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Baker Hughes Acquires Quest Integrity
Baker Hughes has announced an agreement to acquire Quest Integrity, a subsidiary of Team, Inc and a global leader in the development and delivery of technology-enabled asset inspection and reliability management solutions across the pipeline, refining, petrochemical and power generation sectors. This complements Baker Hughes’ existing asset integrity offerings and will support customers with the delivery of actionable insights on a broader range of industrial infrastructure. Baker Hughes’ ass... Read More.
Evident Wind Blade Inspection System Automates Ultrasonic Testing
Evident (Tokyo, Japan), a wholly owned subsidiary of Olympus comprising its former Scientific Solutions Division as of April 2022, developed its Wind Blade Inspection System (WBIS) using Industry 4.0 technologies to automate and digitize the time-consuming, labor-intensive process of manual nondestructive testing (NDT) for large components like composite wind blades. The concept for the technology originated as a development led by Vestas (Aarhus, Denmark) with partners Evident, Eckhart Autom... Read More.
Vitrek Digitizers
Finding the Right Coordinates
Shop floor metrology equipment is getting faster, smarter, and more automated. Is it time for an upgrade? Initially, this article was going to explain how machine shops and moldmakers could sell all of their handheld measuring tools and gages and replace them with shop-hardened coordinate measuring machines (CMMs). Gone would be the time and expense of managing hundreds of micrometers, dial indicators, bore gages, and other metrology gear found in a typical shop’s inspection lab, all of it ma... Read More.
Nordson Corporation Announces Agreement to Acquire CyberOptics Corporation
Nordson Corporation (Nasdaq: NDSN) has signed a definitive agreement for the acquisition of CyberOptics Corporation (Nasdaq: CYBE), a leading global developer and manufacturer of high-precision 3D optical sensing technology solutions. The acquisition enhances Nordson’s test and inspection platform, providing differentiated technology that expands Nordson’s product offering in the semiconductor and electronics industries. The all-cash transaction is valued at $54.00 a share, or approximately $... Read More.
Automation With Remarkable Robotics
Oil & gas and chemical operations are complex and safety is paramount. Plant operators are required to pay special attention to the infrastructure where flammable and potentially explosive matters are processed. Ensuring availability and safety in these operationally intricate facilities requires frequent inspections and detailed monitoring. Often, these inspections must be performed in or close to potentially hazardous environments, and therefore all on-site equipment must be Ex-certi&#64... Read More.
Xiris Appoints Polytec GmbH as Distributor
Xiris Automation Inc. is pleased to announce that Polytec GmbH of Waldbronn, Germany has been appointed an official distributor of Xiris Weld Inspection Systems for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. As experts in industrial measurement technology solutions, Polytec will be able to provide consulting, demos, sales, and service for the turnkey weld inspection systems that serve the tube and pipe industry. In entering this relationship with Polytec, Cameron Serles, President of Xiris Automation co... Read More.
Sensor Networks
Leave Pipeline Abandonment to ProFoam
ProFoam is a family run operation that has well over 300,000 manhours completed on thousands of miles of pipeline projects. This includes providing pipe pads that cushion pipelines to prevent coating damage; the ProFoam motto is, "You lay it, we spray it!" Foam breakers are another innovative solution we offer to assist with pipeline erosion control; they are ideal for blocking subsoil from entering into wetlands and water resources. Finally, we offer void filling thanks to a proprietary foam an... Read More.
Capture™ Software Extends to Panther™ for Unparalleled Performance
Launched in 2015 with the first version of the Gekko®, Capture™ has grown over the years to become a premier acquisition and analysis software for all ultrasonic techniques: conventional ultrasonic testing (UT), phased array ultrasonic testing (PAUT), time-of-flight diffraction (TOFD), total focusing method (TFM), and adaptive TFM procedures (ATFM). In 2018, compatibility was extended to the Mantis™, a smaller and lighter PAUT flaw detector providing advanced features on an entry-level PAUT unit... Read More.
Evident Ultrasonic Inspection Equipment
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11/28/2022: GA - Aviation NDT Department Manager - Atlanta/Marietta, GA - Applied Technical Se
11/28/2022: RI - UT Shear-Wave - Long Term Opportunities - NIC Inspection & Con
11/23/2022: VA - Level II UTS/MT/VT Tech - Shipyard/NAVSEA - Newport News, VA - Applied Technical Se
11/22/2022: GA - NDT Department Manager - Throughout United States - Applied Technical Se
11/21/2022: WA - NDT Trainee - Maritime/Shipyards/Ship Inspector - World Trav - Applied Technical Se
11/21/2022: AL - NDT Techs and Trainees/Assistants Birmingham - Applied Technical Se
11/21/2022: AL - Level II UTS/MT/VT Techs - 6+ Months - Alabama/Georgia - Applied Technical Se
11/21/2022: OR - API 653/Radiographers/Level II NDT Techs - Portland, OR - Applied Technical Se
11/21/2022: CT - Level II ET/UT (NAS-410) Long Term Opportunities - NIC Inspection & Con
11/19/2022: CA - Mechanical Inspector - Applus Velosi
11/19/2022: CA - GUL Technician - Applus RTD
11/19/2022: CA - RT Technician - Applus RTD
11/19/2022: WA - CWI Mechanical Insp - Applus RTD
11/19/2022: WA - NDT Assistant Tech - Applus RTD
11/19/2022: WA - NDT RT Technician - Applus RTD
11/19/2022: WA - Rope Access Tech II - Applus RTD
11/19/2022: WA - Rope Access Tech III - Applus RTD
11/19/2022: WA - Advanced UT Tech - Applus RTD
11/19/2022: WA - NDT Assistant Tech - Applus RTD
11/19/2022: WA - NDT Technician - Applus RTD
11/19/2022: ME - ELECTRICAL ENG HYBRI - Applus Velosi
11/19/2022: WA - Rope Access Tech I - Applus RTD
11/18/2022: FL - Level II NDT Inspector Aerex Industries – Fort Pierce, Flori - Aerex Industries, In
11/16/2022: TX - Level II Pipeline Radiographers (West Texas) - NIC Inspection Servi
11/16/2022: CA - NAS-410: Level II UTT/ET - Per Diem - Composite Experience - - Applied Technical Se
11/15/2022: TN - CWI or UT Level II - World Testing Labs,
11/15/2022: TN - PHASED ARRAY INSPECTOR with CWI - World Testing Labs,
11/15/2022: FL - Resident MT/PT/UTT/RT Tech - Panama City, FL - Applied Technical Se
11/14/2022: LA - NVI hiring Assistant NDE Technician - NVI Nondestructive &
11/14/2022: LA - NVI hiring Level II Computed Radiographer - NVI Nondestructive &
11/14/2022: United States - NDT Level II ET/UT/MT/PT (NAS-410) - NIC Inspection and C
11/14/2022: GA - Level II RT & PAUT Techs Wanted - Augusta, GA - Applied Technical Se
11/11/2022: UT - Level II NDT Technician- Salt Lake City, UT - Mistras Group, Inc
11/11/2022: UT - RT Assistant Technician- SLC, UT - Mistras Group, Inc
11/11/2022: MN - PLI Technician - Acuren Inspection
11/11/2022: TX - EC/RFT Level II & IIA *Multiple Openings* - Conco Services LLC
11/10/2022: OK - API (510/570/653) - Team Industrial Serv
11/10/2022: MI - Level 2 UT/PAUT/TOFD - Ventower Industries
11/10/2022: TX - Level II RT CR / DR Technician - Acuren Inspection
11/10/2022: LA - Level II Technician - Acuren Inspection
11/10/2022: TX - Level II Technician - Acuren Inspection
11/10/2022: TX - Level II RT IRRSP - Acuren Inspection
11/10/2022: OK - API 936 Refractory Inspector - Team Industrial Serv
11/10/2022: IN - PAUT permanent work - ATS Indy - Level II and Entry Level al - Applied Technical Se
11/10/2022: VA - Entry Level MT/VT Techs: Newport News, VA - Shipyard - Applied Technical Se
11/9/2022: TX - Level II RT Techs w/state card - 6-8 week TAR in Jan. 2023 i - MISTRAS Group
11/9/2022: TX - Level II MT/PT/UTT Techs - 6-8 week TAR in Jan. 2023 in Texa - MISTRAS Group
11/9/2022: TX - RT Assistants - 6 week TAR in Jan. 2023 in Baytown, TX - MISTRAS Group
11/9/2022: TX - LeveI II RT Techs w/state card - 6 week TAR in Jan. 2023 in - MISTRAS Group
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USA Borescopes
USA Borescopes has been providing quality borescopes for years. We offer a wide range of borescope products from .5mm diameter micro fiberscopes up to large pipe inspection systems. Our videoscopes systems are designed to meet the demands of industrial and aviation applications. They offer portable imaging solutions with the needed features of image capture, video recording and ease of operation. The videoscpes provide bright images through high resolution LCD monitor and the insertion probes... Read More.
Innovation Polymers
Innovation Polymers focuses on highly effective sound transfer through the development of acoustic-capable polymers. The product range we offer is truly targeted at ultrasonic coupling, but we are always interested in unique applications where more than just getting sound into material is the goal. Let us collaborate on your application needs. Barrier layers or novel shapes sandwiched between layers of varied materials with specific properties could provide your team with ... Read More.
Applus RTD
Applus RTD is a leading global energy service provider, delivering technical assurance through non-destructive testing, inspection, and certification to the capital-intensive, high-risk energy, utility and infrastructure industries in every region of the world. Delivering the highest quality service through highly qualified specialist staff and using the latest techniques and technology, Applus+ RTD focuses on exceeding customer expectations while meeting their needs. At the heart... Read More.
TEAM Industrial Services
Founded in 1973, Team is a leading industrial services company offering an array of specialized services related to the construction, maintenance, and monitoring of pressurized piping and associated systems. We serve customers in the refining, petrochemical, power, pipeline, and other heavy industrial industries with a level of service that goes above and beyond. With more than 130 U.S. and international locations, we are rapidly growing our global footprint across a wide range of ... Read More.
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EPOCH 6LT from Olympus Scientific Solutions
The EPOCH 6LT portable ultrasonic flaw detector is optimized for one-handed operation and delivers excellent performance in rope access and high-portability applications. Lightweight with an ergonomic design, the instrument fits securely in a user’s hand or can be strapped to their leg with the optional rope access accessory kit. Portable and easy to use, the EPOCH 6LT flaw detector is an ergonomic, rugged instrument that delivers user comfort and more uptime. The EPOCH 6LT flaw detector’s wo... Read More.
BigBeam RRES 90061 UV Inspection Light in compliance with ASTM E3022 and RRES 90061 from Labino AB
The smooth and large beam of this portable UV inspection light makes the BigBeam a useful tool for any inspection, either on the field or on a bench. BigBeam is widely used by manufacturers of stationary MPI benches. NDT professionals worldwide recognize Bigbeam qualities, making it Labinos best-selling product for many years in a row. This lamp is based on LED technology and offers you a very narrow spectra with a peak wavelength of 365 nm. Each unit consists of 9 ultraviolet LEDs. Each LED lif... Read More.
Portable UV Inspection Light for NDT from Maxxeon Inc.
The rugged MAXXEON WorkStar® 2003 NDT 365 nm UV Inspection Light is designed for daily NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) of metal parts and castings by technicians in a demanding inspection, manufacturing, industrial and maintenance environments. Weighing only 1 pound, the cordless, rechargeable light is very compact and is the ultimate portable UV inspection light. It uses the very latest high power UV LED technology to generate a bigger brighter beam, making your inspection job fast... Read More.
ShapeGrabber Ai810 from ShapeGrabber
At ShapeGrabber, measuring complex shapes is our specialty. We design, manufacture and sell industrial 3D laser scanner products that are ideal for measuring complex shapes such as injection molded plastics and castings that are otherwise too time consuming, costly, or difficult to measure. ShapeGrabber’s state-of-the-art inspection solutions are the next generation in optical 3D measurement systems. Considered to be one of the industrial pioneers in the field, ShapeGrabber has been... Read More.
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11/29/2022: WY Wyoming United States - API 510/570 NDT LII Consultant
11/28/2022: India - WELDING / NACE / NDT Inspector {Lead Auditor}
11/12/2022: CA California United States - NDT/QA inspector looking for work
11/1/2022: OH Ohio United States - Elese Martin-Pollard
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