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Insight Vision Inspection Camera D2-200
Name: Colin Worthy
Phone: 940-458-0203
Slightly used (twice) borescope; $9,448 new; Borescope D2-200-CVSL 1.3" Inspection Camera System. Email for pictures. Asking $4,224.

Affordable Sewer Pipe Camera
An affordable sewer camera solution for inspecting 2" to 12" pipes and drains. Designed to inspect & aid in repair of piping infrastructure. The D2 camera system features USB recording, on screen text-writer, footage counter, a 1.3" self-leveling camera head, and hands-free remote recording.

Simple & Portable Sewer Camera
The D2 sewer camera system has a unique horizontal frame design that allow users to get low to the ground while doing pipe line inspections. The command module mounts onto the frame for a secure video connection and ease of use when transporting. Built with a telescoping handle, you will save time going to and from job sites. A simple and portable camera system that is "Easy to Use" and transportable. Get into more inspections with a dependable inspection camera that is built for multiple applications.

- 10.4" LCD screen provides better picture quality, see the damages clearer and faster for better inspection.
- Simple to use Text-writer that provides data collection, simply add detailed information to your inspection.
- 1.3" modular self-leveling camera head manufactured with 12 high-intensity LED lights providing the brightest & clearest picture quality yielding more inspection with one camera.
- 200 of durable fiber glass cable provides longevity
- Fiberglass .47" OD cable size optimized for further pushes with more turns and bends.
- Take high resolution JPG pictures to send to customers.
- Record full motion video to send to customers
- Flexible system with one camera that inspects 2" to 12" pipes.
- Digital counter displays footage distance on screen, no more guess work.
- Portable system with easy handling for traveling.
- Can also be used under floors, inside walls, HVAC ducts, attics, gutters & roof eves.
- Also included: Insight Vision's 6" Centering Skids.
- 480 x 720 resolution, easily spot and view problem areas for faster inspections.
- ABS carrying case, weather-proof & reliable material needing less repairs.
- Camera test port allows quick troubleshooting.

Shipping not included.