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Zeeland, MI Michigan, United States
Manufacture lightweight/high strength honeycomb core materials (Aluminum, Nomex(tm) and Polycarbonate) for the aerospace and commercial composites industries. Meets MIL-C-7438, MIL-C-81986, AMS 3711 along with customer specs. Min. order $500. [Zeeland, MI]Plascore - Honeycomb Core | Honeycomb Cores & Sheets Honeycomb Cores Selector Guide Aluminum Stainless Steel Aramid Fiber Thermoplastic Cleanrooms Walls Doors Ceiling Panels Related Items Custom Panels Energy Absorbers Crash Test Barriers Customized Energy Absorbers Plascore Inc. is a leading manufacturer of honeycomb cores and lightweight c
Wyoming, PA Pennsylvania, United States
Industrial Goods and Services MetalsDiamond Manufacturing - Perforated Metal Specialists 1.800.233.9601 Request for Literature RFQ/PO Site Map Patterns by % Open Area Technical Studies Company Profile Uses for Perf Perforating Process Product Quality, Cost & Delivery Material Information Tolerances & Options Perf Patterns Pierced Metal Products Related Links North America's Leading & Largest Perforator When it comes to perforated metal, plastic, and other materials, Diamond Manufacturing has the experience and the resources to satisfy practically every requirement. Since 19
Kalamazoo, MI Michigan, United States
Chem Link Advanced Architectural Products Building Customer Login Username Password Customer Type Contractor Distributor Sales Rep Home Collage Welcome to Chem Link Chem Link is dedicated to providing innovative solutions to the complicated challenges faced by construction industry professionals every day. To meet this goal, we have developed products that combine chemistry, engineering, and practical construction practices. At the heart of all Chem Link product development is a concern for worker safety and environmental stewardship. Continuing input from the people who use and specify our pr
Clifton, Preston, Lancashire PR4 0XG UNITED KINGDOM
Industrial Goods and Services Casting, Molding, MachiningBodycote plc Website :: Home Links | Search | Home | News | Contact Us | RFQ About Us What We Do Locations Investor Relations Careers Events Bodycote Websites : Select a regional website Heat Treatments - UK Heat Treatments - North America Heat Treatments - South America Heat Treatments - Central European Group Heat Treatments - Netherlands Heat Treatments - France, Belgium and Italy Heat Treatments - Nordic Group Hot Isostatic Pressing - Europe Hot Isostatic Pressing - North America Materials Testing - Europe Materials Testing - Middle
Kalamazoo, MI Michigan, United States
Miniatures Complimentary ProductsAlumilite Corporation Selector Guides Casting Resins Silicone Rubber Dyes/Filler/Releases Equipment/Tools Starter Kits FAQ's Calculating Volume Testimonials M. S. D. S. Dealers/Distributors Link Partners > Alumilite manufactures and distributes RTV mold making silicones and urethane casting resins for a wide range of industries including rapid prototyping, medical, automotive, marine, safety, home care, architectural, art/sculpture, education, rock climbing, taxidermy, hobby, craft, and much more. Alumilite?s liquid plastics (casting resins) are non-toxic, extr