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Ultrasonic Testing Technology Developed for NASA Comes to Offshore Assets
ABSG Consulting Inc. (ABS Consulting) has signed an exclusive global licensing agreement to offer an innovative ultrasonic non-destructive testing (NDT) solution that supports the expanded use of composite materials on offshore assets to extend service life. Developed to test the heat shield on the Orion space capsule, this is the first proven nondestructive evaluation (NDE) technology that can successfully scan layered composite material for defects, offering unprecedented visibility into th... Read More.
FDH Partners with Marshall University Experts on Nondestructive Technology
FDH Infrastructure Services, LLC (FDH), has partnered with Marshall University on a multi-year contract with the Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC), U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (the Corps). The contract scope centers on the use of nondestructive testing (NDT) and structural health monitoring (SHM) technologies to characterize the lifecycle of embedded gate anchorages in large dams along navigable rivers. The aim of the research is to develop a simplified method, and eventual pro... Read More.
Olympus IMS Ultrasonic Inspection Equipment
NDT Global to Complete Baseline Survey of Strategic Gas Pipeline
NDT Global are proud to announce they have been awarded the contract to complete a baseline inspection survey for Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) AG, headquartered in Baar, Switzerland. This 878 km large-diameter gas pipeline system possesses many challenging characteristics, including mountainous terrain, high elevation profile, high wall thickness and a complex subsea depth profile. NDT Global's ART Scan™ technology manages all these challenges, while seamlessly combining wall thickness, geom... Read More.
Ex DraganFly COO Joins Easy Aerial As CRO
Brooklyn, New York – March 9, 2021 – Easy Aerial, a leading provider of autonomous drone-in-a-box based inspection, monitoring, and surveillance solutions, today announced the appointment of UAS industry and US Marine Corps veteran Patrick Imbasciani as Chief Revenue Officer. Leveraging nearly a decade of experience working in the international UAS sector, Imbasciani will spearhead Easy Aerial’s sales and marketing. He will also set the direction for future products and services as the company e... Read More.
AI to Smarten Up Automated Optical Inspection
In the Bosch vision, the factory of the future will feature the ability to reconfigure itself to changing conditions such as product variance, production fluctuations and process adaptations – a new level of flexibility compared to today. That requires systems for automated optical inspection (AOI) to evolve from product-specific systems to task-flexible and convertible solutions. The Bosch visual inspection assistant (ViPAS) is the first step towards a redefined AOI-system. In industrial man... Read More.
SciAps Teams up with Pine Environmental for XRF and LIBS Rentals
The top-selling and successful line of handheld XRF and LIBS analyzers is now available for rental through Pine Environmental. SciAps has refined its high-performance LIBS-based carbon/alloy analyzer, making it smaller, lighter, faster, easier to access welds and other hard-to-reach testing locations, and overall easier to use. The <a href="" target="_blank">Z-2... Read More.
Tedford Insurance
BINDT Aerospace Workshop and Aerospace Event
BINDT Aerospace Experience 2021: Only one week to go! Register today for the British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing (BINDT)’s Aerospace Workshop and Aerospace Event taking place from 20-22 April 2021 as virtual experiences. Workshop on NDT for Metallic Airframe Components The Aerospace Workshop will take place on 20 April 2021 and is organised by the BINDT Aerospace Committee. This webinar will consider NDT of parts manufactured by a number of different processes, such as friction... Read More.
Baugh & Weedon Partner Tecnitest Ingenieros Installs Automated UT Part Inspection System
Tecnitest Ingenieros S.L. has successfully completed the development and installation of an automatic ultrasonic (UT) part inspection system for the Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) service at CERN's Group for Mechanical and Materials Engineering. The system has been tailored to the customer's needs to allow quality verifications of construction elements used by CERN, with state-of-the-art materials, and with a range of different sizes and geometries. In January 2020 Tecnitest Ingenieros S.L.... Read More.
Vizaar Vuman E3
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4/20/2021: MN - Level II RT IRRSP MT PT - Acuren Inspection
4/20/2021: TX - NDE Technicians (UTT, MT, PT) needed for TA - Turner Specialty Ser
4/20/2021: NC - General Manager - Raleigh, NC - Applied Technical Se
4/20/2021: CO - 2 NDT Assistants - Acuren Inspection
4/19/2021: AK - Phased Array Level II Technician - North Slope, AK - Mistras Group, Inc.
4/19/2021: WI - 2 NDT Assistants - Acuren Inspection
4/19/2021: WI - 2 NDT Assistants - Acuren Inspection
4/19/2021: TX - RT Assistant - Corpus Christi, TX - Mistras Group, Inc.
4/19/2021: TX - PAUT techs needed for TA in Lake Charles area - Turner Specialty Ser
4/19/2021: VA - Level II MT/PT/UT/RT/VT Technicians - Chesapeake, VA - Applied Technical Se
4/19/2021: CO - NDT Trainees & Level II RT & PAUT - Denver, CO - Intermountain Testin
4/19/2021: LA - Level II RT & UT and RT Assistants - Bayou Inspection Ser
4/16/2021: OH - NDT Level III - Component Repair Tec
4/16/2021: GA - Resident Level II MT/PT/UTT Tech - Brunswick, GA - Applied Technical Se
4/16/2021: RI - Magnetic Particle / VT Techs - National Inspection
4/16/2021: FL - UT/MT/VT - VA - National Inspection
4/15/2021: UT - 2 Level II RT MT PT Immediate hires - Acuren Inspection
4/15/2021: WI - NDT Assistants - Acuren Inspection
4/15/2021: WI - Level II RT MT PT - Acuren Inspection
4/15/2021: OR - Level II NDT Techs & PAUT Techs - Portland, OR - Applied Technical Se
4/15/2021: WI - Level II UTT MT PT - Acuren Inspection
4/15/2021: WI - 2 Level II RT MT PT Immediate hires - Acuren Inspection
4/15/2021: NY - Radiographer Technician Level II - ANDT Inspection LLC
4/15/2021: MN - Level II RT IRRSP MT PT - Acuren Inspection
4/15/2021: TX - Full time level II PAUT technician - Corpus Christi, TX - NVI LLC
4/15/2021: TX - Full time level II PAUT technician - Corpus Christi, TX - NVI LLC
4/15/2021: LA - Full time Level II RT technicians- Sulphur, LA - NVI LLC
4/14/2021: LA - API's and technicians needed - Turner Specialty Ser
4/14/2021: NC - Fulltime Level II RT - CR/DR - Charlotte, NC - Applied Technical Se
4/12/2021: LA - Full time level II PAUT technician - Denver, CO - NVI LLC
4/12/2021: LA - Full time level II PAUT technician - Denver, CO - NVI LLC
4/12/2021: TX - Full time Level II RT technicians-Aransas Pass, TX - NVI LLC
4/12/2021: TX - Full time Level II RT technicians-Carthage, TX - NVI LLC
4/12/2021: TX - Full time Level II RT technicians-Carthage, TX - NVI LLC
4/12/2021: NY - Full time assistant radiographers-Depew, NY - NVI LLC
4/12/2021: PA - Full time assistant radiographers-Montrose, PA - NVI LLC
4/12/2021: PA - Full time assistant radiographers- Allentown, PA - NVI LLC
4/12/2021: TX - Full time assistant radiographers- Houston, TX - NVI LLC
4/12/2021: TX - Full time assistant radiographers- Aransas Pass, TX - NVI LLC
4/12/2021: TX - Full time assistant radiographers- Carthage, TX - NVI LLC
4/12/2021: LA - Full time assistant radiographers- Gray, LA - NVI LLC
4/10/2021: RI - MT & VT - Rhode Island - National Inspection
4/9/2021: TX - NDT Technician Assistant - DBI, A Division of P
4/9/2021: TX - Knights Inspection Services is now Hiring Level 2 Inspectors - Knights Inspection S
4/9/2021: CA - Pipeline Inspection NDE/Corrosion Technician
4/8/2021: OR - Level II Radiographer - CR/DR - Portland, OR - Applied Technical Se
4/7/2021: OH - NAS 410 Level II Radiographers - Heath, OH - Mistras Group, Inc.
4/7/2021: VA - UT/MT/VT - VA - National Inspection
4/7/2021: GA - Level II MT/PT/UTSW - Mistras Group
4/7/2021: LA - Full time Level I NDT assistants-Gray, LA - NVI LLC
4/6/2021: TX - Radiographers needed in Beaumont - Turner Specialty Ser
4/6/2021: TX - Rope Access SPRAT / IRATA needed - Turner Specialty Ser
4/5/2021: NY - Immediate Opening! NDT Tech Entry Level, Level I & II Alban - 3angles, Inc
4/5/2021: AL - UTT/MT/PT Level II Technicians - Decatur, AL - Mistras Group, Inc.
4/5/2021: NY - Full time level II RT technicians-Depew, NY - NVI LLC
4/5/2021: PA - Full time Level II RT technicians-Pittsburgh, PA - NVI LLC
4/5/2021: TX - Full time Level II RT technicians-Carthage, TX - NVI LLC
4/5/2021: TX - Full time Level II RT technicians- Aransas Pass, TX - NVI LLC
4/5/2021: TX - Full time assistant radiographers- Houston, TX - NVI LLC
4/5/2021: LA - Level II NAS-410 UT/ET/MT/PT - National Inspection
4/5/2021: TX - Full time assistant radiographers- Carthage, TX - NVI LLC
4/5/2021: TX - Full time assistant radiographers- Aransas Pass, TX - NVI LLC
4/3/2021: AK - CWI/NACE CIP 2 - QA Services, Inc
4/2/2021: RI - Level I X-Ray Radiographer - National Inspection
4/2/2021: TX - Level III Rope Access Technician - Oceaneering Internat
4/2/2021: TX - Inspector II - Oceaneering Internat
4/2/2021: LA - Seeking Level I and Level II NDE Technicians - Oceaneering Internat
4/2/2021: RI - Level II Radiographer - National Inspection
4/1/2021: WY - RT Assistant & UTT Technician - MISTRAS Group, Inc.
4/1/2021: ND - CWI with D1.8 Experience Needed - IRISNDT
4/1/2021: TX - Level II UTT Technician - Corpus Christi, TX - Mistras Group, Inc.
4/1/2021: ND - Level II NDE and Assistants - IRISNDT
4/1/2021: TX - Local Level II MT/PT/UTT Tech - Orange, TX - Applied Technical Se
4/1/2021: PA - NDE Laboratory Technical Manager - KTA-Tator, Inc.
3/31/2021: KS - NDT Technician Assistant - DBI, A Division of P
3/31/2021: WA - Level II RT Technician - MISTRAS Group, Inc.
3/31/2021: TX - NDT Technician Level II - DBI, A Division of P
3/30/2021: GA - NDT Level I Assistant - Radiographers - U.S. Inspection & ND
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U.S. Inspection & NDT, LLC
U.S. Inspection & NDT, LLC provides high-quality non-destructive testing (NDT) and inspection management services to customers across various industries. Our mission is to provide reliable, integrity-based inspection services across all NDT methods. Our leadership team is comprised of seasoned veterans who have the technological expertise that enable us to provide high-quality services to customers in: Amusement, Construction and Fabrication, Manufacturing, Power Generation, Oil & Gas, Aviati... Read More.
Draken International
Donna Coleman and Associates
Donna Coleman & Associates has been placing candidates since 1976. Types of industries served include but not limited to tier one automotive manufacturers, wind tower manufacturers, aerospace manufacturers, steel companies. Types of candidates we look for are Engineers all types, Right now I am seeking a level III UT shearwave for a Dallas company with high travel 50-75% ... Read More.
Engineering & Inspections
Engineering & Inspections ULTD, Inc. (E&I) has been operating for over 40 years and is a certified WBE & DBE company. The company is separated into numerous divisions that specialize in a particular service or industry. The divisions are operated in a manner to provide our clients with the best possible service at competitive rates throughout the industry. With offices located throughout the U.S. and personnel throughout the world we are able to rapidly mobilize and support your projects. ... Read More.
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SPARK XTR Adjustable LED Light Source from Medit Inc.
SPARK XTR is a new powerful LED light source for borescopes. It offers excellent illumination in regardless of any inspections conditions, due to a specially designed focal lens, one-button control over light output and portable design. The LED Chip is combined with a specialized focal lens to produce a better light intensity. The body is made out of high grade aluminum with anodized finish which makes the light handle not overheating after a long period of use. The device is ... Read More.
VJ-ADV Video Borescope from RF System Lab
The VJ-Advance (VJ-ADV) delivers all the features you would expect in a high-end video borescope, designed at a price that is easy to afford. Now available with an ultra-thin 2.8mm diameter insertion tube. The VJ-ADV, from RF System Lab, is ideally suited to accessing the smallest areas you need to inspect. No other company offers a smaller, full featured, video borescope with 4-way articulation. Now you can test drive the VJ-ADV articulating video borescope for free with our no obligati... Read More.
Rigid Borescope from Medit Inc
Made from corrosive free stainless steel Medit’s Rigid Borescope provides a crisp high resolution picture. The optical system is made up of coated rod lenses that promise a distortion free image with great brightness and contrast. The fixed prism lens built into the borescope to allow for various directions of view (DOV), including 30°, 70°, 90° and 110°. This type of lens has an advantage over a mirrors tips at this image is not backwards. Also the illumination and image are ind... Read More.
Scan3D Phased Array Immersion Scanner from TecScan
TecScan is proud to introduce Scan3D&trade;, a family of High Precision Immersion Scanners. Combined with TecView3D and our Gimbal/Gimbal, Scan3D revolutionizes the ultrasonic scanning process. With Scan3D, the scan- plans of the parts are directly imported from the CAD files and C- Scans are performed simultaneously in Through-Transmission and Pulse-Echo. Results are then displayed on the imported 3D model for analysis. Scan3D allows you to perform advanced contour following with... Read More.
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4/13/2021: AK Alaska India - NDT TECHNICIAN LEVEL 2
4/12/2021: Singapore - NDT Level 3 Consultant, RSO
3/25/2021: TX Texas United States - Senior NDT level II trainer
3/24/2021: Saudi Arabia - Radiation Safety Officer RSO
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