Mistras Group
11th Annual EPRI NDE Issues Meeting
Start Date: 7/16/2001
End Date: 7/19/2001
Delta Chelsea Hotel
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

As recognized worldwide leaders in inspection technology development and application, the EPRI NDE Program strives to support cost-effective, reliable, and safe nuclear plant operation. To complement that vision, the NDE Center mission is to assist utilities with application of inspection technology solutions for managing risk, controlling cost, facilitating regulatory compliance, and assuring equipment reliability. Therefore, the objectives of the EPRI NDE Technology Development Program and the NDE Inspection Technology Application and Training Program are to:

  • Improve NDE technology
  • Influence codes and regulatory bodies to develop realistic rules
  • Train and qualify NDE personnel
  • Commercialize NDE technology

    To transfer the results of the EPRI NDE program efforts, EPRI invites you to attend the 11th Annual EPRI NDE Issues Meeting, July 16-19 at The Delta Chelsea Hotel in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Member utilities will see first-hand the results of the NDE Target products through focused presentations. Implementation of NDE Center-developed products will be highlighted during the poster/equipment demonstration session. Technical areas to be covered include phased array technology, dissimilar metal weld examinations, risk-informed inservice inspection, steam generator tube ultrasonic examination, Virtual NDE, NDE training and more. This meeting also will provide utility and inspection organization staff an opportunity to contribute to the strategic plan of the EPRI NDE Target through interactive brainstorming sessions. Ontario Power Generation, our host utility, is planning two terrific tours for attendees. One tour will take you to the Darlington Nuclear Station and the other will showcase the Mockup and Training Facility at the Pickering Nuclear Station. It is imperative that you indicate on the registration form your desire to attend one or both of these tours.
  • Evident Ultrasonic Inspection Equipment