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Magnaflux Magnetic Particle Inspection Machine & Demag
Name: Jonathan T
Phone: 9492436519
Magnaflux Magnetic Particle Inspection Machine & Demag for sale or may consider for long term lease. Upgraded and refurbished Magnaflux, model # ARQ 545. This magnetic inspection machine is a three (3) phase and Full Wave DC machine that was refurbished to meet current materials testing aerospace industry standards. This machine performs NDT on Metal parts for material defects such as cracks underneath the surface and grinding cracks. Upgrades includes the following: 8 taps switch, 8 fine tune taps, 64 potential readings, small bolts to 54 inch long parts & new digital meter. With these new upgrades, the magna machine meets industry QA standards, ASTM E1444 and NADCAP requirements.

Specs: 4500+ amps head/contact shot capability3000+ amps coil shot capability.

5 Turn coil (20 inch dia. Coil)Can mag parts up to 54" in length100 amp draw50/60 cycles 480v 3 phaseSB-911

Demag Will Demag parts up 9x11 inches8000 turn coil40 amp draw on 480 Single phase, Mechanical timer operation, user friendly Aluminum protection around the coil