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Gemini 320KV 10MA CP X-Ray Machine W/ Seifert x-ray tube
Name: Brian L Baxter
Phone: 18034290369
Pre-Owned Gemini 320KV 10MA Constant potential x-ray machine complete. Includes the following:
1 ea. Seifert 320KV 10MA ceramic x-ray tube
1 ea. Gemini 1 analog control
1 ea. 160KV Minus generator
1 ea. 160KV Plus generator
2 ea. 10 meter HV Cables
1 ea. Oil Cooler with hoses

The machine is in great working condition. I've taken care of this machine for many years and it has operated flawlessly.
Customer took it out of operation because they didn't have enough business to support it.

Cost $14,500
Installation and Delivery billed separately. Call or email for cost
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