MX Industrial
Gemini 320KV X-Ray Machine Complete
Name: Brian Layne Baxter
Phone: 18034290369
Pre-Owned Gemini 3 320KV 10MA x-ray machine.
X-ray machine is in great working condition.
Machine includes the following components:

1 ea. Gemini 3 digital x-ray control
2 ea. 160KV X-ray generators, Plus and Minus
1 ea. Gemini 320KV 10 MA x-ray tube.
2 ea. 160KV HV Cables
1 ea. 320KV Oiul Cooler and hoses

Installation and Delivery are billed separately.
Unless otherwise agreed upon the x-ray machine is purchased in as in condition.

Cost is $18,500.00 OBO

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