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Philips MG 451 450KV 10MA X-ray System
Name: B & B X-ray Services LLC
Phone: 18034290369
Pre-owned Philips MG 451 X-Ray System
Includes the following.

1 ea. MGC 41 Digital control panel
1 ea. 225KV Minus HV Generator and Power Supply
1 ea. 225KV Positive HV Generator
2 ea. 225KV HV Cables
1 ea. MG 451 450KV X-Ray Tube
1 ea. Oil Cooler Air to oil with Hoses

Cost $29,000.00

The machine came out of a working system, but it hasn't been run for a while. System is purchased in as is condition. There may be some minor things that need to be taken care of at extra cost.

Installation and delivery are extra cost. If you are interested let me know and I can provide you a quote.

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