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Minerva, OH Ohio, United States
Manufacturer of static elimination brushes, custom and standard brushes.Static Eliminator | Static Brush | Static Elimination Brush Email: Quick Select Request Example or Info Stock Static Brushes Custom Static Brushes Nylon Anti-Static Brush New Brushes Air Ionizers Principles of Static Electricity What's New FAQ's Return to Home Page Home | Static Brush FAQS | Request info/Example | Contact Us | About Westmont STATIC BRUSH LINKS STOCK BRUSHES CUSTOM BRUSHES AIR IONIZERS Principles of Static Electricity -- How to Remove Static WHAT'S NEW Westmont now offers a high den
Cincinnati, OH Ohio, United States
Provides static control products, monitoring equipment and static generators.Static Control Solutions For Industry | TAKK Industries Static Measuring and Monitoring Anti-Static Blowers Passive Static Eliminators Tinsel - Brushes - Cord AC and DC Pulse Static Eliminator Bars Static Generators October 15-17, 2007 Las Vegas Convention Center Las Vegas, NV Booth # S-5121 TAKK Industries provides static elimination products and solutions with static control electronic bars and blowers, passive anti-static tinsel and other passive tools, measuring devices and electrostatic generators. email TAKK | c
Cleveland, OH Ohio, United States
Osborn International - Industrial Brushes, Surface Finishing Tools, Load Runners Idler Rollers Denmark France Germany North America Romania Spain Sweden United Kingdom other regions Osborn International is the only truly global brush manufacturer - manufacturing in 12 countries and servicing more than 100. Terms of Use All Rights Reserved, Copyright Osborn International 1998 - 2004
Cleveland, OH Ohio, United States
Welcome to Oatey Oatey Solvent Cement Contest ! Win this prize package Click here to Register ! Welcome to Oatey Company ! Since 1916, Oatey has been manufacturing quality products for the plumbing industry. <!-- var appRoot = /apps/; bbL=bbMenu.length;bbMenu[bbL]=new _bbroot(bbL,"bbML",0,0,0,0,0,0,1,15,4,"","","",1,0,400,"","WHITE",0,0,"Verdana, Geneva, Sans-Serif",10,0,0,"left",10,4,0.7,0.2,0,"WHITE",0,0,"Verdana,Geneva,Sans-serif",11,0,0,"left",6,5,0,0,0,/*URL*/"/GeneratedItems/spacer.gif",0); /*begin_bbMenuDefs*/ bbMenu[bbL].bM("bbMenu1","","Home",82,20,/*URL*/"/index.asp",/*URL*/"/images/
Solon, OH Ohio, United States
Produces a wide range of stock and custom brushes and brush holders.CUSTOM BRUSHES: Custom Metal Channel Strip Brushes Custom Brush Seals Custom Staple Set Brushes Custom Twisted In Wire Brushes Custom Antistatic Brushes Brush Filling Material STOCK BRUSHES: Metal Channel Strip Brushes Brush Seals Staple Set Brushes Twisted In Wire Brushes Stem Brushes Antistatic Brushes Titanium Brushes Artist Brushes Wheel Brushes Flexible Strip Brushes Cylinder Brushes Printing Brushes Inside Disk Brushes Stainless Steel Strip brush Holders Aluminum Channel Strip Brush Holders We offer several choices of br
Springboro, OH Ohio, United States
Basic Chemicals Petrochemicals Lubricants Lubrication SystemsChain Conveyor Lubricator Equipment, Trolley Lubrication System, Lubricants, Electrolube Lube Digilube Systems is a conveyor lubrication company. Our Services We are a manufacturer of conveyor lubricator systems , chain and trolley brush cleaning equipment , lubricant tanks , maintenance lubricants , Airid coalescers , and a distributor of Electro-Lube automatic lubrication products. Our factory trained sales & field service technicians are available to provide you with a complete turnkey approach to lubrications. This concept of equ
Cleveland, OH Ohio, United States
Cryogenesis - Manufacturer of Dry Ice Blasting / Dry Ice Cleaning Equipment Manufacturer of dry ice cleaning equipment Dry Ice Blasting and Dry Ice Cleaning Cryogenesis is the new, modern, environmentally safe, no waste cleaning system now in use by many organizations for cleaning electronics, electrical systems, tire molds, boat hulls, turbine generators, steel rolling mills, nuclear facilities, printing presses, food processing equipments and even pharmaceutical containers, etc., etc., etc. Just about anything that can be cleaned with sand blasting, hydro-lazing, corncob or shot blasting, so