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Mistras Group
North Vancouver, BC British Columbia, Canada
Automate your routine machinery inspections with the ID-6100 inspection system. Using state-of-the-art portable instrument technology, you can throw away your clipboard forever! Simply download one or more routes from the MAINTelligence System to the Handheld Inspection Device (ID-6100). This small, powerful computer allows you to collect inspection information faster and more accurately than with a clipboard. Select from lists of observations, enter notes, even make notations on machine schematics - anything you can do on a clipboard, you can do on the ID-6100. When the route is complete,
Coquitlam, BC British Columbia, Canada
Manufacture and distribute power supply products. Products include dc power supplies, inverters, converters, and battery chargers. Product applications, design features and specifications.Samlex America Power Conversion Products Download our 2007 Product Guide Your complete source for commercial, industrial and consumer power supply products. Samlex America has manufactured and distributed power supply products to more than 90 countries worldwide since 1991 . Innovative product designs, strict quality control, and responsible after sales service provide customers with high quality power conver
Vizaar Vuman E3