Mistras Group
42nd AEWG Meeting (Acoustic Emission)
Start Date: 6/15/1999
End Date: 6/17/1999
The 42nd Regular Meeting of the AEWG will be held in the University town of Princeton, New Jersey, in June 1999. The organizer has selected the old classical AEWG meeting format, where authors interact freely with attendees during their presentations, especially for work in-progress.

While any subject in Acoustic Emission research and practical applications will be acceptable, we would like to emphasize the following AE topics for presentation:

AE Source Mechanisms Propagation of AE Signals in Structures Sensors AE Systems Codification of AE System Calibration and Standards Processing of AE Signals (including AI, Neural Networks and Wavelet Analysis) Tribology Quantitative Source/Materials Characterization Composite Materials Forest Products and other Biological Systems Aerospace Structures Transportation Structures Medical Applications Pressure Vessels Microseismic and Geotechnical Applications Consumers Products Corrosion Monitoring Critical AE Problems for the Researcher Instrumentation Needs and Possibilities Future Trends in AE.

Organizer: Dr. Sotirios J. Vahaviolos, Physical Acoustics Corporation, A Member of the MISTRAS Holdings Group, P.O. Box 3135, Princeton, New Jersey 08543 Phone: (609) 716-4000, Fax: (609) 716-0706; e-mail: sotirios@pacndt.com


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