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Tank Inspection with the Spectrum Kit STIK
An adaptable inspection camera utilises the latest technology to provide user-friendly solutions for internal inspection of tanks, pressure vessels, bunkers and rail cars. The introduction of the Spectrum Inspection Kit STIK to the Nexxis portfolio of high-tech industry equipment provides an advanced solution to the challenges of internal visual inspection. The essential task of ensuring the utmost in health and safety is simplified and improved by the advanced capabilities of this high-end, ... Read More.
Boeing Approves Creaform HandySCAN 3D
Metrology-grade 3D laser scanner can now be used to inspect dents and blends on all models of Boeing commercial airplanes Creaform, the worldwide leader in portable 3D measurement solutions and non-destructive testing (NDT) solutions, announced today that its HandySCAN 3D™ metrology-grade 3D laser scanner can now be used for recording physical attributes of aircraft dents and blends on all models of Boeing commercial airplanes. Boeing has released a service letter with guidance on the use ... Read More.
Arcadia Aerospace Composite Inspection Solutions
Magnetic Analysis Corporation and the Gould Family Announce Passing of Bill Gould
Magnetic Analysis Corporation is sad to report the passing of our Chairman and long-time President, William S. ("Bill") Gould on March 14th. Bill Gould succeeded his father as President of Magnetic Analysis Corp. (MAC) in 1964 and remained in that role until 2007, a remarkable 42 year run in which he successfully built MAC from a small, U.S. oriented eddy current testing company into a global leader in eddy current, ultrasonic and flux leakage equipment and services. Bill remained Chairman un... Read More.
Vestas Brings In Sulzer Schmid And WKA To Deliver Extensive Drone-Based Blade Inspection Campaign
Sulzer Schmid, a Swiss company pioneering UAV technology for rotor blade inspections, and WKA, the leading blade inspection and repair service provider, have been enlisted by Vestas to conduct a massive and challenging drone-based blade inspection campaign in Scandinavia, on a staggering 1,250 wind turbines in less than 12 weeks. For this important campaign, time is of the essence. The blades of the 1,250 Vestas turbines located across Sweden and Finland must be inspected by the end of June, ... Read More.
Shaping the Future for 3DSL Measurement with NADCAP Accreditation
Physical Digital® become first company in the world to receive Nadcap accreditation for Measurement and Inspection using 3D Structured Light (3DSL). Nadcap recognizes Physical Digital for its commitment to continual improvement in aerospace quality. We have provided 3DSL measurement services to the Aerospace industry for many years, completing repeatability studies, batch measurement, inspection and analysis on industrial components from single turbine blades to complete jet turbine engines ... Read More.
38-Link™ Adaptor Makes Inspections More Efficient for Any 38DL PLUS
The new 38-Link™ adaptor for the 38DL PLUS® ultrasonic thickness gage enables seamless data transfer using wireless LAN or Bluetooth®. The 38-Link adaptor connected to the 38DL PLUS gage can wirelessly communicate to the Olympus Scientific Cloud (OSC), compatible apps or a PC using the optional Link-Wedge PC software. Adding the 38-Link adaptor to the 38DL PLUS thickness gage turns it into a connected instrument that greatly improves efficiency and data management. Upgrading is easy; simply c... Read More.
Olympus IMS Ultrasonic Inspection Equipment
Cutting the Cord: A Simple Solution for Wireless Thickness Gage Data Transfer
Quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) activities help companies ensure their manufacturing processes are well defined and that the quality of their products is acceptable. The 38DL PLUS® ultrasonic thickness gage is a common tool used to perform quality control inspections on manufactured goods made of plastic, metal, composite, rubber, and various other materials. For example, a plastic piping manufacturer may record wall thickness measurements of extruded pipe to confirm that it stay... Read More.
Zetec Introduces FlexTrack Scanner Optimized for Aerospace Inspections
Zetec has introduced the FlexTrack automated X-Y scanner for nondestructive ultrasonic testing (UT) applications of materials and structures used predominantly in aerospace, both in production and maintenance environments. FlexTrack is a versatile scanner that features a 24-inch motorized actuator arm moving on a flexible 54-inch track that uses suction cups to mount to virtually any surface. The actuator arm and track allow for automated raster scanning in both directions, and parallel or pe... Read More.
Workpad Cloud Data Solutions
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6/24/2019: TX - British PSL Quals - UT and Phased Array - National Inspection
6/24/2019: GA - PAUT Techs Wanted - United States - Applied Technical Se
6/21/2019: AZ - Level II NDT Technician (RT and UT) - Staff Matters
6/21/2019: TX - RESIDENT NDT LEVEL II TECHNICIAN - Koch Specialty Plant
6/21/2019: TX - ASNT LEVEL II TECHNICIAN - Koch Specialty Plant
6/21/2019: CA - Quality Manager - Mistras Group, Inc.
6/21/2019: TX - API 510 INSPECTOR - Koch Specialty Plant
6/21/2019: VA - Level II MT/VT: Newport News - Shipyard - Applied Technical Se
6/20/2019: TX - Level II RT Technicians - Corpus Christi, TX - ALS
6/20/2019: LA - Level II RT Technicians - Sulphur, LA - ALS
6/20/2019: TX - Level II RT Technicians - La Porte, TX - ALS
6/20/2019: PA - Level II RT Technicians - Monaca, PA
6/20/2019: FL - Rope Access Technician - Acuren Inspection
6/20/2019: FL - 2 Level II UTT MT PT Technicians - Acuren Inspection
6/20/2019: GA - 4 NDT Assistants - Acuren Inspection
6/19/2019: WA - TRAINEE: NDT/SHIPYARDS - World Travel Opportunities - International Inspec
6/18/2019: United States - Site Supervisor - Acuren Inspection
6/18/2019: VA - Level II Radiographer - Judy Case
6/18/2019: AL - Level II Radiographers-Mobile AL - NVI LLC
6/18/2019: CA - Fulltime Level II MT/PT/UTT/VT - Los Angeles - International Inspec
6/17/2019: TX - MT, UT-T, PT, PAUT, RT, VT Technicians NEEDED ALL over the U - TEAM Industrial Serv
6/17/2019: TX - Fulltime Field Drafter - MISTRAS Group
6/17/2019: TX - ACCP Level II MT: Per Diem Available - 6'10's - Applied Technical Se
6/17/2019: WY - Level II UTT Technician Newcastle, WY - Versa Integrity Grou
6/17/2019: NY - Level II RT technicians-Depew, NY - NVI LLC
6/17/2019: PA - Level II RT technicians-Pittsburgh, PA - NVI LLC
6/17/2019: TX - Level II RT technicians-Aransas Pass, TX - NVI LLC
6/17/2019: TX - Level II RT technicians-Odessa, TX - NVI LLC
6/17/2019: TX - Level II RT technicians-Carthage, TX - NVI LLC
6/17/2019: CO - Level II RT technicians-Denver, CO - NVI LLC
6/17/2019: LA - Level II RT technicians-Gray LA - NVI LLC
6/14/2019: TX - Radiography Technicians - Level II - Creative Human Resou
6/14/2019: CA - Radiography Technicians - Level II - Creative Human Resou
6/14/2019: AB - Lead Hand, NDT - Canadian Natural Res
6/14/2019: United States - Level II MP/PT/VT
6/14/2019: LA - Level II Assistant - Quality NDT, Inc.
6/13/2019: TX - Level II RT Techs with State or IRRSP Card - MISTRAS Group
6/13/2019: PA - NDT Level III QC/QA Manager Needed - U.S. Inspection & ND
6/13/2019: KY - Assistants & Level II Techs Wanted - Applied Technical Se
6/12/2019: AK - Hiring API 570 - Southern Services In
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Applus RTD
Applus RTD is a leading global energy service provider, delivering technical assurance through non-destructive testing, inspection, and certification to the capital-intensive, high-risk energy, utility and infrastructure industries in every region of the world. Delivering the highest quality service through highly qualified specialist staff and using the latest techniques and technology, Applus+ RTD focuses on exceeding customer expectations while meeting their needs. At the heart... Read More.
TEAM Industrial Services
Founded in 1973, Team is a leading industrial services company offering an array of specialized services related to the construction, maintenance, and monitoring of pressurized piping and associated systems. We serve customers in the refining, petrochemical, power, pipeline, and other heavy industrial industries with a level of service that goes above and beyond. With more than 130 U.S. and international locations, we are rapidly growing our global footprint across a wide range of ... Read More.
Advanced Inspection Technologies
Quality products, great customer service & expert technical knowledge... AIT is currently the fastest growing provider of remote visual inspection tools worldwide. Our products include; video borescopes, fiberscopes, pipe inspection camera, pan and tilt cameras and more. We are committed to providing the best possible inspection tools, the highest level of customer service and technical expertise. Our expertise and a vast knowledge base helps our customers to quickly and effici... Read More.
Arcadia Aerospace Industries, LLC.
Arcadia Aerospace Industries (AAI) is a multi-faceted aerospace company serving the Nadcap Special Process needs of aerospace component manufacturers and suppliers around the world. AAI’s leading aerospace composite inspection technology team utilizes proprietary technology and extensive aerospace expertise to provide aerospace and industry leaders with cost-effective, time-efficient and superb-quality solutions to advanced metal and composite material challenges in inspection, en... Read More.
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Responsive Phased Array TFM Imaging System CTS-PA22T from Guangdong Goworld Co., Ltd.
CTS-PA22T is a responsive phased array TFM imaging system originally developed by Goworld, with 64 channels working totally in parallel. The system acquires FMC data from wiithin the object of either metal or non-metal and makes precise real-time 2D/3D TFM imaging through rapid hardware running based on FPGA. The innovative RF metadata platforrm can process the original signals on computer. CTS-PA22T goes beyond the stereotype of phased array S/L/B scan modes. The user just needs to customi... Read More.
Polymer Dry Couplant Materials from Innovation Polymers
Our focus is on highly effective sound transfer through the development of acoustic-capable polymers. These new polymers enable coupling of the ultrasonic sensor to the material under test and provides a layer to couple, seal or optimize energy transfer. Our mission is to develop and produce high quality acoustic capable polymers to support the NDT and medical ultrasonic imaging industries Innovation Polymers has the capability to develop a wide range of unique sound coupling polymeric med... Read More.
Rigel 360 degree 2-way Articulating Video Borescope from Medit Inc
The Rigel Borescope puts precise visibility is in your hand, with 2-way tip articulation and full circular rotation in this versatile narrow video borescope. The CMOS Video Camera chip (60 fps@AVGA), located in the articulating tip of the scope, provides an excellent view of the inspection area. With 4 LED lights in the camera tip, illumination of dark areas is not a concern. A simple button on the monitor adjusts the light intensity for the best lighting for the inspection, ... Read More.
Supervision from Envirosight
SuperVision - Remote Operated Camera Setting a new benchmark for performance and agility, SuperVision rapidly evaluates pipe condition and identifyies maintenance needs. Like ROVVER, SuperVision emphasizes maneuverability with a host of attributes: short wheelbase, steerable six-wheel drive, modularity for easy reconfiguration, and an array of traction options. However, it introduces new features specifically designed to boost operator productivity: Lightweight cable extends rang... Read More.
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6/21/2019: TX Texas United States - NDT Assistant
6/14/2019: CA California United States - Radiographer LVL II
6/11/2019: TX Texas United States - Part time RT consulting and instructing
6/11/2019: MD Maryland United States - RT, PT, MT, VT, UTT
6/10/2019: KS Kansas United States - Level 2 NDT MT/PT/UTT
6/5/2019: AR Arkansas United States - Advanced NDT Scientist/SME/Consultant
6/4/2019: TX Texas United States - CDL Lee Resume
6/3/2019: South Africa - API 510/570/653/577/580 inspector
6/2/2019: KS Kansas United States - RT,MT,PT,UTT Level 2
5/30/2019: TX Texas United States - Oil and Gas
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