MX Industrial
160KV 10MA / 4MA Gulmay Industrial X-ray Machine
Name: Brian L Baxter
Phone: 18034290369
Pre-Owned CP Gulmay 160KV 10MA/4MA industrial X-ray Machine in great working condition. If we come install the machine, we give a 60-day warranty. Call or email for cost to install.
Without installation we only warranty the machine isn't DOA.

Includes the following:
1 ea. MP 1 Digital Programable Controller
1 ea. CP 160KV Minus Generator
1 ea. Philips 160KV 10/4 MA x-ray tube
1 ea. 160KV HV Cable
1 ea. Interface Panel
1 ea. Water Cooler & Hoses.

Cost $13,500.00

Mistras Group