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Radiographic Testing (RT) Equipment Set - NDT Equipment
Name: Theodoros Christidis
Phone: +306936509330
Acutech Limited, one of the NDT product distributors in Greece is upgrading the RT demo equipment at the company’s training room. The following offered equipment have been used very lightly, are at excellent condition and still current and serviceable:

1. X-ray Unit complete with control Eresco 42MF3 200kV Directional. The X-ray unit has been used very lightly inside an x-ray cabinet during demonstrations and RT training.

2. X-ray Cabinet Eresco 42MF3. The cabinet condition is like new.

3. CR Tower lightly used, exclusively in one training facility and it is in a very good condition.

4. Film Digitizer FS50. Very ligthly used, like new.

5. High-performance desktop computer / work station (EURO 2.400), including Rhythm RT CR 6.X image acquisition software (EURO 2.504,-), Rhythm Review Software 5.X (EURO 7.657,-), Flash Filter for Weld Inspection (EURO 6.251), all with current SW licences.

6. Structurix NOVA. The film processor is brand new and has never been used, it is still dry.

Price List (initial Price and Offered Price)
1. X-ray Unit, Eresco 42MF3 200kV 30.200,- 15.000,-
2. X-ray Cabinet Eresco 42MF3 29.600,- 14.000,-
3. CR unit, CRx Tower 34.200,- 17.000,-
4. Film Scanner, FS50 (Array Corp.) 28.900,- 15.000,-
5. Rhythm RT CR/ Rhythm Review HW+SW 18.800,- 3.000,-
6. Structurix NOVA (brand new) 13.300,- 10.650,-

Total Prices 155.000,- 74.650,-
Total Price for the sum of the RT equipment after bundle discount 70.000,-

*The prices are ex works, in the Euro currency. The prices are net and do not include any applicable VAT, taxes or duties. The offered equipment are readily available for delivery on a priority order basis.
Indicative Photos of the Installed Equipment

Attached are the brochures with the technical specifications of the offered equipment. For more information, or to arrange a full pre-purchase inspection at the company’s facilities in Athens, Greece, you may use the following e-mail address: