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3/22/2018: CT - ASNT ET Level II - Sky Testing Services Inc
3/21/2018: WA - NDT Level II Inspector: UT, MT, PT & CWI - Certified Inspection Ser
3/21/2018: OH - Operations Manager - NDT - TEAM Industrial Services
3/21/2018: OH - Account Manager - NDT - TEAM Industrial Services
American Institute Offers $40,000 in Scholarships The American Institute of Nondestructive Testing is offering four $10,000 full scholarships for their "Nondestructive Testing Technologies" certificate program. The certificate program consists of six months of online theory training followed by eighteen days of hands-on training at their Baxter, Minnesota facility. The certificate program provides level I and II nondestructive testing training in the five major methods of NDT including radiographic testing, ultrasonic testing, magnetic particle testing, li ...Read More.
STRAHL Borehole Camera: Functionality, Versatility and the Right Price has introduced a practical and easy to operate system for underground and underwater inspection. The new Borehole Camera has been designed for an ample variety of applications, including different types of wells, caves, mine shafts, various reservoirs, pipes, and tanks. Given such a wide range of intended applications, the new camera provides users with a customized cable length, reaching up to 500 meters, or 1640 feet. The camera head size is 63 mm (2.48’’) in diameter and 570 mm (22.44’’) i ...Read More.
Proven Benefits Moving from Film to Computed Radiography Qualitech AG is the largest independent accredited material testing center in Switzerland with over 130 employees in several locations throughout the country. Qualitech first began computed radiography in 2012 with a DÜRR NDT HD-CR 35 NDT imaging plate scanner and since then have processed several thousand images with the system. Currently four HD-CR 35 NDT units are in use by the company primarily for the inspection of weld quality of tubing for chemical plants and district heating systems. The portabil ...Read More.
Intel Develops Drone Mapping Methods for Downstream Facilities Aerial modelling and inspections using commercial-grade drones offer compelling advantages for the resource sector by increasing safety, saving time and reducing survey costs. Airscope*, a Perth, Australia-based inspections and asset visualization company, has used the Intel® Falcon™ 8+ drone to extend these benefits further by developing computer-generated 3-D models of entire hydrocarbon processing facilities off the North West shelf of Australia and in the Cooper Basin, effectively bringing the field int ...Read More.
Improved X-ray Computed Tomography for Advanced Manufacturing Innovations such as 3D printing, which enable the manufacturing of complex components, are advancing faster than the necessary quality control systems. An EU-funded project, INTERAQCT, has fine-tuned techniques for fast and accurate CT model acquisition, with special emphasis on 3D printed, composite and multi-material parts, for improved reliability of measurement and defect detection. Improved X-ray Computed Tomography for quality control of advanced manufactured parts. A consequence of advanced manuf ...Read More.
Nuclear Industry Putting Trust in UAS When an engineer first suggested using a drone to inspect two concrete pressurized water reactor (PWR) containment domes at American Electric Power’s Cook Nuclear Plant, David Aubrey, who oversees these inspections, was hesitant to trust such a new technology with such a critical task. The engineering program manager didn’t know much about unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) at the time, except for what he’d seen in the news. But after doing more research and learning about the cost savings and safety improveme ...Read More.
ON Semiconductor Introduces Highest Resolution 35mm Image Sensor to Date ON Semiconductor (Nasdaq: ON), driving energy efficient innovations, is extending capabilities for critical high resolution industrial imaging with the introduction of a new 43 megapixel (MP) resolution, charge-coupled device (CCD) image sensor in the convenient 35 mm optical format. The KAI-43140 is ideal for use in applications where both very high resolution image capture and excellent image uniformity is required, such as end of line inspection of high-definition (HD) and ultra-high-definition (UHD) fla ...Read More.
IPC Leads the Way Bringing Modern Technology to Bridge Inspections Human beings are creatures of habit, and most are loath to move out of their comfort zone. This perennial truth is apparent in many areas, but in technology, its impact appears formidable and challenging, with potential to bring about national disasters. American writer and Professor of Biochemistry, Isaac Asimov, speaking at the Newark College of Engineering in New Jersey, once said, "I discovered, to my amazement that all through history there had been resistance … and bitter, exaggerated, last-stit ...Read More.
Sensor Networks Inc.
Mark 4 Tank Floor Scanner MFE Enterprises The Mark IV takes the precision, reliability, and durability of its predecessors to another level with upgraded, user-friendly software and a lightweight build. Its slim design boasts an unprecedented weight of only 65 lb. The convenience of using the new Mark IV will be outweighed only by the confidence in its reporting features and ability to discover volume loss in real time with its true real-time display. User-Friendly Software: The software guides the operator through an intuitive process ...Read More.
Video Borescope with 2.4mm Articulating Tip by MEDIT The New X-LED PRO digital borescopes are professional devices, with micro diameter camera heads, 2- or 4-way tip movement, clear high resolution images, multiple connection options, and quick and economic repairs. These units are designed to offer great value with a perfect price to performance ratio. ...Read More.
BondMaster® 600 Multimode Bond Tester Olympus The BondMaster® 600 bond tester combines multiple mode bond testing software and highly advanced digital electronics, providing consistently crisp and high-quality signals. Inspectors can utilize a range of standard inspection methods, including pitch-catch RF, pitch-catch impulse, pitch-catch swept, resonance, as well as an improved mechanical impedance analysis (MIA) method. Whether you are inspecting honeycomb composite, metal-to-metal bonds, or laminate composite, the BondMaster 600 bond tester is easy ...Read More.