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First Ibero American Meeting of Acoustic Emission Second Meeting of the Latin American Group of Acoustic Emission
Start Date: 9/10/2001
End Date: 9/14/2001
The Latin American Group of Acoustic Emission (GLEA), founded on April 1997, announces its Second Meeting to be held at Buenos Aires, Argentina, in September 10-14, 2001.

The objective of this School and Meeting is to contribute to = improve and stimulate the understanding of all disciplines related to Acoustic Emission (AE). The E-GLEA 2 is addressed to young graduate students, professionals and technicians from research/teaching institutions and industries that use AE or any other complementary technique. There will be a series of lectures from recognised international specialists.

Expo- GLEA
An exhibition of up to date AE equipment will be held in conjunction with this Meeting.
Ibero American Group

This Meeting will be the First Ibero American as was agreed during the last E- GLEA 1 (you can find information about E-GLEA 1in our WEB Site).
a.. AE in advanced materials, electronics, magnetic.
b.. AE in structures, pressure vessels, pipes, reactors, aeronautics, mortar, etc.
c.. AE equipment's, transducers and instrumentation.
d.. Signal processing, mathematical models.
e.. Monitoring of manufacturing processes, welding, machining, etc.
f.. AE in seismic movements, cracks, mines, etc.
g.. Standards, norms, qualification of AE operators.
h.. Sparks detection in transformers.
a.. History and precedents of AE.

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