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Meccasonics Midas v3.0
Author: MeccaSonics
MIDAS (Meccasonics Integrated Data Acquisition System) is a suite of state of the art software packages for the capture, manipulation and evaluation of data files. Developed specifically for Windows, MIDAS utilises the most advanced facilities of the Intel 486/Pentium processors and the latest in PC hardware to provide blisteringly fast performance on viewing resolutions of up to 1280 x 1024, all with windows inherent Graphical User Interface for ease of use.

MIDAS Display facilities include:

  • Display of Meccasonics MIDAS data files.
  • Display of Meccasonics UTS data files.
  • Display of multiple data files for comparison purposes.
  • Printing of displayed images to any printer supported by Windows.
  • Screen display resolutions of up to 1280x 1024 in 16 colours.
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