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NeftePromDiagnostica Institute DIMENStest
Start Date: 8/30/2000

NNTK "NeftePromDiagnostica" (Samara), by participance of Russian Society for Nondestructive Testing and Technical Diagnostics RSNTTD (Moscow) With the participation, and State Mining And Technical Inspection of Russia (GOSGORTECHNADZOR) September 10 - 19, 2000 carries out the International schooling seminar on the subject of:

At the seminar the presentation of the foreign and Russian manufacturing companies for means of technical diagnostics and means of a maintenance of hazardous objects (of heightened danger oil and gas complex) will be carried out.
At a seminar will be reviewed and a number of problems will be discussed as well:
 About the modern requirements of State mining and Technical Inspection (GOSGORNADZOR) of Russian Federation on implementation Rules of the Law of Russian Federation "About industrial safety dangerous Manufacturing objects"
 Industrial safety of objects for gas and oil extraction, and Objects for turnpike transport of oil, gas and petrol
 On concept of technical diagnostic of turnpike and extraction Pipelines
 Technical and organizational solutions on strife with by unauthorized insets in the pipeline communications (services lines)
 New technical and methodical developments in field of diagnostics of oil and gas complex objects
 Operating and diagnostics expert's training system ( HIGH SCHOOL - object - enterprise)

The seminar will be organized on a comfortable cruise - ship " Alexander Suvorov" on route: Samara (departure 12-00) - Astrakhan - Samara (coming 15-00). During a seminar the Exhibition of means of technical diagnostics and means for safety maintenance of hazardous objects, the excursions in cities and picnics will be organized. "The green parking " (picnics) will be stipulated on some places of beautiful coast of famous river VOLGA. This is a charming season in middle Russia! You may arrive on cruise with Your family.

The cost of participation in a seminar of 1 (each one) person makes for such categories
unary 1-bed stateroom (for 1 person)-single cabin $950;
improved 1- tiered 2-bed stateroom (for each of 2 person)
ordinary 1- tiered 2-bed stateroom (for each of 2 person) $810;
ordinary 2- tiered 2-bed stateroom (for each of 2 person) $740;
ordinary 3-bed stateroom (for each of 3 person) $725.

It includes conference sessions, residence in stateroom (living costs), 3-times meal in restaurant of ship, excursion service,etc. The registration fee does not include hotel accommodations. Hotel accommodations are subject to hotel regulations and are the responsibility of the attendee
Attantion: MORE INFORMATION AND APPLICATION FORM SEE http://www.idk.nm.ru/engl/index_engl.html

The Closing date of payment for participation in seminar 31.08.2000.
If you want be a SPONSOR, please, email: idknm@dr.com
Please, considering limiteded seating capacity on cruise diesel ship we ask You to come to a conclusion as soon as possible. If it is not so late we'll send "You registration card" with a pay score (by E-mail) and your number of reserved accomodation cabin. After obtaining Registration card with payment confirmation (the copies of payorder) from You the full program of realization of the seminar will be deported to you.

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