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New PipeWIZARD® V4 for Sale
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Brand New PipeWIZARD® V4 for Sale
AUT Phased Array System
Pipeline Girth Weld Inspection

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The PipeWIZARD V4 system provides very high ultrasonic performance, high applications capability and a user-friendly software interface. It is compact, robust, easy to upgrade, maintainable and highly modular
Suitable for either onshore or offshore pipeline girth weld inspection, it includes a TomoScan FOCUS LT 64:128 unit and is equipped with 8 conventional UT channels. All major oil and gas companies have already qualified the PipeWIZARD system for pipeline construction projects.

Codes and Specifications:
• DNV-OS-F101 : Offshore Standard Submarine Pipeline Systems (for offshore applications)
• ASTM E1961-98 : Standard Practice for Mechanized Ultrasonic Examination of Girth Welds Using Zonal Discrimination with Focused Search Units
•API Standard 1104