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NACE Corrosion Risk Management Conference
Start Date: 5/23/2016
End Date: 5/25/2016
Houston, TX May 23-25, 2016

Risk management has become an important requirement in many industries and is an indispensable tool for today’s corrosion and materials engineers. Risk management presents many challenges given the complexity of the material degradation processes. This conference will bring together experts from a wide range of industries to share knowledge and best practices in corrosion risk management.

Attend to Learn How to:
Understand industry regulations and how they impact risk management
Understand different risk assessment methods and how to apply them to your industry
Understand the role corrosion science and engineering plays in risk management
Allocate resources effectively to mitigate unanticipated failures
Network with professionals engaged in similar actions for a variety of industries

Who Should Attend?
Management looking to develop or advance their risk management strategy
Engineers responsible for plant integrity/maintenance
Consultants, researchers, and scientists responsible for managing corrosion and degradation challenges
Integrity managers
Risk assessment specialist

Regulatory Drivers:
PHMSA pipeline regulation
BSEE offshore production
Nuclear Regulatory commission
European and other international regulations

Keynote Speaker

The Lesson Learned from the Flint, MI Disaster: Corrosion Control Is Important!
Presented by: Marc Edwards, Virginia Tech

A failure to follow federal corrosion control in Flint MI, triggered a man-made disaster that included infrastructure damage (public and private), elevated lead in both water and children’s blood, waterborne disease (Legionnella) and a crisis of confidence in government.

Dr. Marc Edwards is a civil engineering professor who presented the science that ultimately led officials to stop using the Flint River as the city’s drinking water source. Here are some articles about this findings:

Virginia Tech News - Flint Water Study research team led by Marc Edwards to present on water crisis Thursday night
Detroit News - Virginia Tech expert helped expose Flint water crisis

Symposia Tracks (subject to change)

Track 1
Infrastructure: Including highways, bridges and water

Track 2
Oil and gas production, refining and chemical processing

Track 3
Oil and gas pipelines and other transportation

Track 4
Energy production: Including fossil, nuclear and renewables
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