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6/16/2018: MA - level ll or lll in RT/PT/MT Aerospace - Massachusetts Materials
5/18/2018: TX - AWS-CWI certification and NACE Coating Inspector - Elliott Services, Inc.
5/17/2018: WA - NDT Trainee Inspector: UT, MT & PT - Certified Inspection Ser
5/16/2018: OH - Shearwave Tech Wanted - Fulltime - Mistras Group, Inc.
5/16/2018: WA - Site Safety Representative - Mistras Group, Inc.
5/16/2018: OH - Level III UT - Acuren Inspection Inc
5/16/2018: OH - Level Level II RT IRRSP MT PT - Acuren Inspection Inc
The Importance of Surface Finish when Making NDT Reference Standards and Test Blocks Surface finish describes the roughness or irregularity of a surface using a measurement system to quantify the results. This system covers a wide range from extremely rough-textured surfaces all the way to those that are highly polished, mirror-like surfaces. The predominant parameter is Roughness Average, denoted by "Ra," which is the arithmetic mean deviation of a profile. The higher the number, the rougher the finish. Roughly milled surfaces will be in the 250 to 500 Ra µin (6.3 to 12.5 µm) range. S ...Read More.
Eddyfi Technologies Launches the First Standard Pulsed Eddy Current Array Solution The groundbreaking pulsed eddy current array (PECA) technology makes corrosion under insulation (CUI) and corrosion under fireproofing (CUF) inspections as much as 10 times faster than with single-element PEC probes. Québec, Canada, May 17, 2018 — Eddyfi Technologies is proud to be the first to globally market a standard PECA probe dedicated to improving the productivity of corrosion under insulation (CUI) and corrosion under fireproofing (CUF) inspections. As of today, new Lyft® systems will drive array ...Read More.
AATA to Host First Ever All Women 10-week NDT Training Course In keeping with their continued efforts to promote diversity and offer opportunities to traditionally underrepresented groups in STEM, the American Advanced Technical Academy (AATA) is presenting the first ever all-women NDT training course this July for those wishing to enter the NDT profession. The 10-week course is free for qualifying students and includes classroom and hands-on instruction in all the major NDT techniques. We are thrilled that twelve women have already signed up to attend. However, we ne ...Read More.
IDIR Funds $5.5 Million for Coatings and Testing Roman Maev, Director General of UWindsor's Institute for Diagnostic Imaging Research (IDIR), and his research team were joined today by industry partners to announce research funding of $5,488,206 through the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada's (NSERC) Collaborative Research and Development (CRD) program. The IDIR's project, Novel Quantitive Nondestructive Quality Evaluation of Advance Joining and Consolidation Manufacturing Processes, will develop and test resilient coatings an ...Read More.
Utah Air National Guard Veteran Honored as SLCC Graduate of Excellence "Off and on" for three years, Aaron Christopher Hornok lived on the streets of Salt Lake City. At times he lived out of his car. Other times he stayed with friends, at a shelter or he camped near streams so he could fish for food. He watched fellow homeless veterans die on the streets "and I was the only one with them." "The streets alone can kill you. It’s a never-ending pit," Hornok recently wrote in an essay. Not only was he watching lives literally disappear before his eyes, the limited savi ...Read More.
Climbing Robot for Mooring Chain Inspection Passes Field Trials A robot designed to hook onto, and scale up and down, large mooring chains, both at sub-sea level and in the air – with a non-destructive testing (NDT) ultrasonic imaging system on board that scans for critical defects – has recently undergone successful field trials. The new climbing robot, named RIMCAW (Robotic Inspection of Mooring Chains in Air and Water), is the result of a yearlong fast-track project that secured funding from Innovate UK, the government agency behind finding and driving the innovat ...Read More.
Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) - The Basics Magnetic particle inspection (MPI) is a non-destructive testing (NDT) method that is used primarily for detecting surface or near-surface defects in ferromagnetic materials. The technique emerged first emerged in the 1920s and followed the recognition of X-ray technology as a viable testing method for inanimate materials. Radiography had been found to be extremely useful for detecting defects that were below the surface or deeper inside the component, but industry needed a reliable and cost-effective sol ...Read More.
Exelon AeroLabs Becomes an Authorized Reseller of the Flyability Elios Flyability announces partnership with Exelon AeroLabs which becomes an authorized reseller of Flyability’s Elios, the collision-tolerant indoor inspection and exploration drone. After the acquisition of 15 Elios to equip each of its nuclear sites, Exelon joins forces to Flyability via AeroLabs to help the industry adopt the Elios. The story between Exelon and Flyability started back in 2016 when the engineering team of Peach Bottom bought their first unit to perform some tests in a radioactive environmen ...Read More.
NDT UT Thickness Gages with Large LCD Screen, A-Scan & Data Logging Cygnus Instruments Inc NDT ULTRASONIC THICKNESS GAGE WITH A-SCAN, B-SCAN AND COMPREHENSIVE DATA LOGGING - CYGNUS 6+ PRO MULTI-MODE ULTRASONIC THICKNESS GAGE The Cygnus 6+ PRO Multi-Mode Ultrasonic Thickness Gage offers a range of key features for the professional user, including: A-scan and real-time B-scan displays; comprehensive data logging; manual and automatic gain control; Bluetooth connectivity and; three versatile measuring capabilities in just one unit - multiple-echo, single-echo and echo-echo modes. The gage also of ...Read More.
Handy Ultrasonic Flaw Detector CTS-1002plus Guangdong Goworld Co., Ltd. Now the Goworld's former Handy CTS-1000 Series has unified into one model CTS-1002plus for the international market. It is upgraded with the following features: 1. Curved Surface Consideration 2. DGS curve 3. RF Display Mode 4. R-Scan (1 hours available time) 5. Envelope (highest echo tracking) 6. Waveform Calibration (Comparison) 7. AWS D1.1 Evaluation Module 8. API 5UE Evaluation Module 9. Performance Indices Test 10. 1000 frames of A-scan Storage 11, ComApp for PC Trans and Report Pr ...Read More.
TRAPPER Waterproof Video Borescope Medit Inc. TRAPPER waterproof video borescope is a compact, cost- effective snake camera. It was designed for to be used under harsh conditions for industrial, construction, automotive and even underwater inspections. Both body and probe are splash- and waterproof. The whole unit is dust- proof and drop-proof up to one meter (3.9"). The camera doesn't have an image capturing option but it is ideal for live inspection. The snake camera is equipped with a flex-and-stay insertion probe. The standard size ...Read More.