 2023 - El Pa - MISTRAS Group
3/13/2023: TX - Safety Supervisor - 1-Month TAR starting 3/31/23 - El Paso, - MISTRAS Group
3/12/2023: United States - Project Manager I
3/10/2023: AL - NAS-410 Level II UT Tech (1) & CWI Inspector (1) - Huntsvill - Applied Technical Se
3/9/2023: CA - Sr. Pipeline Integrity Technician - Coast to Coast Inspe
3/9/2023: CA - Pipeline Integrity Technician - Coast to Coast Inspe
3/9/2023: WA - API 510,570,653 Inspector - Acuren Inspection
3/9/2023: AL - Level II ET/UT Techs needed for Long Term in AL - National Inspection
3/9/2023: IL - Level II MT/PT/UTT Techs - 1 month TAR in April 2023 - Robin - MISTRAS Group
3/9/2023: TX - API 510/570 Inspectors - 1-Month TAR in April 2023 - El Paso - MISTRAS Group
3/9/2023: UT - Level II RT MT PT IRRSP - Acuren Inspection
3/9/2023: TX - Level II MT/PT/UTT Techs - 1 month TAR in April 2023 - El Pa - MISTRAS Group
3/9/2023: IN - API 510,570,653 - Acuren Inspection
3/9/2023: United States - NDT Assistant Tech
3/8/2023: VA - Fulltime NDT Techs Wanted - Chesapeake, VA - Applied Technical Se
3/8/2023: OH - CWI - Acuren Inspection
3/8/2023: CA - Level II RT MT PT Nested role - Acuren Inspection
3/8/2023: WI - API 510,570,653 Inspector - Acuren Inspection
3/7/2023: FL - Full Time Level II NDT Technician - Florida - National Inspection
3/7/2023: AL - NDT Level II UT/MT/PT and Assistants - Montgomery, AL - Applied Technical Se
3/7/2023: AL - Level II UT-SW with MT &/or VT for contract position in ALAB - Applied Technical Se
3/6/2023: TX - Safety Supervisor - 1-Month TAR starting 3/31/23 - El Paso, - MISTRAS Group
3/6/2023: TX - Level II MT/PT/UTT Techs - 1 month TAR in April 2023 - El Pa - MISTRAS Group
3/6/2023: SC - NAS-410 Level III MT/PT/UT/VT/RT (CR/DR/Film) Tech - Greenvi - Applied Technical Se
3/3/2023: United States - GUL Technician
3/3/2023: AL - NDT Level II UT/ET Technicians - MOBILE AL - National Inspection
3/3/2023: CT - NDT Level II RT's - Long Term - CT - National Inspection
3/3/2023: TX - Industrial Radiographers and assistants needed - Turner Specialty Ser
3/3/2023: TX - Industrial Radiographers needed - Turner Specialty Ser
3/3/2023: VA - Entry Level MT/VT Techs: Newport News, VA - Shipyard - Applied Technical Se
3/2/2023: OH - Level II UT Immersion - Acuren Inspection
3/2/2023: GA - API Visual Inspector - 510/570/653 - Savannah, GA - Acuren Inspection
3/2/2023: KY - API Visual Inspector - 570/570/653 - Louisville, KY - Acuren Inspection
3/2/2023: CT - RT Level II Film Readers - Castings NAS410 - 6 month Contrac - Applied Technical Se
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KTA-Tator, Inc.
VISIT WWW.KTA.JOBS TO APPLY! KTA-Tator, Inc. (KTA) is a 100% employee-owned consulting engineering firm internationally recognized as a leading expert in providing inspection services. KTA is a major player in steel, NDE, and concrete fabrication inspection, and is the largest provider of 3rd party coating inspection services in the country. KTA also provides professional services including coatings failure investigations and laboratory analysis, among a broader array of integrated service of... Read More.
PMQ Services
PMQS offers complete professional technical staff augmentation services to power generating, industrial and government facilities worldwide. The following services are delivered on an individual basis or bundled to offer fully-integrated, turnkey solutions. International Power Services Professional & technical staff augmentation Project management International Staffing Solutions Professional & Technical Staffing Managed Staffing Solutions Payrolling & Seconded Services Recruitment Pr... Read More.
Unitek Technical Services, Inc.
NTS Unitek has grown beyond its initial area of source inspection expertise over the course of many decades, and today we are a globally focused solutions provider with a continually growing menu of technical services. NTS Unitek offers an ever expanding range of global supplier quality, supply chain management and technical support services. Clients never have to question the value we bring to their business as all our services are scalable, designed to expand and contract based on the comple... Read More.
ND Testing, Inc.
ND Testing provides certified NDT inspectors that are trained, experienced, and documented in their respective fields. We have a culture of improving our abilities and processes to provide you with fast turnaround and competitive pricing. At NDT, we’re committed to helping you meet project deadlines. We provide the results you need in a day or two, not a week or two. Because we care about our customers, the NDT team is committed to meeting or exceeding our client's expectations, requiremen... Read More.
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Portable high-resolution Computed Radiography scanner for a wide range of radiographic inspection applications - e.g. weld testing, profile images and aerospace.... Read More.
PWC34910 Inspection Kit from USA Borescope
Complete PT-6 Inspection kit. Includes a 4mm Portable Videoscope, your choice of guide tube (200, 400 or 600 series and rigid sleeve with gripper all compactly stored in a heavy duty storage case.... Read More.
Kingfisher Rigid Videoscope from Medit Inc
The Kingfisher rigid video borescopes will fit perfectly for any direct inspections including gun barrels, small diameter pipes, castings etc. These units can be constructed using any of our rigid borescopes including 2.7mm, 4mm, or 6mm diameters, and lengths from 50mm to 430mm. All of these scopes feature glass rod lenses, a complimentary LED light handle for illumination, and an optional angle of view of 0, 30, 70, 90, or in some sizes 110 degrees. The ¼" video camera chip, prov... Read More.
ImagePro TV Camera from Medit Inc
Medit's MTV Video endoscopy camera unit features a 1/4" Color CCD video camera chip, which provides a resolution of 760*490 and over 470 TV lines, and an analog output (RCA) to connect the camera unit directly to your TV monitor or USB capture box. This camera also features a 28mm focus universal eyepiece coupler to connect to all sorts of rigid endoscopes, fiberscopes and borescopes. Power for this unit is provided by a 12 volt power adapter.... Read More.
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2/25/2023: WA Washington United States - NDT Level III / CWI
2/21/2023: AL Alabama United States - NDT Level II UT(Immersion, PAUT, Contact)
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