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GE Inspection Technologies USN60
Name: Mike l Alton
Phone: 800 545 9729
New Old stock. GEIT USN60's
Units have never been used.
Comes with Lithium battery pack and charger, A second battery pack that uses either rechargeable D cells or alkaline Batteries. 6ea. rechargeable D cells, Charger for charging D cells, Soft case with sun shield and carrying strap, 10ea. protective screen covers, 1 ea. User manual, Ultradoc reporting software, Rolling Pelican case with handle. Communication cables.

Unit comes with a new calibration, and 6 month warranty.
20 plus units available.

Price $6,850.00 (Free Shipping)

List price today for this configuration would be Approx. $17k.
Call 800-545-9729
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