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Revolutionizing Industrial Inspection - the Rationale Behind Investment in Energy Robotics
We are excited to lead the € 2 million seed financing round of Darmstadt-based Energy Robotics alongside a syndicate of experienced angel investors. The exceptional team around the founders Marc Dassler, Dr. Dorian Scholz, Dr. Stefan Kohlbrecher, and Dr. Alberto Romay built a hardware-independent software operating platform for mobile inspection robots that will change industries. Rigorous inspection prevents catastrophes March 2012. Uncontrolled gas leaked out on the "Elgin’’ drilling rig... Read More.
Quest Integrated and Quanta Inline Device Merge for Tank and Pipeline Inspection
Quest Integrated, LLC, a long-established technology incubator with highly specialized expertise in the development and commercialization of advanced inspection services and Quanta Inline Devices, LLC (Q-Inline), an emerging technology leader and provider of magnetic flux leakage (MFL) inline inspection services for pipelines, announced their merger today. The combined company will operate under the brand "Qi2 Elements" and forms the foundation for developing a new technology driven industry lea... Read More.
Olympus IMS Ultrasonic Inspection Equipment
Efficient Wall Profiling with the HD-CR 35 NDT
Danamin (M) Sdn Bhd is an inspection company located in Johor, Malaysia with more than 200 employees nationwide and is a long-term user of the HD-CR 35 NDT Computed Radiography scanner. Danamin has been using the HD-CR 35 NDT system for pipe profile inspection since 2007 and initially acquired the system to fulfill an inspection requirement from Petronas Chemicals MTBE in Kuantan. Other customers taking advantage of Danamin’s computed radiography capability include BASF Petronas in Kuantan an... Read More.
Edmund Optics and UltraFast Innovations Partner to Provide Laser Optics
UltraFast Innovations (UFI), a manufacturer of high-precision laser optics products, has partnered with Edmund Optics® (EO) to provide global access to industry-leading laser optics for the most demanding applications. EO is now the exclusive global distributor of UFI optics to the industrial market. In addition to providing custom solutions, EO will also maintain a global inventory of standard UFI components that will reduce the typically long lead times of high-precision and high-power laser o... Read More.
Vizaar Vuman E3
Robotic Manipulation To X-Ray Inspect Larger Parts
North Star Imaging's unique Dual RobotiX precision technology features two robot arms working in harmony of movement to scan large parts. RobotiX motion programs are created through NSI's efXDR acquisition software. This breakthrough allows the operator to program the robot and configure the image acquisition parameters all through a single software interface. This means your operators don't have to learn another software program, which saves your company valuable time and money. The simpl... Read More.
89 North Launches New Website to Expand Offerings
89 North today launched a new stand-alone website which highlights their engineering and OEM offerings. The site, which can be seen at, is now separate and distinct from parent company Chroma's website, and showcases 89 North's continued expansion into OEM opto-electro-mechanical systems and manufacturing services. It includes many enhanced features that highlight the benefits of 89 North's own products and those of its European partners. These features include: enhanced site ... Read More.
TEAM Industrial Solutions
Fast, Efficient Ultrasonic Scanning of Large Composite Components
Olympus’ new RollerFORM™ XL scanner answers the demand for a wide-coverage and easy-to-implement phased array tool to accelerate the inspection of composite components with large surface areas. In the aerospace and wind energy industries, critical components such as aircraft wings and wind turbine blades are made with lightweight, durable composite material. Inspectors use nondestructive testing technology to ensure the integrity of these parts, both before they are assembled and for in-servi... Read More.
Pipeline Hard Spots: Eddyfi Technologies Presents Spyne
Pipeline Hard Spots: Eddyfi Technologies Presents SpyneTM, the Proven Solution for In-Ditch Detection The groundbreaking Eddy Current Array (ECA) technology sets the new gold standard for hard spot detection during integrity direct assessments As industry faces the catastrophic pipe rupture consequences from the presence of hard spots, it seeks new opportunities to ensure the continued safe operation of pipelines through early detection. Most hard spots are the result of unintentional quen... Read More.
Tedford Insurance
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1/18/2021: WA - Level II Profile Radiographers - MISTRAS Group, Inc.
1/18/2021: WA - Senior Certified Welding Inspectors - MISTRAS Group, Inc.
1/18/2021: NY - Resident Mechanical Integrity/API Inspector - Albany, NY - Applied Technical Se
1/15/2021: CA - Rope Access Technicians - MISTRAS Group, Inc.
1/15/2021: CA - RT Technicians ** Local Candidates Only - MISTRAS Group, Inc.
1/15/2021: CA - API 510/570 ** Local Candidates Only - MISTRAS Group, Inc.
1/14/2021: CA - Radiation Safety Officer - MISTRAS Group, Inc.
1/14/2021: AZ - NDT NAS 410 Level II Inspector - Canyon State Inspect
1/13/2021: NC - Level II Radiographer - CR/DR - Charlotte, NC - Applied Technical Se
1/11/2021: WA - Level II Carded Radiographer - SeaTac/Seattle, WA - International Inspec
1/8/2021: LA - Eddy Current Assistants, Level IIs and Analysts - Mistras Group, Inc.
1/7/2021: AL - Level II UTT Piping Techs & API 570 & API 510/570 - Mobile, - Applied Technical Se
1/7/2021: MN - UTT/MT/PT/RT Level II Technicians - Mistras Group, Inc.
1/5/2021: LA - Radiographers - Level II and Assistants - Bayou Inspection Ser
1/4/2021: IL - Level II UTT MT PT - Acuren Inspection
1/4/2021: KY - NAVSEA 271 UTSW Level II/III Technicians - Louisville, KY - Mistras Group, Inc.
12/31/2020: OH - NAS 410 Radiographers with CR/DR - Mistras Group, Inc.
12/24/2020: CA - SpaceX - NDE Level II Technician - SpaceX
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XCEL is an Industrial Service Company with a unique blend of services focused on your compliance needs. Services include but are not limited to: NDT Services | Inspections | Safety Training | Operator Qualifications | Railcar/ Valve Services | Consulting | Training With XCEL vast array of services, we are able to provide services to a large portion of the industrial spectrum. ... Read More.
MFE Enterprises, Inc.
MFE Enterprises manufactures Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) inspection equipment for both storage tank and pipeline applications. Our mission has never changed: We provide educational information to the NDT community about MFL technology and the advantages of deploying our MFL Scanners for FAST and ACCURATE inspection of your plant assets.... Read More.
Kakivik Asset Management, LLC
Kakivik Asset Management, LLC is a full service asset integrity management company specializing in Nondestructive Testing (NDT), Corrosion Investigations and Quality Program Management. Kakiviks services also include civil inspection and laboratory analysis, materials evaluation, and failure analysis. We assist our clients in meeting the numerous business, technical and regulatory challenges associated with the operation and maintenance of their physical assets. Kakivik inspectors and technic... Read More.
Oceanscan, Inc.
Oceanscan, Inc. specializes in the rental of equipment and is located near the Energy Corridor in Houston TX. Oceanscan Inc. is an extension of Oceanscan Ltd., a renowned leader in providing quality equipment rentals for over 30 years. Both USA and UK bases offer the very latest and most advanced technology to support the Oil & Gas, Defense, Petrochemical, Renewable s, and Nuclear Industries. Oceanscan Inc. is fully committed to providing quality equipment. Our primary focus is customer sati... Read More.
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DELTA Element from Olympus Scientific Solutions
DELTA® Element Handheld XRF Analyzer The DELTA Element analyzer is our entry-level handheld XRF, built for economy and a fast return on investment for basic alloy identification and metals analysis in applications including scrap metal sorting, positive material identification (PMI), alloy QA/QC, and precious metals analysis ... Read More.
Electromagnetic Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge CTS-409 from Guangdong Goworld Co., Ltd.
CTS-409 is a portable electromagnetic ultrasonic (abbr. as "EMAT") thickness gauge newly launched by Goworld for the purpose of working on any metal or magnetic materials under couplant-less conditions, without direct contact onto them. Impervious to surface of the object, it is applicable to those with rough surface, coating(paint or rust)or away by air gap, saving efforts to clean off these intransaudient layers. Features I.Gauge results with high precision (up to 0.01mm), not subject to... Read More.
TS-2000 Tube Scanner from TesTex Inc.
The TesTex TS-2000 LFET Tube Scanning System uses the Low Frequency Electromagnetic Technique (LFET) to quickly scan tubing in boiler waterwalls, reheaters and superheaters in utility boilers and large industrial boilers. Inspection are performed from the tube OD (outer diameter), but flaws can be detected on both the OD and ID surfaces. In addition, both magnetic and non-magnetic metals can be scanned (as can economizer tubing). The TS-2000 scanners have concave surfaces to match the O... Read More.
Viper S Portable Push Camera from Medit Inc
The viper S portable push camera is an economical choice in portable inspection equipment, as it is ideal for a wide range of applications such as inspecting ducts, pipes, wells, inside wall cavities during contraction or building inspections, sewers, etc. The 512Hz Sonde built into the camera head of the Viper S allows the head of the probe to be tracked underground, in walls, etc with the optional locator. The camera head has a high res CCD camera chip for the capture of crisp... Read More.
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1/6/2021: United States - Looking for a NDT trainee position
1/3/2021: TX Texas United States - API 510/570/653
12/23/2020: TX Texas United States - ASNT Lvl III, QUTE, PAUT, CWI
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