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Workpad Industrial Data Solutions IoT
SUMER DUCK, VA Virginia, United States
Specializes in remotely operable computer controlled microscopes.TriTek Corp. : The Next Generation of Optical Microscopy The TriTek Corporation has set a new standard in robotic microscopy by incorporating personal computer control of mechanical motion and PC-based video imaging into a patented state-of-the-art optical microscope design. These ground-breaking inspection tools provide onscreen viewing of the sample and complete control over Illumination, Focus, Magnification and XY Stage movement. With the magnified image of the sample on the PC screen, feature measurements can be made quickly
Norfolk, VA Virginia, United States
Industrial Goods and Services Safety Equipment SuppliesH2S Gas Detector Monitor, Confined Space Blower, Rescue Retrieval Equipment - Major Safety Online Store asbestos abatement equipment calibration gas supplies chemical cartridge Respirators combustible gas detection confined space ventilation construction safety equipment confined space safety equipment first aid kit supply gasoline storage cans head and eye protection osha fall protection osha safety sign safety equipment company safety equipment distributor toxic gas detection lanyard suppliers mesh reflective vest miller fall protection
Elkwood, VA Virginia, United States
Industrial Goods and Services Packaging Machinery and EquipmentShibuya Hoppmann high speed automation - feeder, unscrambler, assembly, capping, and labeling machinery Shibuya Hoppmann Corporation arose from the synergies of Shibuya Kogyo, Ltd ., of Kanazawa, Japan, which acquired Hoppmann Corporation in July, 2005. The resulting rebirth as Shibuya Hoppmann Corporation, with a solid history in value engineering and manufacturing of centrifugal feeding systems, continuous motion assembly and placement systems, and labelers, combined with Shibuya's vast expertise with isolators and decontaminatio