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Mistras Group
Stamford, CT Connecticut, United States
Seatek Co. Inc. - The Armored Cable Cutting Experts Since 1973 Welcome! Armored Cable Cutters ---------------------------------------------- Armored Cable Cutters - All Tools RS-101AC Roto-Split - New! RS-101 Roto-Split RS-101A Super RF-120A Roto-Flex RF-120B Roto-Flex RF-170 Roto-Flex RS-101AP Power-Split Cable Strippers ---------------------------------------------- Cable Stripper - All Tools CT-250 Roto-Spin - New! JR-128 Jacket Ripper RS-828-KB Stripper SA-200 Strip-All SA-200L New! SA-200-UR New! VT-270 Vee-Twin - New! ZS-140 Zip-Stripper Motorized Strippers ------------------------------
Enfield, CT Connecticut, United States
Sample Preparation Supplies and Equipment, Microscopes, Imaging Solutions Extec Technologies Excel Technologies Extec Imaging Supplies and Equipment for Cutting, Grinding, Mounting, & Polishing Enter Extec Corp. Instruments & Supplies for Optical Applications Featuring Optics by Nikon Enter Excel Technologies, Inc. The Most Comprehensive 2D and 3D Imaging Solutions in the World Enter Extec Imaging Cut Grind Mount Polish Examine Measure Test Evaluate Capture Document Analyze Report Solve
Norwalk, CT Connecticut, United States
Industrial Goods and Services Hydraulic and PneumaticPower Tools - portable magnetic drills, concrete core drills, saws, saw blades and more: Industrial power tools at CS UNITEC CS UNITEC specializes in electric, hydraulic, and pneumatic power tools for construction and industry. Innovation and high quality are synonymous with CS UNITEC's power tools. In 1991 the company invented the first pneumatic portable band saw. In subsequent years the company has added to its list of industry firsts with the widest range of portable magnetic drills, hand-held hydraulic, pneumatic and electric concrete c
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