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8/16/2018: Equatorial Guinea - NBIC BOILER TECHS - Applied Technical Servic
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8/15/2018: TX - ASNT Level II Scanner Technicians Opportunities - Shaw Pipeline Services
Nordson Launches New Encore® nLighten™ LED Kit Nordson Corporation (NASDAQ-NDSN), a leading supplier of precision technologies for the application of powder coatings, announced today the launch of a new accessory for its Encore manual powder coating spray gun range. The new product – named Encore nLighten LED Kit* - is a fast, convenient, and safety-approved way to instantly project a powerful beam of LED light from the Encore manual spray gun. This effectively lights up the surface being powder coated, and allows easy inspection and approval of the ...Read More.
Nevada Launches Drone Center of Excellence for Public Safety The Nevada Institute for Autonomous Systems (NIAS) today announced the launch of the Nevada Drone Center of Excellence for Public Safety (NDCOE). The mission is to save lives and reduce air hazards from drone incursions by empowering a shared safety vision with the FAA's integration of drones into the commercial air traffic system. Located in Las Vegas, Nevada, with facilities donated by Switch, the NDCOE will provide safety incursion research data, drone technology best practices, educational materials, ...Read More.
Weld Defect Imaging and Characterization Using PAUT and TFM Ultrasonic NDT with Sonatest Fast and reliable, PAUT technique has dramatically improved the probability of detection of defects inside a weld and became over the years a code compliant replacement solution to the radiographic testing. Nowadays, FMC-TFM technologies can improve even further defects characterisation when used in conjunction with code compliant PAUT solutions. Ultrasonic Testing (UT) methodology has been used as a proven non-destructive technology to assess the volumetric integrity of welded material for decad ...Read More.
Element Acquires Orbit Industries Element Materials Technology (Element) has today announced the acquisition of Orbit Industries, Inc. (Orbit) in the United States, further strengthening the Group’s leadership position in non-destructive testing (NDT) for the aerospace industry. Headquartered near Cleveland Ohio, Orbit is a Nadcap and ISO 17025 accredited laboratory that also operates out of four other satellite inspection facilities across Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York. With over 30 prime approvals, Orbit, a leader in the NDT industry ...Read More.
Application Spotlight – Undercarriage Inspection In Construction and Mining, machine performance is integral to a project’s success and cost efficiency. Undercarriage can make up more than 50% of the maintenance costs of a machine. Any component failures could lead to serious delays or costly replacements. Integrated with Cygnus 4+ Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge, TrackTreads developed an Undercarriage Tool to monitor a machine’s undercarriage quickly and effectively. Thickness Measurements are taken on each undercarriage component using Cygnus Ultrasonic T ...Read More.
Webinar: How Zetec Scalable NDT Solutions Improve Accuracy and Efficiency Zetec Inc. will host a one-hour webinar on the latest phased array ultrasound technology (UT) and how it can easily scale to meet changing Oil & Gas operational and inspection needs, while delivering fast and accurate nondestructive testing (NDT) results. The webinar will be offered in two sessions: Wednesday, Sept. 5, at 10 a.m. PDT Thursday, Sept. 6, at 7 a.m. PDT A question-and-answer period will follow the webinar. A recorded version will be available for later viewing. Ultrasonic testing i ...Read More.
Webinar: Inspecting HVAC and Heat Exchangers using the NORTEC® 600D Flaw Detector Webinar on September 11, 2018 Heat exchangers come in many shapes and sizes. Several variables, such as material, outside diameter, and wall thickness, have an effect on which technology and probe are appropriate to inspect the exchanger. Tube testing can be confusing, but this webinar will help to demystify it by exploring the theory behind tube testing and showing a complete hands-on demo using the NORTEC 600D flaw detector with the HVAC and Heat Exchanger kit. This kit enables inspectors to use eddy c ...Read More.
Exel Composites Partners with Ziebel for Oil Well Sensors Exel Composites company Diversified Structural Composites (DSC) has developed fiber optic-embedded carbon composite rod for Norwegian company Ziebel’sinnovative well intervention system. DSC’s expertise in carbon fiber pultrusion enabled the precision manufacture of the 15 mm diameter rod with fiber optic core, which functions as a sensor, gathering valuable real-time insight on well behaviour unattainable using conventional methods. Improving Oil Recovery Factors Ziebel was founded in 2006 with the v ...Read More.
AcuScreen NDT Exchange PACSESS NDT Currently sharing NDT image data, like x-rays, CTs, ultrasound images, microscope images, etc. with the specific test reports and other attachments is not convenient and not secure. You can send a letter with a CD-ROM or use Dropbox or any other public cloud service, but all of this is not secure. AcuScreen Exchange is a high secure web-application which makes the digital sharing and transferring process of big NDT images and reports very easy and convenient. Only with invited and registered persons/groups ...Read More.
Galaxy Stationery UV Inspection Light in Compliance with ASTM E3022 and RRES 90061 Labino AB The Labino Overhead Inspection System Galaxy, based on LED technology, is more compact and weighs less than many comparable products on the market today. Each Galaxy unit weighs just 2.2 kilos (4.85 lbs)! Galaxy is also compact in size with 20 cm (7.87 inches) long, 15 cm (5.9 inches) wide and 4.1 cm (1.6 inches) high. It is designed for use on specialized benches for conducting FPI and MPI Inspections on metallic parts of all shapes and sizes. The light weight and compact size makes it is easy for the user ...Read More.
QUADRAN™ 365 SC Handheld UV-A LED Inspection Lamp Spectroline QUADRAN™ 365 NDT lamps feature four ultra-hi-flux UV-A LEDs plus a convenient white light LED to quickly switch between fluorescent inspection and flaw location. ...Read More.