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Defects Are Doomed, Cost Efficient Riser Inspection, Beyond the Curve with Iris
<b>This week with Eddyfi:</b> Defects Are Doomed: How UltraVision® Software Improves Inspections. <br/> Offshore Riser Corrosion Monitoring Made More Cost and Time Efficient. <br/> Inspecting beyond the curve with IRIS. <b>Defects Are Doomed: How UltraVision® Software Improves Inspections.</b> Whether you are a seasoned professional or new to the world of stalking defects with Ultrasonic Testing (UT), UltraVision® software is here to revolutionize your inspection processes and take ... Read More. Extends Capabilities of TROGLOTREK Pipe Inspection Robot with Motorized Camera Riser, alongside British manufacturing partner Troglotech, is excited to reveal a motorized camera riser add-on as the newest upgrade to the TROGLOTREK battery-operated portable inspection robot. Already a leader in the industry for being highly versatile with its modular design and ability to inspect pipes as small as 4", this new feature allows the TROGLOTREK to tackle lines up to 80" in diameter. The TROGLOTREK Sewer Crawler is well known for its total portability, user-friendly d... Read More.
Western Instruments
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9/25/2023: CA - Traveling PdM Field Consultant (Level I Vibration) - Norther - Applied Technical Se
9/24/2023: RI - Level II Radiographer for FILM INTERPRETATION - National Inspection
9/22/2023: United States -  LVL I or LVL II X-Ray Technician – NAVSEA 271 (High & low V - MISTRAS Group
9/22/2023: SC - Advanced Level II UTS and/or PAUT Tech - Greenville, SC - Applied Technical Se
9/22/2023: TX - Fulltime Logistics Manager - La Porte, TX - MISTRAS Group
9/22/2023: TX - Temporary API 510/570 Inspectors - Baytown, TX - MISTRAS Group
9/22/2023: NC - Level I Technician - JanX
9/22/2023: NC - Trainee - JanX
9/21/2023: OR - $5K Sign-On Bonus! RT/CR Level II - PCC Structurals
9/21/2023: CT - Level II RT FILM INTERPRETERS - 6+ months - Northeast - National Inspection
9/21/2023: TX - Fulltime RT/MT/PT/UTT Tech w/state card - Houston, TX - MISTRAS Group
9/21/2023: TX - Fulltime Unit Inspector w/API 510/570 - Fulltime - Houston, - MISTRAS Group
9/21/2023: AL - Level II RT IRRSP MT PT - Acuren Inspection
9/21/2023: AL - 2 Level II UT Shearwave Technicians - Acuren Inspection
9/20/2023: TX - Temporary Level II RT Techs w/state card – 6-week TAR in Jan - MISTRAS Group
9/20/2023: TX - Temporary Level II MT/PT/UTT Techs – 6-week TAR in Jan. 2024 - MISTRAS Group
9/20/2023: TN - Temporary API 510/570 Inspectors - Memphis, TN & Petrolia, P - MISTRAS Group
9/19/2023: TX - Level III MT/PT/UT - Hybrid Position - United States - Applied Technical Se
9/19/2023: FL - UT/ET Data Review - Remote (work from home) - National Inspection
9/18/2023: GA - Level 2 RT (CR) with MT/PT for PERMANENT job - Marietta, GA - Applied Technical Se
9/18/2023: TX - UT Thickness - 6 months in TX - National Inspection
9/18/2023: SC - NDI Quality Manager - South Carolina - Applied Technical Se
9/18/2023: GA - NDI Quality Manager - Anywhere in Southeastern US - Applied Technical Se
9/18/2023: TX - Radiation Safety Officer Houston Texas area - Turner Specialty Ser
9/15/2023: WI - Level II RT IRRSP MT PT - Acuren Inspection
9/15/2023: NY - Resident Level II MT/PT/UTS Tech - Selkirk/Albany, NY - Applied Technical Se
9/14/2023: TX - Level II Tube Inspector (ECT, RFT, IRIS, etc.) - CAN USA
9/14/2023: GA - Level II NDT Technicians – Savannah, GA - Applied Technical Se
9/13/2023: TX - Temporary RT Assistant - Call-out work - La Porte, TX - MISTRAS Group
9/13/2023: TX - Fulltime RT/MT/PT/UTT Tech w/state card - Houston, TX - MISTRAS Group
9/13/2023: CA - Temporary API 510 Inspectors - Various locations - MISTRAS Group
9/13/2023: FL - Resident Level II MT/PT/UT/RT/CR Tech - Panama City, FL - Applied Technical Se
9/12/2023: OR - (NAS-410) Computed Radiographers - National Inspection
9/12/2023: GA - Experienced NDT Techs - Workforce Division - Throughout Unit - Applied Technical Se
9/9/2023: CA - NDT Assistant Tech - Aegeus
9/9/2023: WA - QA/QC Technician - Aegeus
9/8/2023: KY - NDT Level III Technician - United Dynamics 'AT'
9/7/2023: OR - NDT Technician - Level III - Columbia Helicopters
9/5/2023: LA - 💥💥 CALLING ALL LEVEL II MT/PT/UTT TECHNICIAN - Team Industrial Serv
9/5/2023: WA - Level II RT Tech - Applus RTD
9/5/2023: WA - RT Level II per NAS-410 for 3-4 month + contract - Seattle, - Applied Technical Se
9/5/2023: CA - Temporary API 510/570 Inspectors - Wilmington, CA - MISTRAS Group
9/5/2023: CA - Temporary API 510/570 Inspectors - Torrence, CA - MISTRAS Group
9/1/2023: WI - CWI Structural Steel Inspector - Level II UT/MT & NDT - Fickett Structural S
9/1/2023: LA - Radiographers - Level II and Assistants - Bayou Inspection Ser
9/1/2023: ME - NDT Ops Supervisor - Aegeus
9/1/2023: WA - Level II RT Tech - Aegeus
9/1/2023: NY - NDT RT Technician - Aegeus
9/1/2023: TX - RT LEVEL II / or RADIOGRAPHER NEEDED IMMEDIATELY! - Bonded Inspections
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Western Instruments Inc
Western was incorporated in late 1965, and currently operates from its 19 Acre facility in Villeneuve (Edmonton), Alberta, Canada. The company occupies a 10,000 Sq. Ft. building, which includes 2000 Sq. Ft. of Offices, with separate areas for; Machine Tools; Electronics Lab; Stock Rooms; Assembly Areas; and a Welding/Fabrication Area. The company has four areas of operations; W-Series of Portable Magnetic Particle Inspection Equipment; Pit Gauges; Ultrasonic Testing Systems; and an Oilfield Equi... Read More.
American Institute of Nondestructive testing
Online and Hands-on Baxter NDT and CWI Training, MN, USA Why choose the American Institute of Non-Destructive Testing? We offer a comprehensive CWI Exam Prep Course to help You be completely prepared for the AWS CWI Exam. Online Training – Our interactive online Learning Management System is second to none. Complete reading assignments, view PowerPoint presentations, interact with our flashcard review, watch instructor video lectures, complete graded quizzes, and write essays. O... Read More.
Artic Pipe Inspection/ NDT Level 2 QC Lead
About Company API (Artic Pipe Inspection) is a premier full-service non-destructive testing company offering services to oil & gas companies and pipe mills/distributors. We are known for our safety culture and our dedication to each other and our clients. API is headquartered in Houston, TX and is a wholly owned operating company of ASRC Industrial (AIS). AIS is a wholly owned operating company of Arctic Slope Regional Corporation (ASRC), an Alaska Native Corporation (ANC). Through ASRC, we... Read More.
Jesse Garant Metrology Center
Jesse Garant Metrology Center is a specialized part inspection company focused on providing Industrial CT Scanning & X-Ray Services. ... Read More.
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RT1 Software from PACSESS Ltd.
RT1 is the newest development of PACSESS. It was never easier and more reliable to handle x-ray images from film digitizers, CR- or DR-systems. With its modular approach images can be acquired easily directly from integrated hardware and x-ray images can be imported directly into RT1. With its reliable and accurate measurement tools all needed applications can be done with high accuracy. Annotations can be integrated directly into the correspondent inspection reports and all other relevant doc... Read More.
38DL PLUS® Ultrasonic Thickness Gage from Olympus IMS
Ideally suited for most ultrasonic thickness applications, the 38DL PLUS® thickness gage is fully compatible with our full line of dual and single element transducers. Designed for versatility, the 38DL PLUS thickness gage can be used to measure wall thinning in internally corroded pipes with dual element transducers or make precise thickness measurements of thick or multilayer materials with single element transducers. The 38DL PLUS thickness gage has a variety of powerful and easy-to-use fe... Read More.
Prodigy 8 Scanner from TesTex Inc.
The Prodigy 8C is an innovative OD scanning system that permits testing of in-service tubes and pipes for almost any boiler. It is a one-man, multi channel, NDT system that detects and quantifies ID, OD and internal material defects in ferrous materials. The system uses a dry, non-contact method and is based on our Low Frequency Electromagnetic Technique (LFET).... Read More.
AutoMATE II from Rigaku Corporation
Residual stress may be created during the manufacturing process of a material, or it may accumulate in a structure over many years in operation. In either case, this stress can have a serious negative effect on a product's quality, durability and lifetime. Accurate detection of residual stress is an important element of the quality control process and helps predict the service lifetime of products. In the past, if you wanted to make highly accurate residual stress measurements, you ... Read More.
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9/20/2023: India - NDT Manager
9/15/2023: AL Alabama Pakistan - tahir
9/10/2023: FL Florida United States - NDT Level II
9/6/2023: Belarus - NDL Level III, Inspector QC, QA
8/26/2023: AL Alabama United States - Multi Cert NDT Tech.
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