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Phased Array Unit PHASOR XS w/probe, wedges - from INSPECTION TECHNOLOGIES
Name: Francesco Lanza
Phone: 619-2775609
I am selling the following items for Phased-Array UT that I purchased in 2013 from Inspection Technologies, Inc. :

-PHASOR XS 64 (serial no. 13D008YN). Includes: phased array flaw detector, lithium "on-board" rechargeable battery pack, battery charger/AC power supply,SD card reader to USB, BNC-Lemo adaptors (2), rubber handle kit, quick start operating cards, operating manual on CD, original certificate of conformity.
-Phased Array probe (part no. 115-500-013): 4 MHz, 16 elements, with 2 m coax cable. Includes original certificate of conformity.
- 36 deg wedge for 115-500-013 probe (part no. 118-350-024)
- 20 mm offset block for 115-500-013 probe(part no. 118-350-036)

Purchased these items in 2013 for $20,000 (have original vendor quote). Items barely used. Condition: as new. Entertaining offers starting at $11,000 for all of them.

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