MX Industrial
Philips MGC 30 Control and x-tay tubes
Name: Brian Baxter
Phone: 803-429-0369
All X-ray equipment is on first come first serve basis.
All the used x-ray equipment comes with a 30 day warranty
We can repair and install for you if you wish. Email me and I can give you a cost to repair or install.

Philips MGC 30 Control. $3,900.00
Philips MGC 40 Control $4,500.00
Philips MG165 160KV X-ray tube $4,900.00
Comet 225KV MXR /22 X-ray tube $4.750.00
Philips MG 165 Minus 160KV generator $5,500.00
Vizaar Vuman E3