MX Industrial
Magnaflux H-840R
Name: Vachon Philippe
Phone: 4506919090
1984 Magnaflux H840R inspection bench, 10,000 amps FWDC, 3 phases, long version with demg, 575v, 25 coil. Low current option installs on the unit, digital ammeter. Complete with enclosure and CSA certified, in good condition and freshly repainted. Calibrated,tested and ready to go. $25,000.00 Cad (19,500.00 USD)

Magnaflux DRA-60 inspection bench. Very clean and all in good working order. 2,000 amps AC with built in demag, 16 coil, 230/460V. Calibrated,tested, freshly repainted and ready to go. $7,500.00 Cad (5,800.00 USD)
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