Vizaar Vuman E3
UltraLOG 2.0
Author: KrautKramer
UltraLOG 2.0 is special spot weld testing application software designed for use with the USLT 2000 Ultrasonic Flaw Detection System for the evaluation and storage of inspection results from ultrasonically tested spot welds, e.g. in the automotive industry. In addition to this, results can be documented from a destructive / nondestructive inspection. Due to the modular design of the inspection software accommodates the various inspection methods.

UDB Manager - Database Manager

The Database Manager option for UltraLOG 2.0 coordinates the creation of multi-level, extensive inspection plans (e.g. car type, module, part) and their distribution to one or more inspection locations. This option also enables complete multi-position systems (stationary or mobile) to be set up in a network. A centralized or decentralized group of individual inspection locations can be made depending on the EDP organization. All inspection organization data, such as plate joints, inspection plan, inspection method, inspection instructions, inspection location and welding location, are stored in the Database Manager. Inspection planer, designers or work preparation engineers have the ideal tool to set up and coordinate one or more inspection locations. Even separate inspection locations are easily linked with the integrated E-mail function.