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Vizaar VuScreen
Stamford, CT Connecticut, United States
REGIN HVAC Products you can belive in !! Regin HVAC Products, Inc. 315 Riggs Street, Unit 1 Oxford, CT 06478 USA Regin Home Smoke products Air Flow Meter Gas Leak Detectors Heating & A/C valves Humidistats Duct and wall Test Instruments Humidity Transmitters MSDS Products for Heating, Air Conditioning and Special Effects NEW PRODUCTS Smoke Products Humidity Transmitters Humidistats CO-Detector Air Flow Meter Heating A/C Valves Test Instruments Gas Leak Detector MSDS Sheets Please note: We have moved to new address with new phone and fax numbers . Click on the NEWS MOOSE and see our latest new
Bristol, CT Connecticut, United States
Manufacture of electro-magnetic coils, transformers and related component assemblies.Electromagnetic Coils, Transformers & Related Component Assemblies - Quality Coils Coil Materials QCI uses materials suitable for all types of environments and temperature ranges and the ability to make parts compliant with RoHS. Coil Encapsulants Tapes & Insulations Electric Components Bobbin Materials Enclosures & Frames Copper Magnet Wire Applications QCI makes coils for all of today’s demanding industries. Our coils are used everywhere from the oceans to the stars. Let us help you reach new heights i
Brookfield, CT Connecticut, United States
Harmonics Limited - Harmonic Supression Systems SysteMax > TransMax > GeneratorMax > ProSeries > BearingMax > WellMax > Harmonics Limited is a leading provider of Harmonic Suppression Systems (HSS). Our patented harmonic mitigation technology prevents equipment from generating third-harmonic currents, instead of filtering harmonics that are already generated. Our harmonic mitigation systems have helped a wide variety of industries to: • Dramatically improve overall electrical system efficiency. • Save thousands of dollars in reduced electrical energy costs. • S
Stafford Springs, CT Connecticut, United States
Midstate Battery Welcome MARINE Lead Acid Gel AGM DEEP CYCLE COMMERCIAL Diesel Truck Tractor Bus AUTOMOTIVE Car Light Truck Van MOTORCYCLE Dry cell LAWN TRACTOR EMERGENCY LIGHTING ALARMS COMPUTER UPS Batteries Laptop PDA Batteries CELL PHONE CAMCORDER ALKALINE EQUIPMENT & BATTERY ACCESSORIES Booster Packs Chargers ICP Solar Powered Chargers Test Equipment Wire & Cable Battery Boxes Inverters NICKELCADMIUM (NI-CAD) NICKEL METAL HYDRIDE (NI-MH) INDUSTRIAL STEEL CASE POWER TOOL BATTERIES Serving the Area Since 1986 FOR ALL YOUR BATTERY NEEDS • Cars • Trucks • Camcorders • Alar
Farmington, CT Connecticut, United States
Mechanical Heating Ventilating and Air ConditioningHVAC Equipment Rental & Services | Carrier Rental Systems Carrier Rental Systems Home Company Profile News Contact Employment About Carrier Corp. Rental Solutions Commercial Industrial Special Events Equipment Air Conditioners Air Handlers Boilers Chillers Cooling Towers Spot Coolers Dehumidifiers Heaters Heat Exchangers Generators Case Studies Commercial Case Studies Industrial Case Studies Event Case Studies Service Team VIP Tour Shop Tour Yard Tour Equipment Tour Test Pad Customer Feedback Request for Quote Air Conditioners RFQ Chiller RFQ
Mistras Group