Vizaar Vuman E3
Powertube WallMap
POWERTUBE's WallMap module interrogates the tube wall thickness data
collected at the survey to identify the tubes requiring replacement to avoid costly
intersurvey tube failures. The thickness data can be entered into the package
manually or downloaded directly from 'smart' NDT probes fitted with integral
memory buffers. By comparing the current data set with those from previous
surveys, WallMap derives the prevailing rates of furnace wall corrosion and/or
sootblower erosion. Once established, these values are used to identify those
tubes unlikely to survive to a subsequent survey as defined by the user. The
generation of wastage rate profiles also enables the early recognition of
detrimental, or beneficial, changes in corrosion rate. These can then be linked to
changes in operation, combustion or fuel, allowing corrective measures to be
identified and taken. The module also facilitates the recovery of information
pertaining to tube replacements made at earlier surveys, with discrimination
between the different tube geometries and material types inserted. All information
can be presented in a tabular or a graphical format with the option to
superimpose boiler features, such as sootblower ports, burners and buckstays,
on the ouput.