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Polymer Manfacturer REHAU Deploys Fujitsu AI Tool to Automate Quality Checks
Fujitsu today announced details of successful field trials for a new AI-based quality inspection solution for REHAU Industries SE & Co. KG. which will play an important role in optimizing quality control for REHAU in the future with features like defect detection for its production processes for key products. As part of the internationally operating REHAU Group, REHAU Industries SE & Co. KG, based in Rehau in Upper Franconia, Germany, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of polymer-bas... Read More.
Detection Technology Announces Global Availability of TFT Flat Panel Detectors
Detection Technology, a global leader in X-ray detector solutions, announces the global availability of a comprehensive range of TFT (thin-film transistor) flat panel detectors. The portfolio includes IGZO (indium gallium zinc oxide) and a-Si (amorphous silicon) technology-based solutions optimized for medical and industrial applications. "We are pleased to start worldwide sales of our TFT flat panel detector solutions as the timing is just right. IGZO is replacing CMOS and a-Si technologies ... Read More.
TEAM Industrial Solutions
Nikon Releases its Latest Metal Additive Manufacturing System
TOKYO - Nikon Corporation (Nikon) is pleased to announce the release of its next-generation metal additive manufacturing system, the Lasermeister LM300A, which uses Directed Energy Deposition (DED) technology, as well as the complementary 3D scanner, Lasermeister SB100. These industry-leading products represent the latest strategic additions to the Nikon Advanced Manufacturing solutions portfolio. The Lasermeister 100A metal additive manufacturing system series was launched targeting mainly r... Read More.
Study on Monitoring Broken Rails
Real-time monitoring of broken rails in heavy haul railways is crucial for ensuring the safe operation of railway lines. U78CrV steel is a common material used for heavy haul line rails in China. In this study, the semi-analytical finite element (SAFE) method is employed to calculate the dispersion curves and modal shapes of ultrasonic guided waves in U78CrV heavy steel rails. Guided wave modes that are suitable for detecting rail cracks across the entire cross-section are selected based on the ... Read More.
Arcadia Aerospace Composite Inspection Solutions
GMV Showcases its Robotic Inspection Capabilities
GMV showcased its experience and capabilities in the field of robotic inspection during a demonstration carried out at Messer Ibérica’s facilities. In this demonstration, held during the meeting of the Chemical Business Association of Tarragona (AEQT)’s Innovation and Technology Committee GMV presented uPathWay, a grounbreaking solution designed for industrial inspection tasks. GMV presented uPathWay as a comprehensive solution that allows vehicles to operate autonomously, offering an effecti... Read More.
3 Predictions for Industrial Robots
The use of robots in industry in 2024 will be marked by "a growing focus on the critical role of AI (artificial intelligence)," said Marc Segura, president of ABB Robotics Division. "From mobile robots and cobots, to enabling new robotic applications in new sectors and creating new opportunities for people to learn and develop, these new frontiers for AI are redefining the future of industrial robotics." To clarify, Segura noted three specific drivers for robotics-driven AI systems he sees pl... Read More.
Evident Ultrasonic Inspection Equipment
EMFI Technology Development for Rolling Contact Fatigue Characterization in Rails
ATLANTA - Railway Track & Structures, April Issue: Optimal management of rolling contact fatigue (RCF) in rails requires reliable, effective, and efficient non-destructive evaluation (NDE) technologies for detecting and characterizing surface damages. MxV Rail worked in conjunction with Canada-based Athena Industrial Services, Ltd. (Athena) to introduce in-motion electromagnetic field imaging (EMFI) technology as a means of detecting and characterizing rolling contact fatigue (RCF) in rails. ... Read More.
No more disruption to production!
Keeping the balance of production and maintenance is never an easy task, especially when it comes to hazardous environments. Here is our latest addition to Cygnus’ diverse UT range: a fantastic new accessory expanding the applications of the Cygnus 1 Ex Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge. The new Cygnus High-Temperature Ex Probe, like the Ex gauge, is certified for use in all hazardous areas: Zone 0, 1 and 2. Coupled with the Ex gauge, the equipment can measure wall thickness, corrosion or erosion of ho... Read More.
Mistras Group
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4/19/2024: IL - 📣💥 𝗧𝗘𝗔𝗠 - TEAM INC
4/19/2024: GA - Resident Level II MT/PT/UT Tech - Macon, GA - Applied Technical Se
4/18/2024: TX - Shearwave / Phased Array Technician, Corpus Christi, TX - Acuren
4/17/2024: TX - RT Assistant Technician - Acuren
4/17/2024: TX - Level II RT Technician - Acuren
4/17/2024: IN - Certified Aerospace NAS 410 NDT Level II X-Ray Digital Radio - NTS Unitek
4/17/2024: IL - 💥💥🌟TEAM IS HIRING NDT LEVEL II!!!! - TEAM
4/17/2024: AK - CWI for QC job in AK (10+ weeks) - TRISPEC, LLC
4/16/2024: TX - Rope Access Tech Lev 3 needed in Borger, TX - Acuren
4/16/2024: TX - NDT Coordinator - Acuren
4/16/2024: TX - Rope Access Level 3 Technician - Acuren
4/16/2024: TX - RT II Technician - Acuren
4/16/2024: TX - RT Assistant I - Acuren
4/16/2024: TX - NDT DR/RT Technicians - Acuren
4/16/2024: TX - NDT Assistant I - Acuren
4/16/2024: TX - API 510, 570 Inspectors - Acuren
4/16/2024: TX - RT Level II Technician - Acuren
4/16/2024: LA - Level II Phased Array Technicians - NVI NDT
4/16/2024: LA - Rope Access RT Technicians-Willing to Travel - NVI NDT
4/16/2024: LA - Rope Access NDE Technicians- Willing to Travel - NVI NDT
4/16/2024: AZ - General Manager - NDT - Applied Technical Se
4/16/2024: LA - Level II Radiographer CR/DR - NVI NDT
4/16/2024: CA - Level I & II Traveling Vibration Analyst - California - Applied Technical Se
4/15/2024: TX - RT Technician - Acuren
4/15/2024: TX - Level II RTR- Rope Access TAR Work - Mistras Group
4/15/2024: United States - Level III Receipt Inspector - Nuclear - System One
4/12/2024: United States - Work from Home - ET Data Review (NAS-410) - National Inspection
4/12/2024: FL - Live & Work in SW Florida - Full Time NDT Technician - National Inspection
4/12/2024: GA - PAUT Techs - All ATS Facilities - Applied Technical Se
4/12/2024: TX - API 570 & UT Tech - Aegeus
4/11/2024: TX - RT Technician - Acuren
4/11/2024: CA - Phased Array / Eddy Current Technician - National Inspection
4/11/2024: TX - NDT Coordinator - Acuren
4/11/2024: WI - API 510/570/653 Inspector - Acuren
4/10/2024: TX - Wire Rope Technician - Acuren
4/10/2024: LA - Temporary-Hire NDT Assistant I - Acuren
4/10/2024: TX - Senior Instructor Level III - Acuren
4/10/2024: CO - AP 510- Greely, CO - Mistras Group, Inc
4/10/2024: UT - RT/CR Level II Technician - Salt Lake City, UT - Mistras Group, Inc
4/10/2024: AZ - Quality Manager-Phoenix, AZ - Mistras Group, Inc
4/10/2024: OR - Entry Level or Experienced - INTERNATIONAL INSPEC
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National Inspection and Consultants
National Inspection & Consultants, LLC (NIC) is a full service quality services and consulting firm providing quality inspection and nondestructive examination (NDE), auditing, quality consulting, QC/NDE training and industrial services. We serve numerous industries including: - Nuclear Operations and Maintenance (O&M), - Fossil Power Plants, - Aircraft and Aerospace industries, - Industrial and Heavy Commercial Construction, and - Industrial O&M support. Certifications... Read More.
USA Borescopes
USA Borescopes has been providing quality borescopes for years. We offer a wide range of borescope products from .5mm diameter micro fiberscopes up to large pipe inspection systems. Our videoscopes systems are designed to meet the demands of industrial and aviation applications. They offer portable imaging solutions with the needed features of image capture, video recording and ease of operation. The videoscpes provide bright images through high resolution LCD monitor and the insertion probes... Read More.
Innovation Polymers
Innovation Polymers focuses on highly effective sound transfer through the development of acoustic-capable polymers. The product range we offer is truly targeted at ultrasonic coupling, but we are always interested in unique applications where more than just getting sound into material is the goal. Let us collaborate on your application needs. Barrier layers or novel shapes sandwiched between layers of varied materials with specific properties could provide your team with ... Read More.
Aegeus Inspection Solutions
Aegeus Inspection Solution is a leading national provider of technical assurance through conventional and advanced non-destructive testing, inspection, engineering, and staff augmentation solutions for the energy, defense, and aerospace sectors. By delivering the highest quality service through expert specialist staff and applying the latest techniques and technology, we focus on exceeding customer expectations while meeting their essential needs. Operating in the USA for over 40 years, our ... Read More.
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Video Borescope ORION from
Looking for a cost-effective videoscope to perform visual inspections? The Orion Video Borescope is a quick and easy solution. Its handheld, lightweight monitor allows easy one-hand operation. Integrated into the probe, the CMOS camera chips deliver 720x480 resolution images to the 3.5" LCD monitor. Different probes are available: flexible, flexible with 2-way articulation, and rigid with 2-way articulation. They range from 3.2ft up to 98ft in length and come in 2.8mm(0.11"), 4mm 0.16"), and 5... Read More.
Wifi Sewer Camera HATHORN from
The Hathorn DuraScope Wifi Sewer Cameras are North American built, quality inspection cameras. With a sturdy steel construction and a Wifi function, these inspection units combine both the technology and durability that are needed when conducting pipe inspections. The Durascope Wifi Reels don't need a separate display; viewing and recording all happens from the comfort of your mobile device. The counter tracks the length of the unreeled probe and displays it on the connected device. Quality pi... Read More.
VersaSonic® from Echo Ultrasonics LLC
VersaSonic is the ideal high temperature ultrasonic couplant when working under 700°F (371°C). The response is instant as there are no plastic polymers in VersaSonic that need to melt before transmission occurs. At higher temperatures (above 350°F / 177°C) its useful service life is up to three times longer than competitive couplants. The auto-ignition temperature for VersaSonic is 788°F (420°C). VersaSonic is available in three viscosities: - High Viscosity – ideal for spot inspections - Me... Read More.
Manhole Zoom Camera CYCLOPS from MEDIT
The CYCLOPS Manhole Cameras, featuring portable, lightweight, waterproof design, are ideal for examining condition of pipes with diameters 6" and up in routine inspections of evaluates pipelines, manholes, tunnels, culverts, tanks, and other hard-to-reach areas. Powerful zoom (40x optical; 40x digital), high intensity LED light illumination (which lasts much longer than standard halogen and HID bulbs) and advanced 1/2.8" Color Exmor CMOS Camera Sensor allow users to detect and capture... Read More.
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4/16/2024: CA California United States - Level II Radiographer & Trainer RT
4/16/2024: TX Texas United States - Resume 2024
3/28/2024: MN Minnesota United States - cwi nde level 2
3/22/2024: TN Tennessee United States - ASNT Level III - UT


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