Mistras Group
MATEST 99 Symposium - Advanced NDT techniques
Start Date: 9/23/1999
End Date: 9/24/1999

On behalf of the CrSNDT Conference Committee, I sincerely invite you to Annual International Conference, MATEST'99. Conceivably fortunate I engage your attention to the fact that by this Conference we shall celebrate CrSNDT 35th anniversary.

The title of MATEST'99 displays appointed CrSNDT maxim to be integrated in quality assurance system, as such as to assure sustainable development not only of NDT but necessarily of wider scale.

Potential of NDT and efficacy quality system are driving force for attachment a great importance to work of a high standard and Conference is all about, with subjects of various aspects.

Quiet scene of National Park PLITVICE fascinating beauty will surely contribute to the most successfull working atmosphere that we all highly anticipate.

Evident Ultrasonic Inspection Equipment