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Welding Inspectors Needed (Various Locations - Alberta, Ontario, Quebec)
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NDT.org Job Number: 11865 * Please reference NDT.org Job Number on all correspondence
Contact: Kimberly Getty
Phone: 403.705.5425
Fax: 403.264.1961
Company: CDI Professional Services LTD.
Contact: Kimberly Getty
Country: Canada
Length: Contract positions
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CDI is currently recruiting for the following:

Welding Inspectors

Industry: Pipelines, Utilities

Reporting to the Construction Manager (on a project basis), the Mechanical (Welding) Inspector will be responsible for monitoring the following aspects of the construction activities at site in regards to the installation of OEM rotating equipment and the installation (welding or threading) of components (fittings) and pipe for various compressor station systems.
·Review all controlling documents (i.e., Company’s specifications, CSA, ASME, Federal and Jurisdictional codes and regulations) and ensure the activities meet them;
·Oversees the overall project quality in regards to mechanical/welding construction;
·Monitors welder qualification tests stipulated by the Company and required by regulatory bodies;
·Continually monitor the fabrication, erection, assembly and testing of mechanical components and their proper documentation;
·Monitor NDE contractor’s work;
·Maintain the current site Quality file to form part of the final turn-over of documents;
·Monitor the Construction Contractor red mark mechanical drawings for completeness and accuracy;
·Maintain the safety standards established by the project;
·Ensure consumables are stored and handled correctly;
·Ensure welds and repairs are made according to established Company procedures;
·Ensure all HP pipe welds are NDT’d and mapped on redline drawings;
·Ensure the Prime Construction Contractor has obtained Hot Work Permits as required prior to starting work, and that the Hot Work Permit is closed at completion of the workday;
·Assist in the Company Operations development of Hot Work Tie-in order of operations for tie-ins to existing pipe systems;
·Inspect all existing exposed piping coating for coating repairs and submit coating assessment report forms;
·Work with Company safety and environment inspectors to ensure all Company, Federal and Provincial Safety, Environmental and Health Regulations are followed and complied with (due diligence);
·Complete and submit daily reports, including manpower and equipment onsite working on inspected activities;
·Attend safety, operations, construction, Prime Construction Contractor and progress meetings as required;
·Conducts periodic audits of all welding consumables used by the contractor on site;
·Inspects all contractor and Company supplied materials and equipment to ensure they meet specifications;
·Ensures new pipe coatings are as per specifications and monitors dry film thickness.Witnesses jeeping of pipe coatings prior to backfilling operations;
·Reviews all radiographic film shot by NDT crews related to on-site welding of pipe for various systems. Ensures radiographic film are properly and safely stored on site;
·Witnesses dye penetrant and magnetic particle examination of weldments related to on-site welding of various systems;
·Witnesses on site welding activities to ensure welding procedures are adhered to;
·Witnesses alignment activities related to the installation of OEM equipment;
·Ensures hydrostatic-test activities are performed in accordance with procedures and properly documented;
·At the end of the project coordinates with materials controller to ensure all applicable components, pipe and equipment are returned safely to Company warehouse facilities;
·Keeps daily and weekly records of construction activities and keeps the ConstructionManager informed of the same;
·Offers practical advise on the possible resolution for items of concern that may arise during the construction and equipment installation phases of the project;
·Works closely with the Construction Contractor to ensure the mechanical portion of the project remains as per the as planned schedule;
·Reviews and provides input into shop drawings for piping fabrication spools;
·Resolves disputes that arise between site construction documents, drawings and specifications in regard to mechanical construction work;
·Ensures all rules related to radiographic activities on site are adhered to and station fire detectors are disarmed prior to any radiography taking place on a daily basis;
·Attends and may conduct safety meetings with site inspection staff.
·Issues safe work permits for mechanical works.

Minimum Qualifications and Work Experience:
·Carries a diploma/ticket as a welder, welding technician or welding technologist;
·Has 5 to 10 years related experience in field inspection and construction;
·Possesses a background in the oil, gas and/or petrochemical industries;
·Has first hand experience in on site welding activities, coating applications and assembly of industrial rotating equipment;
·Possesses a working knowledge of the latest CSA Z662, ASME VIII and ASME IX, ASME B31.1 and ANSI B31.3 codes;
·Possesses excellent interpersonal skills and effective communication (oral, written, listening) skills;
·Possession of a level II NDT certification an asset;
·A strong team player with the ability to work independently when required;
·Possesses a strong background in loss prevention programs;
·Has taken a recent hazardous materials (WHIMIS) course (within previous 2 years);
·Has taken recent construction related first aid courses (within previous 2 years);
·Has attended and passed Ground Disturbance course;
·A strong background in Company mechanical design and construction execution (i.e. TOPS) an asset.
Interested individuals should make confidential applications/inquiries to:
PHONE: 403-266-1009 FAX: 403-264-1961

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