Mistras Group
Start Date: 6/24/2002
End Date: 6/27/2002
The biennial International Conferences on Photoacoustic and Photothermal Phenomena (ICPPP) are widely recognized as the major venue for the dissemination of recent and significant research results in the traditional areas, as well as in new and exciting outgrowths of this interdisciplinary field.

The ICPPP is concerned with the science, applications and technologies involving the optical, electon-beam or otherwise production, propagation and detection of acoustic, thermal and general diffusion-wave fields.

The Organizing Committee wishes to invite researchers who have an interest in the many diverse areas of Photoacoustic and Photothermal Phenomena to participate and submit the title and abstract of one or more papers on recent, completed research, as well as significant progress reports. All submitted material will be refereed and, if accepted, will be assigned for oral or poster presentation at the 12-ICPPP, depending on the recommendations of the Selection Committee. Among other factors, the Committee will take into consideration the expressed wish of the author(s) for oral or poster presentation of a given paper, to the extent compatible with the realities of the Conference.

Evident Ultrasonic Inspection Equipment